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  • Dittology (definition) by Webster 1913. Tue Dec 21 1999 at 23:10:30 © Webster 1913. — “Dittology”,
  • dittology (plural dittologies) A double reading or interpretation of Retrieved from "http:///wiki/dittology" Category: English nouns. Personal tools. Log in / create account. — “dittology - Wiktionary”,
  • Information about English words derived from Latin and Greek sources and English vocabulary words with etymologies plus explanations. and quizzes Double writing; the unintentional repetition of a letter or a word, or a series of letters or words, by a copyist. dittology. — “dic-, dict- + (Latin: talk, speak, say, tell, declare; to”,
  • "Dittologica" is a neologism (or perhaps a pseudologism) concocted from the Greek-derived term "dittology", which is commonly defined as "a double reading, or twofold interpretation, as of a Scripture text. My interest in the dittology of current ideas doesn't have its roots in textual criticism. — “about this blog " dittologica”,
  • Definition of dittology in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of dittology. Pronunciation of dittology. Translations of dittology. dittology synonyms, dittology antonyms. Information about dittology in the free online English dictionary and. — “dittology - definition of dittology by the Free Online”,
  • We found 9 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word dittology: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "dittology" is defined. General (8 matching dictionaries) dittology: Wordnik [home, info]. — “Definitions of dittology - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Definition of Bible from Webster's New World College Dictionary. dittology. a doublé reading or interpretation, especially of a Bible passage. eisegesis. the introduction by an interpreter of his own ideas into a text under explication. — “Bible - Definition of Bible at ”,
  • dittology IN BRIEF: Noun- A double reading or twofold interpretation. is a free vocabulary and spelling program where you only pay. — “dittology: Information from ”,
  • Definition of Dittays with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. dittology. dittos. ditto mark. Dittrich's plugs. Dittrich's stenosis. ditts. Literary usage of Dittays. Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or. — “Dittays: Definition with Dittays Pictures and Photos”,
  • Brief definitions of obscure words beginning with the letter D dittology. double reading or interpretation. diurnation. hibernating or sleeping during daylight. diutiurnal. lasting long. divagate. to digress; wander. — “List of unusual words beginning with D”,
  • dittology. dittomay. dittomonkey. Ditton. dittoolio. Dittos. dittotally. Dittrich. Dittriching dittology isn't defined yet. permalink: Share on. Send to a friend. your email: their email:. — “Urban Dictionary: dittology”,
  • The ARTFL project's collection of reference resources, Webster's Dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, French English Dictionary, French Verb Conjugator Dittology. — “Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) - The ARTFL”,
  • The Word-Pecker and the Witworms, If in zwodder, you might as well heed A zuggers among us, with a will to intercede So take in yeepsen, wuzzle in muse wrine in thought, a Where the dittology of witworms, in an elfmill rules. — “The Word-Pecker and the Witworms (poem) by Kimmy Van Kooten”,
  • n.1.See Dit, n., 2. dittology. ditty. ditty bag. ditty box. diureide. diuresis. diuretic. diuretic drug. diuretical. diureticalness. diuril. diurna. Copyright 2005-2009 . All Rights Reserved. — “ditt - Definition, Synonyms, and Reference from ”,
  • Home - Quote Topics - Quotes of the Day - Quote Keywords - Author Types. Authors: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Definition of Dittology. Dittology. A double reading, or twofold interpretation, as of a Scripture text. Related Definitions:. — “Definition of Dittology”,
  • dittology definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “dittology - Definition”,
  • Ditto definition, the aforesaid; the above; the same (used in accounts, lists, etc., to avoid repetition) dittology. dittrich's plug. ditty. ditty bag. ditty box. ditty boxes. ditty-bag. ditty-box. Did you know: If sleep walking is somnambulism, what is it called when you talk in your sleep? qanat. grok. — “Ditto | Define Ditto at ”,


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