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  • The Burke Museum Ethnology Detectives Staff members at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture discuss their research on a set of antique dummy rifles from the Philippine-American War.
  • Doggy Jiu-Jitsu Demo #2 Doggy Jiu Jitsu: My pomchi Dante has a second-degree black collar in beautiful by deadly art of doggy jiu-jitsu (DJJ). Here he is getting some rug time in with his frequent grappling partner, Abby, the wire-haired dachshund. You'll notice again how, when attacked with a back mount, Dante rolls into the guard, at which point he goes after the legs of his opponent. Demonstrating the athletic nature of DJJ, Dante evades a sure strangle-hold by dodging around natural obstacles. Never allowing his opponent to launch into a dominant position, he attacks the legs to unbalance and push her back. If you have sharp eyes, you'll notice the dangerous "ear-lock position" he puts his opponent in for a moment (although this move is banned in many schools and tournaments--DO NOT TRY AT HOME). Again, she signals defeat with a quick tail tap.
  • Motorola Rival A455 - How Does the Ear Lock Work? Learn about how the Ear Lock works on the Motorola Rival A455 to prevent false key touches.
  • Cat wasing dog German Shepard is wash clean by a cat. She is sleeping and the cat wash her and she wake up. I was a second to late to film, the cat has her all head in the dogs ear. Lock for your oun