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  • The sides of an equiangular triangle are all the same length (congruent), and so an equiangular triangle is really the same thing as an equilateral triangle. See Equilateral Triangles. All three sides of an equiangular triangle are congruent (same length). — “Equiangular triangle definition - Math Open Reference”,
  • An equiangular triangle is one for which all three interior angles are congruent. The following statements hold in Euclidean geometry for an equiangular triangle. The triangle is determined by specifying one side. If $r$ is the length of the side,. — “PlanetMath: equiangular triangle”,
  • equiangular adj. Having all angles equal. equiangular. Top. Home > Library > Literature & Language > WordNet. Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and. — “equiangular: Definition from ”,
  • An equilateral triangle is always equiangular (see below) In an equiangular triangle, all the angles are equal—each one measures 60 degrees. — “Triangles — ”,
  • The Figure 1 on the left shows the trace of n mice mice, resulting n equiangular spirals of 45 degree. Catacaustic of an equiangular spiral with light source at pole is an equal spiral. Proof: Let O be the pole. — “Pursuit, radial, evolute, negatives pedal, pedal, caustic”,
  • The equiangular spiral was invented by Descartes in 1638. Torricelli worked on it independently and found the length of the curve. The evolute and the involute of an equiangular spiral is an identical equiangular spiral. — “Equiangular”,
  • In this module you will discover some of the properties of a fascinating curve, the equiangular spiral, which abounds in nature -- there are shells, fossils, horns, nails, and hairs with spiral forms closely resembling this curve. Why should the equiangular spiral be so prevalent in nature?. — “Equiangular Spiral, Part 1”,
  • An Equiangular Spiral is a curve that forms a constant angle between a line from origin to any point on the curve and the tangent at that point. Equiangular spiral is also found in nature like nautilus. — “Equiangular Spiral - Geometry - Math Dictionary”,
  • Video on the properties of an equiangular polygon and how to find the measure of one angle in any equiangular or regular polygon. Free videos with equiangular polygon and equiangular polygon sum example problems. — “Equiangular Polygon - Equiangular Polygons - Free Math Videos”,
  • The equiangular spiral has a lot longer history than the science of mathematics. Bernoulli was so interested in the equiangular spiral's self- reproducing properties, that he had had the curve engraved on his tomb with the phrase ''Eadem mutata. — “Equiangular Spiral, Logarithmic Spiral, Bernoulli Spiral”,
  • Equiangular definition, having all the angles equal. See more. — “Equiangular | Define Equiangular at ”,
  • is called an equiangular frame at angle c. Note that we are. calling this the angle when really it is the arc cos of the angle. look at some recent results in the theory of equiangular tight. — “Real Equiangular Frames”,
  • equiangular (comparative more equiangular, superlative most equiangular) (geometry) Of a polygon, having all interior angles equal. This is not necessarily a regular polygon, since that would also be equilateral; a rectangle is equiangular but not equilateral, unless it is a square. — “equiangular - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of equiangular from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of equiangular. Pronunciation of equiangular. Definition of the word equiangular. Origin of the word equiangular. — “equiangular - Definition of equiangular at ”,
  • Equiangular polygon - a polygon with equal angles. The Logarithmic spiral or equiangular spiral a type of spiral. Equiangular lines - a set of lines where every pair of lines makes the same angle. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. — “Equiangular - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of equiangular in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of equiangular. Pronunciation of equiangular. Translations of equiangular. equiangular synonyms, equiangular antonyms. Information about equiangular in the free online English. — “equiangular - definition of equiangular by the Free Online”,
  • If the angles of one triangle are equal to the angles of another triangle, then the triangles are said to be equiangular. So, equiangular triangles are also called similar triangles. — “Similar Triangles”, .au
  • A Property of Equiangular Polygons: the sum of distances of from a point to the sides of an equiangular polygon is invariant of a polygon. — “A Property of Equiangular Polygons”, cut-the-
  • The equiangular spiral was first considered in 1638 by Descartes, who started from the property s = a.r. Evangelista Torricelli, who died in 1647, worked on it independently and used for a definition the fact that the radii are in geometric progression if the angles increase uniformly. — “Equiangular Spiral”,


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