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  • Mesa Stiletto Duece Amp is Mesa Stiletto Duece stage 2. Guitar is Frankenstrat replica I built. Divebomb inc. body. EVH humbucker. Laptop mic not the sm-57.
  • Bradley Zugel playing Van Halen's Running With the Devil Bradley is 12 years old and going through chemo treatments. Brad is in remission and has less than a year left of treatments. The replica was donated by Kyle Finch of .
  • My Homemade Van Halen EVH Frankenstein Replica Guitar (see description) My homemade frankenstein guitar Body - Northern Ash - Neck - Birdseye maple - Pickup - EVH Frankenstein Humbucker - Musicians Freind Tremelo - Original Floyd Rose - Tuners, Pickguard - Fenders - Ebay Pot, Neckplate, Output Jack - Warmoth Reflectors - Divebomb (These are the correct reflectors, unlike the fender relics!) 1971 Quarter White "tone" knob I bolt Masking Tape Accurate stripe job I use all Krylon spray paint (semi gloss) No Clear Coat. A little to no Sanding. I use an axacto knife to relic/scrathing. I dirty the cavitys and neck with stain, dirt, and ashes. I copy the weird "shapes" by zooming up the original on the computer and tracing. I love the Musikraft Body and neck.. They are amazing/ fuctional/ and extremely accurate. Hope You Enjoy!! Campare mine with the Original !! Personal Message me or email me with any questions!.......... [email protected] More to come.. Kramer5150, Bumble bee, snake/dragon/carved mess, charvel star, white and black frankenstein, shark, rasta, rude, unchained, kramer1984, stienberger 5150, striped wolfgang. I DO THEM ALL! Contact me
  • Divebomb, Inc. Stevie Ray Vaughan #1 Build
  • My 3.5 year old singing Adelle, Rolling In The Deep
  • EVH 5150 Guitar FOR SALE $300 PLUS SHIPPING!! Excuse the playing, I'm a bit rusty but I've been meaning to post a vid showing my homeade EVH 5150 that I built last summer. I'm playing through a Bugera 1960 with a Dennis Kager Randy Rhoads mod and a custom made Marshall angled 4x12 cab with 25w greenbacks through two homeade custom preamp pedals and a MXR blue equalizer, THIS GUITAR AND AMP ARE UP FOR SALE, I'M PRICING IT TO SELL FAST, YOU WON"T BE DISAPOINTED
  • Frankenstrat and EVH 5150 III one of my friends showing off on my new guitar XD
  • JB with Kramer GMW 5150 Van Halen Guitar 2-20-10 Rock on!
  • Mean Street Custom 5150 Unchained Model Me playing my EVH solo on my new Mean Street Kramer 5150 custom shop guitar.
  • 5150 Replica Quick shot of my Replica 5150
  • "New 5150" Part 2 I loaded it with a Duncan "Custom Custom" which I havn't tried before and it rocks! Also tried the Wilkinson EZ LOK tuners...also a new fave! They work awsome. Very quick string installation. Turned out pretty nice.
  • Divebomb Inc 5150 replica guitar This is a Divebomb Inc 5150 replica guitar. Body is Alder, with a maple neck, Seymour Duncan Custom Custom pickup being played through an EVH 5150 III head and cab with eventide pitchfactor and timefactor in the loop. The guitar was acquired through a trade...