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  • While the oil separators used in such systems are very highly efficient, typically disentraining 99t or more of the oil from the refrigerant gas flowing therethrough prior to the exit of the gas for delivery to the system condenser, it will be. — “(WO/2001/018461) PREVENTION OF OIL BACKFLOW FROM A SCREW”,
  • Patent Description: TECHNICAL The present invention relates in general to the field of critical brain stimulation and, more particularly, to an apparatus and method for increasing learning and athletic potential by changing and cont By "disentraining" the entrenched brain waves, a patient's sub. — “Method for changing critical brain activity using light and”,
  • An important example of a corporate-wide effort to enhance the disentraining elements of. Sample Letters Credit Bureaus ( Chronemics) Chronemics is the study of the use of time in nonverbal communication. — “Example Of Chronemics - ebook-online-”, ebook-online-
  • Grids for fluid contact apparatus by Glitsch, Michael C.; Kitterman, Bedford L.; Abstract. Disclosed is a multi-functional grid structure for use in a vapor, for disentraining liquid being carried upwardly by ascending vapor, and for. — “Shadaly :: Patent Search”,
  • We reached the Base soon after 12.00 noon disentraining at a small station called Etaples. The Camp was a very large one composed of tents, the dining halls etc. being large, marquees with one or two wooden buildings dotted about which were the YMCA's and such like. — “Etaples Camp”,
  • In addition, the complexity of the synapses, which are the separations between neurons that convert the electrical signal to a chemical signal and back using neurotransmitters, further magnifies the potential power of the brain. signals by periodically disentraining entrained critical sites and. — “09.06.07: The Brain Desynchronized”,
  • between the state of hypnagogia and the. enhancement of creative ability (Green, 1972; harmonic, disentraining and/or entraining. visual stimulation, and clear treatment. — “ISNR Copyrighted Material”,
  • Seizures: Application of Nonlinear Dynamics and. Global Optimization Techniques. Leon D. Iasemidis*, Member, IEEE, Deng-Shan Shiau, J. Chris i.e., disentraining entrained critical sites, may alleviate the need. — “Dynamical Resetting of the Human Brain at Epileptic Seizures”,
  • bwgen: Discussion about the BrainWave Generator software and other binaural-beat technologies. The discovery of "disentraining brainwaves" makes perfect sense to. — “bwgen : Message: Re: Unresolved Issues”,
  • Enviroflo Engineering Limited can supply a range of equipment including wheel washes, cyclones, skimmer pre-separators, dust conditioners, pneumatic conveying systems, silos and consulatancy services. pipework system and a means of disentraining product from the conveying air at its. — “Enviroflo Engineering Ltd - Other Products and Services”,
  • The First World War Diary of Private George Culpitt 3rd Batallion Royal Welch Fusiliers We reached the Base soon after 12.00 noon disentraining at a small station called Etaples. — “Etaples Camp”, culpitt-war-
  • Originally, he named his invention TALOS4 MindWorks, but changed it to ROSHI after a visit to Japan where he net a Zen master referred to as ROSHI. It was created by the second author as an entraining/disentraining instrument. — “About Us”,
  • Words that start with DI : Words starting in DI disentraining. disentrancing. disentrayling. disenveloping. disenvironing. disequilibria. disestimation. disfellowship. disfiguration. disfigurement. disfranchised. disfranchiser. disfranchises. disfunctional. disfurnishing. disgarnishing. disgarrisoned. — “Word Di meaning. Word Di definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • The method of claim 1, further comprising disentraining a portion of the fluidized plurality of particulates, to cause the disentrained portion of the plurality of particulates to remain within the container. The method of claim 3, wherein disentraining a portion of the fluidized plurality of. — “SOIL SEPARATOR AND SAMPLER AND METHOD OF SAMPLING - Patent”,
  • the internal steam stream to maintain the heat therein for a residence time of approximately 3 to 30 seconds; disentraining the tobacco from said steam by centrifugal force through a separator; discharging the disentrained tobacco from said closed. — “Process for drying and expanding tobacco - Google Patent Search”,
  • One of the unknowns of emailing is the time it will take. the receiver to form and post a reply. Response times vary. considerably, the disentraining elements of email communication is the "Yourtime" initiative in Intel. — “Email Chronemics: Unobtrusive Profiling of Response Times”, csdl2
  • The Channel Islands Great War Study Group is researching all aspects of the war in relation to the Channel Islands and their people. Disentraining after the eight day journey we started on a ten day march which I shall never forget, walking from 7am to 6pm every. — “The Channel Islands and The Great War”,
  • David Boulton: Now we've come to why we need a radical social reframe here because the shame is in itself disentraining to the cognitive capabilities necessary to process the code. ( see Shame Stories) Dr. Timothy Shanahan: Emotionally you pull back, you're less sure of yourself. — “Literacy: Implications, Research and Instruction - Dr”,
  • Sleeping and dreaming are essential, though largely overlooked dimensions of our general health. By disconnecting or disentraining from these natural rhythms, we have overridden and damaged our internal clocks. — “An Interview with Rubin Naiman, PhD”,
  • An apparatus and method is disclosed for selectively stimulating cortical brain activity of a patient with hemispheric brain differences using light and/or sound includes exposing the patient to one o By "disentraining" the entrenched brain waves, a patient\'s sub-optimal posttraumatic. — “Apparatus and method for changing critical brain activity”,
  • Adverse and iatrogenic effects associated with psychotherapy have been or disentraining problematic EEG activity. Some individuals have also. — “First, Do No Harm: Adverse Effects and the Need for Practice”,
  • I went to Cardiff on the train earlier this week. An otherwise unexciting journey suddenly got more interesting when Arriva Trains Wales announced that The announcement advised us that the problem would involve a good deal of disentraining, embussing, bussing debussing and rejoining. — “Public Relations Message – Safety in Training | Mac's Musings”,


  • Pesticide Application Best Management Practices Tom Wolf, AgriMetrix Research and Training, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan talks about the Best Management Practices for farmers to follow to ensure a quality pesti...