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  • Superfluous egregiousness No description can possibly cover the content
  • Hitler calls Tony for cocaine (czech dub.,eng. subtitles) Hitler calls Tony for cocaine (fan,Czech dubbing) Hitler volá Tonymu kvůli fetu
  • British Muslims take "Mutilation Holiday" for Genital Mutilation More and more British Muslim Girls are sent on "Mutilation Holiday" to get their ***ual organs cut out of their bodies. In many cases their vaginas are surgically closed up so they would literally have to cut themselves open with a knife or get torn open in order for intercourse to be possible. IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK, Take 4 minutes out of your day to send a fax to the Law commission: Fax: 020 3334 0201 Ask for Female Genital Mutilation to be codified as felony with Stiff Penalty to offenders. Ask for the creation of a SPECIAL UNDERCOVER TASKFORCE to bust offenders. Say the egregiousness and cruel and unusual nature of this crime warrants action NOW before it becomes common. Say we have no way of knowing how widespread the problem is if we do not create a taskforce to stop this. Law Commission Steel House 11 Tothill Street London SW1H 9LJ
  • Episode 2: Accreditation Shopping: A Case Study -- How Do the Accreditors Feel? In this episode, the Faculty of The Mace looks at how one national accreditor feels about accreditation shopping by one of its member schools. Eugene Murray Lead Moderator Faculty of The Mace
  • SEC Enforcement Director Robert Khuzami Announces Goldman Sachs Settlement SEC Director of Enforcement Robert Khuzami announced that Goldman Sachs has agreed to settle SEC civil charges by paying more than half a billion dollars and reforming its business practices. In agreeing to the SEC's largest-ever penalty against a Wall Street firm, Goldman also acknowledged that its marketing materials contained incomplete information.
  • Chicken Parts-Chicken Dead Chicken-Folk Art Egregiousness Ghost of a million Chickens! That is all I have to say right now.