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  • Coin Striking Errors on Authentic Ancient Greek / Roman Coins Brockage Countermark Double Strike - Ilya Zlobin, world famous ancient Greek Roman / Biblical / Byzantine coin and artifact dealer talks about several different coin striking errors and what are called double-strikes. You are invited to visit his website for selection of over 6000 authentic ancient Greek Roman Biblical Byzantine artifacts and coins all certified authentic and guaranteedauthentic for a lifetime. I want to tell you about unusual coins. There are Brockage error, Double strike and coins with countermarks. Example of Brockage error from my collection is coin of Roman Emperor Macrinus - Roman Emperor 217-218 AD On obverse - Laureate head right. On reverse - Brockage of obverse design. In coin collecting, brockage refers to a type of error coin in which one side of the coin has both the normal image and a mirror image of the opposite side impressed upon it. Brockage errors are caused when an already minted coin sticks to the coin die and impresses onto another coin. Brockages are relatively rare among modern coins of industrialised countries where mints exercise a strict production control and somewhat less rare among the modern coins of some developing countries which operate their own mint (eg Nepal); in good condition, coins with clear brockage are a collector's item and can sell for substantial amounts of money. One can distinguish between obverse and reverse brockages. Obverse brockages occur when the previously struck coin was not ejected and gets stuck to the lower die ...
  • Heritage Auctions () -- 2012 April 26-30 World & Ancient Coins CICF Signature Auction - #3019 Heritage Auctions () -- A rare and famed Brazilian Pedro I 'Coronation Piece' leads the 5300+ lot Heritage CICF offerings, on April 26, along with a beautiful and nearly complete set of the 'Muse' silver denarii struck by Q. Pomponius Musa in 56 BC., a Charles I gold Triple Unite 1643 VF35 NGC and a Russian Gold 2 Ducats 1714 Novodel Bit-H19 AU58 NGC. A strong selection of Roman Republican, Australian, Brazilian, Canadian, Chinese, Russian and British coins completes the offerings. More information: /3019