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  • Welcome to the SCIO The EPFX / QXCI /SCIO / INDIGO are patented, high tech computerised Bio-resonance testing & tuning machines. Due to their MULTI-DICIPLINARY nature, they can be classed as an electronic or Computerised form of NATUROPATHY sometimes called Electro-medicine, Energetic Medicine or Vibrational Medicine. • They are highly sophisticated (EPR) Electro Physiological Reactivity -- (GSR) Galvanic Skin Response -- (TVEP) Transcutaneous Voltametric Evoked Potential - Microcurrent TENS or [MENS] - Biofeedback devices: [ measuring ] detecting and recording EVOKED POTENTIAL Bio-electrical reactions / [REACTIVE bioresonance] { Electro physiological Reactivity (stress) pattern } of the [ subject ] client to various specific applied stimulations. via the (EPR) -- (GSR) -- (TVEP) [MENS] Biofeedback setup. They are TRIvector, cell ionic Body Electric/Bio-resonance TESTERS/detectors and TUNERS/correctors ; MEASURING & RECORDING Evoked Potential REACTIONS of the client's [cell ionic Bio-resonance] or Body Electric to applied virtual stimulations, and soothing or SMOOTHING out the Natural, fractal dimensional, harmonic form of the Quantic [ Light] nature of Biological systems [Bio-resonance] (like smoothing feathers) ( smoothing of sand on beach by ocean waves) ( smoothing of animal hair WITH the grain ) The auto focusing or self adapting interface can TUNE UP or repair Bio-electrical stress & Energetic disturbances ( ruffled feathers ) ( chopped up sand ) ( ruffling of animal hair against the ...
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG) & Electromyography (EMG) Electroencephalogram (EEG) Technologist The documentation and evaluation of impulsive and evoked electrical activity from the brain and its nervous system requires the expertise of a trained EEG Technologist. Electroencephalogram (EEG) Technologists use sensitive electronic diagnostic equipment to document and evaluate the electrical activity of the brain and nervous system. This information is then used by physicians to diagnose diseases, injuries and abnormalities.approximate salary: $47502 - $58266 high school preparation: Academic high school diploma with an emphasis on Sciences, English and Mathematics. academic requirements: College diploma in Electroneurophysiology. Certification is required in PEI, which can be obtained by successfully completing the Canadian Board of Registration of Electroencephalograph Technologists, Inc. (CBRET Inc.) written and practical examinations. Visit the CBRET Inc. website for additional academic requirements. educational institute in canada offering a program: • British Columbia Institute of Technology, BC (2 year program) Electromyography Technologist (EMG) Physicians use the expertise of an Electromyography Technologist to understand the electrical activity of the muscles and nervous system. Electromyography (EMG) Technologists use electronic diagnostic equipment to test the electrical activity of a patient's muscles and nerves. approximate salary: $47502 - $58266 high school preparation: Academic high school diploma with an ...
  • Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Minnesota Epilepsy Group utilizes state-of-the-art technology in presurgical planning for epilepsy and tumor patients
  • Cardiomyopathy www.medflux.110
  • Epilepsy and MEG (magentoencephalography) The MEG (magnetoencephalography) is used to record and ***yze the brain's functioning by measuring the magnetic fields produced by electrical activity in the brain. A painless, non-invasive procedure that uses no injections, radioactivity or strong magnetic fields, MEG is safe for both children and adults.
  • Birmingham Cafe Scientifique June 2012 Dr Caroline Witton from Aston University joins the Birmingham Cafe Scientifique for an evening discussing her work on neuroimaging of children
  • Gynecology, Neurology Gynecology -- Pregnancy Monitoring State Program. Volume scanning 3D-4D mode, watching the fetus in real time (PHILIPS HD XE) (Holland). Cardiotocography - by using Bionics apparatus (which is used to monitor and interpret fetal heart rate features in compliance with international standards). Diagnosing and treating infertility. Sono hysterosalpingoscopy and Metro salpingoscopy (Digital HB Flaxa Vision SHIMADZU (Japan). Diagnostics of hormonal status. Immunological testing of infertile couples and their treatment. Diagnosing ***ually transmitted diseases and oncological diseases, prevention and treatment, PAP testing, digital video colposcopy (Ganymed c140), electric coagulation by Surgistat II Valleylab (USA). Cardiac destruction, hysteroscopy , hysteroresectoscopy, diagnostic and surgical laparoscopy (Karl Stroz -- Germany); Parents' School (for potential and new parents); breathing exercises and correction of the fetal position. Neurology -- highly qualified assistance provided by professional doctors regarding any pathology of the nervous system, plus electric encephalography, electric neuro myography.
  • A divan in the encephalogram´s desert- Arkham Asylum Spanish band; [email protected]
  • Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Scanner - The Nebraska Medical Center This video was produced by Elekta and used by The Nebraska Medical Center with permission. The Nebraska Medical Center MEG Center is an Elekta Neuromag(R) center in North America. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) scan is the newest technique used to precisely map functional areas of the brain. The MEG scanner generates a real-time movie of brain activity as a patient is asked to do specific exercises. It is currently the best method for generating preoperative brain maps, the scan helps neurosurgeons determine the best surgical approach. For more information about the MEG Center at The Nebraska Medical Center, visit or call 1-800-922-0000.
  • Indigo Mind Project: brain-music for meditation contact - @ programming - Christopher D Jack music composition - Ignacio Agrimbau imagineering - Tom W Mansfield powered by: film & edit: Mark Arrigo - inspired by: Sebastian Frisch -
  • Medical Update: Epilepsy Cynthia Harden, MD, Chief, Division of Epilepsy and Electroencephalography and Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center, talks about the estimated two million Americans who have epilepsy, a neurological condition that causes the brain to produce sudden bursts of electrical energy. Seizures are a symptom of epilepsy and may restrict driving, working, social activities and self-esteem. Topics discussed are the signs, symptoms, and effective treatments for epilepsy.
  • Martin Eimer Developmental Prosopagnosia Open Day 2011 Part 2.mp4 Martin Eimer giving a presentation at the developmental prosopagnosia (faceblindness) open day held at Birkbeck in September 2011. This day was held to provide information for people living with faceblindness. Martin Eimer gave a great talk on what we can learn about faceblindness from looking at people's EEG (encephalography) recordings. Martin's talk outlines some recent findings in his research that show important differences in the brain activation of people that have problems recognising familiar faces and those that don't.
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) Demonstration It was demonstrated in CECos Lab at RMCS, Burapha, Thailand You'll hear Thai and English in this video but mainly Thai. Sorry for the inconvenience. Further information of our collage, please visit
  • HEG Neurofeedback: How does it work? Hemoencephalography HEG Neurofeedback: How does it work? Hemoencephalography What is an HEG Neurofeedback session like? Is HEG Neurofeedback helpful for Migraines, ADD, Anxiety, Depression, and Anger Management? Dr. Clare Albright, Psychologist 949-454-0996 Orange County, CA