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  • CNBlue Burning Teaser Jonghyun.avi 100106 CNBlue Burning Teaser - Jonghyun (HQ)
  • CNBlue - Alone.flv CNBlue - Alone
  • Hearing & the 5 Sense )-- --( *~*
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  • Just pleas give us a try--- Semi // Delena ----story epi 8 1 week later at school ... selena and demi didn't speak with eatch other!! Demi:*stays by her locker... sees selena walkt to her ... closes the locker ...trys her best to wolk away* Selena:*rushes to Demi ... and holds her hand softly* Demi ... pleas stop ignoring me ... i can't life without you *sees joe and nick are walking towards Demi and selena ... gave them a look *guys walk away* * Demi:*pulls her hand away ... and turns to Selena.... OMG how could she be so amazing beautiful ... ahhh ... stop Demi stop * I am not ignoring you .. i am just not speaking with you thats all Selena: Realy Demi ... that calls *ignoring* whats your problem ....*takes her hand again ... but this time tgher... and then she pulls her into the bathroom* Speak with me NOW !!! It dosn't matter what it is .... i just will know it !!! Demi:*rolls her eyes... trys to pull her hand away...* Let me go .... i am not telling you anythink okey ....*trys realy hard not to look at selena* Selena:*pulls her against the wall ... and puts Demis hand to her head against the wall too* You better telling me ...*she says with a evil smirk* Demi: Ss-selena get away from me ... *looks into her eyes ... lose herself in her eyes* Selena:*looks at her with a smile ... wispers in Demis ear* I am making you nervous ??*bits lighly in her earlap* Demi:*trys her best not to moan* N-no *holds back breathing * Selena:*laughs lighly* Demi breath or you will die ... Demi:*can't hold it back anymore ... kisses selena with ...
  • Tokyo Motel - Bill's preparations for his concert with subtitles (CC) Tokyo Motel is a skit made by a german tv program about Tokio Hotel. I added the subtitles for non-german speaking users. Ill sub more videos on request just comment what you want to see!