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  • 【Luka Megurine Cover】BPM Luka Megurine cover of Miku Hatsune's *bpm*. I made this from a UST I found, and I'm not entirely sure all the words are correct. To any viewers who understand Japanese and notice, I'm very sorry. I wanted to test out some techno artificial sounding affects on Luka's voice, and I thought this would be the perfect song for it, so I must admit I was eagerer to get to that part than to painstakingly proofread so....I guess it makes this version unique then, maybe? In any case, song not by me, just the cover is by me. The picture is courtesy of Piapro. (Small note: Both the picture and the song were made before Luka's release, which is why she isn't in the picture.) Picture link: Please enjoy!