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  • Torah Portion: Book of Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22 Isaiah: 1:1-1:27 What can redeem Zion? What will set the captives free? Where did certain souls come from? Where will they return to? Are there different levels of purity? What enclothes itself in a body?
  • House of Anubis the Mystery Deepens EP 33 YEAH THAT'S RIGHT IT'S BACK MYSTERY DEEPENS HAS RETURNED NOW WE HAVE TWO NEW CHARACTERS AND MORE THE MYSTERY REALLY IS DEEPEING!! :D Cast PatriciaWilliamson19 as Patricia Williamson Songs1234ifly as Bella Williamson NinaMartin1922 as Nina Martin AriaCanFly1234 as Lucy Martin AmberMillignton6 as Amber Millington MaraJaffray12 as Mara Jeffray Angelvy07 as Mia Jeffray Girlygirl1308 as Sam Millington Starfish56781 as Joy Mercer MusicGirl18012 as Jessica Clarke TheNina327 as Daphne Martin RECAP TheNina327: Last time on House of Anubis the Mystery Deepens Announcer: Patricia could be in danger MusicGirl10812: SO what happens next? Announcer: Find out right now on House of Anubis the Mystery Deepens EP 33 ~At the mall~ Patricia- *Texting* ???- *Runs into her while texting also* *The both drop their phones* Patricia- WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING ???-Sorry If you weren't looking Patricia- I'm not who you want mess with Bella- *Runs up to them* GIRLS! You're making a scene people are staring *Picks up both phones hand s them to the opposite person cause there the same phone* NOW STOP COMPLAINING AND PATRICIA KEEP UP! ???- That's right listen to your twin *laughs and but phone in wallet* Patricia- *About to pounce* Bella- *Holds her back* Trix Joy's waiting let's go *Drags her away* Patricia- I hate SOOO many people... Bella- Yeah yeah yeah been there heard that ???- Hello Young one Patricia- Not you again Joy- Who again Bella- You can't see him Joy- See who Bella- Set Joy- Who's Set ...
  • Black Ceasar Clothing @ 49th & Woodland ave. Come on down to 49th & Woodland ave. Experience the flavor, the fire & the Fashion. Black Ceasar 4 life....