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  • Some of the old disbanded leagues of yesteryear are also covered such as Conshohocken, Lansdale, Norristown Church and King of Prussia Industrial leagues, etc. Information exists on many tournaments, all-star games and qualifiers too. The Norristown. — “ Home Page”,
  • [edit] Verb. disbanded. Simple past tense and past participle of disband. Retrieved from " /wiki/disbanded" Categories: English simple past. — “disbanded - Wiktionary”,
  • So what do you do when P. Diddy dissolves your hip-hop crew on national television? If you're Da Band, you work on solo albums and line up movie deals while continuing to perform live together. Diddy — who disbanded the group on the finale and announced he'd only continue working with Ness and Babs. — “Da Band's New Reality: Solo Albums And Movie Deals - Music”,
  • Palestinian official says orchestra should not have played, calling the Holocaust a political issue. Palestinian authorities disbanded a youth orchestra from a West Bank refugee camp after it played for a group of Holocaust survivors in Israel, a local official said on Sunday. — “Palestinian youth orchestra disbanded over concert for”,
  • Definition of disbanded in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of disbanded. Pronunciation of disbanded. Translations of disbanded. disbanded synonyms, disbanded antonyms. Information about disbanded in the free online English dictionary and. — “disbanded - definition of disbanded by the Free Online”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Disbanded - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Myanmar's newly freed opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is "ready to fight" for the existence of her political party, which was disbanded ahead of controversial elections, her lawyer said. On her third day of freedom after seven years of house. — “Burma's Suu Kyi 'ready to fight' for disbanded party”,
  • A combination of the words DISBANDed and aBANDONED entire planet during the war of 1977, where Ugoslavia took over every country ever, then the U.N. called them "Gayoslavia" and they all got really upset and disbanded and now it's not even a country anymore. — “Urban Dictionary: disbanded”,
  • Disbanded. Learn about Disbanded on . Get information and videos on Disbanded including articles on band, graduation party invitations, musican and more!. — “Disbanded | Answerbag”,
  • Mayor Sam Katz's Police Advisory Board will soon be no more . - Local - Winnipeg Free Press. Winnipeg Free Press > Local > Police advisory board to be disbanded. — “Police advisory board to be disbanded - Winnipeg Free Press”,
  • United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) was an inspection regime created by the United Nations to ensure Iraq's compliance with policies concerning Iraqi production and use of weapons of mass destruction Inspectors withdrew in 1998, and disbanded the following year amid allegations that the. — “United Nations Special Commission - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • The Disbanded-Brothers clan has been established for 7 years and is a family oriented COD server, although we enjoy each others company in various other games that we host privately on our own computers. ={ dBb}= was started as a spin off of the clan LRS. — “Disbanded-Brothers”, disbanded-
  • Index for the Guild website for Disbanded on the Thrall server of World of Warcraft with dkp, forums and more!. — “Home : Disbanded - US - Thrall - World of Warcraft - Guild”,
  • General Hard mode down. June 16th, 2009. Flame Leviathon 4 tower down! June 13th, 2009 Iron Council Hard Down. May 20th, 2009. Thorim Hard Down! May 18th, 2009. Hodir Hard Down. — “Disbanded, Ner'zhul Horde”,
  • Can U.S. and Iraqi troops drain Baghdad and outlying towns of local militias? Should coalition forces confront them militarily? Can militias be integrated into the Iraqi Security Forces?. — “AEI - Can Iraq's Militias Be Disbanded?”,
  • Following the recent jury decision against alleged file sharer Jammie Thomas, in which the woman was fined $80,000 USD for each of the 24 songs she shared via P2P, the popular. — “RIAA needs to be disbanded, says Moby - AfterDawn”,
  • Disbanded definition, to break up or dissolve (an organization): See more. — “Disbanded | Define Disbanded at ”,
  • Today marks the end of an era with the announcement that Piratbyrån has disbanded. On June 23, 2010 the group Piratbyrån disbanded due to the death of Ibi Kopimi Botani, a prominent member and co-founder of the group. — “Pirate Bay's Founding Group Piratbyrån' Disbands | TorrentFreak”,
  • Morocco's urban security forces, or GUS, are disbanded following criticism of their heavy-handed tactics. The Moroccan security forces have disbanded their riot police unit - the GUS - as part of a major reorganisation within the police and army. — “BBC NEWS | Africa | Morocco disbands riot police unit”,
  • Disbanded Quotations. I was in the Boy Scouts for about four years until my troop disbanded. It is really one of the best activities youths can get involved in and nearly every scout I have known has been a class act due to the discipline the Scouts have instilled in them. Ted Stevens. — “Definition of Disbanded”,
  • Disbanded Public Bodies. Apache Boulevard Project Area Committee (disbanded Dec 2008) Development Committee of the Whole (disbanded Sept 2008) Education,. — “Public Body Documents”,
  • King Crimson For The Record Original members include Robert Fripp (born May 16, 1946, in Wimbourne, England; disbanded group, 1974, reformed, 1981,. — “King Crimson: Information from ”,


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