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  • How seriously should we take the current groundswell of diaspora Jews declaring their friendship for Israel, and then begging it to change course before disaster strikes? It is certainly a popular message. J Street, the doveish lobby in America,. — “If Israel did listen to friends..? | The Jewish Chronicle”,
  • Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, cheered American and world markets last night when he signalled that it was ready to take aggressive action to bolster American prospects and fend off recession. In a doveish speech in. — “Ben Bernanke soothes US fears of recession - ”,
  • South Africa's inflation rate fell less than expected last month, reducing pressure on the central bank to cut interest rates before its next Monetary Policy Committee meeting. Today's data suggests the trajectory of inflation isn't as doveish as most had expected. — “S. Africa Inflation Eases to 8.1%, More Than Forecast”,
  • The Christian Science Monitor - an independent daily newspaper providing context and clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and social trends. On the other side, opposition Labor Party leaders, wellknown doveish intellectuals, and some of the media have attacked the. — “American criticism fails to unite Israelis / The Christian”,
  • Emanuele Ottolenghi: Israelis want a rightwing leader with leftwing policies. So most would prefer a national unity government - but they don't trust the big parties. ***ysis. Doveish hawks. Israelis want a rightwing leader with leftwing policies. So most would prefer a national unity government. — “Emanuele Ottolenghi: Doveish hawks | World news | The Guardian”,
  • Despite the emergence of J Street, a feisty and doveish pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has far more muscle and is not afraid to flex it. Even in Congress, however, support for Israel is not rock solid, and is showing signs of change. — “America and Israel: Not quite as it was | The Economist”,
  • AMSTERDAM (AFX) - Shares are expected to open higher on the back of Wall Street gains overnight on the back of a surprisingly doveish statement on US interest rates from the Federal Reserve, dealers said. — “Amsterdam shares AFX at a glance outlook - ”,
  • But for Professor Cohen, the most interesting finding of the JPR survey was the doveish views on the Middle East conflict held by many British Jews. More than half UK Jews - 52 per cent "Among American Jews who are as deeply involved in Jewish life, attitudes are not so 'doveish'," he said. — “HUC-JIR News Center”,
  • The dollar is diving and the futures are flying this morning! Word is that the Fed will remain doveish in their 2:15 statement today with no sign of tightening. — “Tempting Tuesday – Waiting on the Fed | Phil's Stock World”,
  • Ariel Sharon, leader of the Right-wing Likud party, has won a convincing victory in the Israeli general election. Exit polls showed him pushing the doveish Labour party to an historic defeat. - The Sydney Morning Herald. — “Sharon wins second term - .au”, .au
  • Adam Posen, the most doveish member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, today declared he could still be persuaded not to vote for more quantitative easing if the arguments were strong enough. — “Adam Posen open to persuasion on QE' | Business”,
  • IHS Global Insight's unique perspective provides the most comprehensive economic and financial coverage of countries, regions and industries available from any source. concerns, coupled with persistent challenges on the fiscal front forced the SBP to end its rather doveish monetary stance. Policy. — “IHS Global Insight // Same-Day ***ysis”,
  • San Francisco chief known as dove Although she is perhaps the most doveish member, she would take over from Mr Kohn who has been a very influential, if less vocal, advocate of extended low interest rates. — “ / US & Canada - Yellen to be nominated as Fed vice-chair”,
  • War on Terror: Washington - Many of the Americans and Britons now baying for blood never fought in a war. Colin Powell did: could this explain his doveish stand?. — “New Statesman - Where were you in the war, Dick Cheney?”,
  • Definition of war from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of war. Pronunciation of war. Definition of the word war. Origin of the word war doveish, adj. gigantomachy. 1. a war between giants, as in mythology. 2. war between large contestants, as major powers. guerrillaism. the practice and. — “war - Definition of war at ”,
  • Israeli lawmaker Yossi Beilin, a member of the doveish Meretz party and one of the prime architects of the Oslo peace accords, called the speech Israeli lawmaker Yossi Beilin, a member of the doveish Meretz party and one of the prime architects of the Oslo peace accords, called the speech. — “news aggregator | International Peace and Conflict Resolution”,
  • Hawkish (Hawk) means preferring higher or raising interest rates to fight inflation and its effects on the economy. The opposite is Doveish (Dove) is someone that prefers lower or lowering interest rates in the belief that inflation and its. — “In Stock or Forex trading, what does "hawkish" means?”,
  • A SENIOR Democrat indicated yesterday that he will try to split the Bush administration over its foreign policy by supporting the doveish Colin Powell against conservative colleagues. — “Democrat backs Powell to put Bush under siege - Telegraph”,
  • Sir John Gieve, the career civil servant who took over as Deputy Governor of the Bank of England last week, struck a doveish tone at his first public appearance yesterday. In testimony to a committee of MPs, he said there was no evidence rising. — “Bank's new rate-setter Gieve adopts doveish tone before MPs”,
  • doveish (comparative more doveish, superlative most doveish) /wiki/doveish" Categories: English adjectives | English alternative. — “doveish - Wiktionary”,
  • They got a 200 point rally - a one-year best for the Dow Jones on the day Ben Bernanke decided to be doveish on U.S. interest rates - so it got a little bit ahead of itself, and people just needed that excuse to press the sell does that mean that the doveish statements by the U.S. Federal. — “Investec Comments on Sharp Move Up in the Markets - Mining”,


  • REVERSED - The Queen welcomes world leaders to London 2012 Olympics This video is intended for experienced reversers and those interested in and familiar with reversed speech* I heard: Soon may go we will remember that. for v...
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  • June 22 River Hunt Hunting The River With Pink Saving History.
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  • 120115 - 2012 GG TOUR IN HONG KONG - SEOHYUN SOLO - STUFF LIKE THIS [FANCAM] Seohyun's solo! Her tap dancing was so good!
  • Tiger-dove-fish It's a tiger, it's a dove, AND it's a fish.