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  • always just seen wal mart fish as something to be rescued If they stop selling fish nobody will have to rescue them anymore I m thinking too of bettas in plastic tubs no larger than these I had a bad experience with a large store selling fish many years ago so it could be why I m biased When I was a kid my parents bought a tank and fish from Zellers back when they sold fish
  • Deviating from our normal pattern of one idea per article we thought we d dive into trendwatching com s trend of the month and offer you a selection of the new business opportunities that
  • Deviating somewhat again but this pic on Tony s site just had me chuckling D D Posted by Matt Date 16 07 2007 11 35 19
  • Pictures the whole thing zoomed in a little so you can admire my handiwork
  • 12 22 04 I m afraid we ll be deviating a bit from standard ***ysis procedures today
  • Deviating from reference can be quite full of trickery Figured I d get some second opinions before I clean the drawing up again though
  • Silver engine paint is your friend Just paint all the brackets accessories and tada it looks 100 better
  • deviating slightly below the waist and this is copied on the back L2521 Below left L2522 Below right The images expand to A4 size to show clearer seam and style details
  • Emily on her horse Jen being naughty and deviating from single file
  • tile photo 2 jpg
  • Deviating from the norm
  • the whole thing zoomed in a little so you can admire my handiwork zoomed in even more I ended up doing the pattern 12 times instead of 10 because it looked small I hope it s big enough Of course as per usual I didn t even pretend to check my gauge I
  • tile photo 3 jpg
  • procession 1024x768 jpg
  • in my office which turned out well I had SRV do the expensive tile upgrade about 1 2mil baht but I do love my flooring Let me know if you want to drop by and see what it looks like
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  • mean deviating from Japan s strongly American industrial links and equipment infrastructure however no small move in a society that sets such store by deep industrial relationships Mitsubisihi F 2s
  • Saint Paul s wrist bones in Malta
  • Hah already deviating from the concept
  • dAid02 deviating with Ewan by jade161588 jpg
  • Another storm Deviating around yet another summer storm
  • The results of a nicely deviating artillery barrage
  • 100 8444 lourdes candle vigil jpg
  • Deviating a bit from mining the R B charts for tenuous pro skater comparisons Taking a break from beating the Koston shoe sponsor horse into a fine not all that humorous powder has given me
  • link det forrige link virker ikke http deviating net photos 2009 02 16 hackcon img 4270 jpg tror det virker
  • Image s credit DJ 6speedonline
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  • Deviating around yet another summer storm Tennesse Mountains
  • Porsche Exclusive deviating seat piping Exterior Shots
  • deviating from the park approved path to stand on a rock overlooking the kettle to get a closer look a river runs through it
  • picture 06 driver s door picture 13 window sticker picture 07 seat stitching in deviating color This is a very rare GT3 RS optioned in white with no stripes and standard silver GT3 wheels There were only 60 GT3 RS s built for
  • Deviating from the usual battery electric motor combination used by other hybrid car manufacturers BMW has decided on using hydrogen fuel combined with an internal gas combustion engine
  • events village01 jpg
  • Jen being naughty and deviating from single file Cowboy Dan
  • Deviating Stitching
  • Porsche Exclusive deviating seat piping Exterior Shots


  • Azula - Daughter of Fire Original Description from NOVEMBER 28, 2007: *** One year ago, I came across an Avatar fan video on youtube. It was a curious little project, barely a minute and a half long, for the Fire Nation's leading lady. I remember how the music sent chills down my spine. I remember the clip where she kicks the rocks away on the drill, right when the drums come in. I remember watching this video at least twice a day... until one day, it was gone. This is my resurrection of that video (only, you know, done my way.) DarkMagicsUnknown, if you're out there, message me. So the intro to this song is a little longer that you'll hear in this video, because I cut it. But I did have text corresponding to the longer intro, which read: In the world of Avatar, Evil has a name. Its manipulations clever, Its deceptions swift, A heart as cold as the fire it wields. And with power so great, All who defy it shall fall. Evil has a name in Avatar, And her name is AZULA. I really liked the "heart as cold as the fire it wields" part, but the intro was even slower than it is now, so I cut it down a bit. I think it's better this way. *prevarication noun 1. a statement that deviates from or ***s the truth [syn: lie] 2. intentionally vague or ambiguous 3. the deliberate act of deviating from the truth [syn: lying] *undaunted [uhn-dawn-tid] adjective 1. undismayed; not discouraged; not forced to abandon purpose or effort: undaunted by failure. 2.undiminished in courage or valor; not giving way to fear ...
  • Deviating around a huge thunderstorm Gulfstream G450, Flying around a huge thunderstorm over the east coast of Malaysia, headed out over the South China Sea. Lenticular cloud formation above the thunderstorm.
  • sociology deviating from the norm
  • Deviating from the Norm (psychology project) This is mine and Elsie's project for psychology. We had to deviate from the norm so we walked around the mall in our bathing suits.
  • the Most Important Second ever. BigBang (National Geographic) mutadis1 upl. Big Bang IMPORTANT NOTE Many years ago I took the Big Bang theory as the base for my theory 'the Big Bang of the Mind'. About this video. Before the Big Bang there was nothing? I regard this as untrue! I suggest that laws of physics have no begin and no end. From nothing can occur only nothing! In the begin there was no matter, but there was something. Let us call it any form of 'energy'. In these mind sets we flirt with the multiple dimensions ideas, a free port for mathematicians. As Einstein's relativity theory already did in the past, it leads to uncontrolled fantasies. Be aware that these are but fantasies of the human mind, unless anything can become physically proven. M Mutadis PS The statement: "laws of physics have no begin and no end", sounds like a dogma, and might be inaccurate. Maybe these laws were created during the big bang, and before and after (meaning at the end of our universe's existence ) other rules were (will) act. So multiple dimensions are never far away in these mindsets! Also notice, that not any person in this world knows what the elements matter, forces and energy are. Only the relation between them, the consequences can be understand under the qualification of the laws of physics. **** The Mutadis's'Simplified Cosmos Cycle Principle' Hubble discovered that the universe is continuously expanding.The expansion started from one point (BigBang), which is not yet located today. Recent measurements indicate that the expanding ...
  • Normal Abnormal Are you normal?
  • Avira Premium Security Suite 10 versus the Free Version A lot of security companies have been putting their suites through intense user interface makeovers lately, in the attempt to assure larger shares of the user security market. McAfee's Total Protection 2010, retailing at $79.99, is a total deviation from any of its predecessors, and CA drafted the wizard of design at Frog Design to produce the complicated new 3 dimensional interface for the CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2010, retailing at $69.00. Deviating from this theme, the Avira Premium Security Suite 10, although it has different coloring and icons from the previous edition, retains an almost unchanged general layout. Regrettably, although there are some advances to the underlying suite, not enough has changed in this area either.
  • Deviating Around a Thunderstorm "Motoring" along somewhere near FL210 on the way home, having to deviate around a thunderstorm near sunset, bound for Scott AFB.
  • What the Atkins Diet Aims to Achieve and the Hopes of People What The Atkins Diet Aims To Achieve And The Hopes Of People What the Atkins diet aims to achieve is viewed in many different fashions. First, the Atkins diet claims it can help individuals lower their overall body fat amount and increase the bodys health. This is done by increasing the amount of fatty foods and meat consumed, while cutting out carbohydrates and vegetables. By many medical standards, this very dangerous diet can affect the lives of many individuals in a way that is not positive. The Atkins diet hopes to achieve a lower body weight and healthier lifestyle for the individual. It is believed that by increasing the amount of fatty meats and foods while decreasing salt, sugar, and carbohydrates, a person can drastically change his or her health. Many people hope that this is indeed the case and tries the Atkins diet in the hopes that it can deliver what it promises. If individuals try the Atkins diet, it is important that they realize what is involved to try to achieve the results that the diet hopes to achieve. Often people may misunderstand what is involved with the diet and injure their health as a result. However, what the Atkins diet hopes to achieve can only be obtained if the person completely reads and understands the process within the diet. This means understanding that supplements and exercise is necessary to obtain results that people hope to have. With any diet, following the instructions and not deviating is the key to ...
  • Agents deviating shia muslims with speech Agha Jan Ali Kazmi
  • Ramadan is Done... What Now? Ramadan Is Done, What Now? Post Ramadan Reminder lecture by Sheikh Murtaza Khan, Below is a beneficial article, insha'Allah both you and I benefit from it and from the lecture: Maintaining Good Deeds After Ramadan By Sheikh `Abdullah Ibn Jibreen 08/11/2004 Here are ten means of keeping on doing good deeds after Ramadan: 1. Seek Allah's support, beseeching Him Almighty to guide you to the right path and help you remain steadfast in faith. Allah Almighty has praised the supplication of those who are of sound understanding when they have said: "...Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate (from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Bestower." (Aal `Imran: 8) 2. Be keen on being in the company of the righteous and attending dhikr meetings such as religious lectures or visiting a righteous friend to make dhikr (remembrance of Allah) together. 3. Acquire knowledge about the biographies of the Prophet's Companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) and the righteous believers by reading books and listening to tapes. This will stimulate you to keep firm in faith and follow in their footsteps. 4. Listen to tapes that deal with religious admonitions and righteous speeches. 5. Be keen on observing the obligatory acts of worship. 6. Keep on offering supererogatory acts of worship; do what you are most inclined to and can do regularly, even if it is little. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "the best deeds to Allah are the ...
  • re:Islam is NOT the word of Allah - TXHalabi Hello there, We have a saying in Arabic that " a man is the enemy of what he does not know". I am sure that you have a similar proverb in Hebrew. When someone who has no minimum knowledge about the Islamic history and try to talk about it and explain it, then I expect to hear funny arguments and comments. I do not blame you as much I blame every objective non biased viewer, who will listen to what you say without referring to the correct historical events.who seeks the truth will never take whatever this gentelman says without any further considerations. My fellow, I will briefly teach you about my history that you know nothing about; The Koran is written with the classical Arabic language that prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, and his followers were speaking at that time, the classical language was not dead then. but when my ancestors spread the word of GOD in new places and regions outside the Arabian peninsula, the new non Arabs Muslims injected their culture and language into the Arabic language and new terms and meanings appeared which caused the classical Arabic to fade with time. Hence the need to set grammar rules for the real Arabic language was important and explanations books for the Koran were published at that time for the new non Arabs Muslims who speaks inappropriate (just like you) Arabic and even the arabs who started to deviate from the classical. The explanation books were written at that time with scholars who were the followers of the prophet and ...
  • Amazing motorcycle recovery by moto gp biker moto gp rider fails and gets owned by his bike then he recovers some how lolgasmic lol
  • Jesus, Adolf and Parallelism (OC) It isn't difference, but similarity. Some folk may look around befuddled, others may see it as wannabe intelligent hokum fuggery. I see this as the product of spending too much time method writing about the death of my nonexistent wife of ten years. And slightly too much caffeine. Spending a week and some writing dialogue revolving around nostalgic memories is going to take it's toll on the writer who likes to get into his character's mind. Especially when that character spends a considerable amount of time teary-eyed. I started my day doing research on Joseph McMcarthy, and somehow found myself deviating from the main road and ending up on Hitler Boulevard -- although perhaps that isn't much of a deviation. I ended up with a rough cut an hour later, downloaded the broken printer sound and synth crescendo, put it together, and there you go. This may sound like nothing more than a mash-up, but it still has all my usual attention to detail (although, I may be too tired at this point too see if I missed something) and many layers. The pictures were all specially chosen and arranged in a certain order, I managed to edit the sound to near perfection (for me, at least), there's an homage to 'The Big Heat' which is more than a simple tip of the hat, and more. The more is the meaning. So... some may be confused, others may may understand it instantly. Some may see it as a load of pictures depicting Jesus as good and Adolf as bad, others may see the black for more than it is. Some ...
  • Deviating Vapors Timelapse 2 24.03.2007 Second time-lapse sequence during our jam rehearsal - no audio
  • Deviating Vapors Timelapse 24.03.2007 First time-lapse sequence (parts 1 - 4) during our jam rehearsal - no audio
  • sociology deviating from the norm
  • Can Islam Be Atheistic? The Atheist Aqeedah of Islam READ VIDEO HERE: Secularism in Europe developed as a response to the enlightenment era that began to see contradictions between religious teachings and scientific observations, such as the observations of Galileo. The question for the Islamic religion in light of the secularist political system, is the question of whether Islam is in contradiction to scientific observation, and if there is a contradiction between Islam and science, should the secularist system adapt to Islam or should Islam adapt to the secularist system and if Islam adapts to the secularist system have Muslims deviated from the Aqeedah of Islam and the Shariah. I believe in general, the traditional interpretation of the Aqeedah of Islam is in contradiction to the secularist scientific methodology of understanding the universe, because many ideas in Islam such as Heaven and Hell are not able to be confirmed with observable evidence, but deviating from the general or the traditional interpretation of the Aqeedah can interpret the Aqeedah of Islam in a manner that is and always will be in 100% agreement with the scientific methodology while maintaining both the secularist political system and 100% Shariah law. This deviation from the traditional interpretation of the Aqeedah is an atheistic and material mechanistic interpretation of the Aqeedah that interprets the history and development of Islam not from the meta-physics of thought arguments and faith but through the observable universe. For example ...
  • Her Grace Urmila dd SB class pt 6 part 6-question:"Is there are fine line between knowlingly deviating and deviation out of weakness?"
  • Rape - deviating video Better dont watch it ! When friends are quite drunk so...
  • Cross Country Flight - Deviating and Diverting Cross Country Flight - Deviating and Diverting can put pilots in a jam. Low on fuel, poor weather. This video explains how to use all possible resources and always have a backup
  • Deviating the Norm :)
  • Joe Rogan deviated septum operation This is 2 days after I got my deviated septum fixed. I made this video for people that are thinking about getting this operation but were apprehensive about the discomfort and recovery time. I was a little concerned about it myself, and I put off getting it for years, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a little video on the process. I hope it helps someone out there!
  • 2007 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT This is a 1 FL owner garage kept Quattroporte Duoselect with only 22k miles !!! It is finished in Eldorado White with Grey Leather and deviating piping . Option are plentiful including Alcantara Headlining, Comfort Package Front Seats , Heated Seats, Power Rear Seats, Rear climate, , Deviated Piping, Navigation, Premium Bose Sound, 20" Sport Alloy Wheels and more
  • Fake Imam Mahdi claims , False Prophets Deviating our Minds ,,ZIONIST AGENDA ! A list of False and fake Prophets claiming themselves to be IMAM MAHDI , and Manipulating People's Minds .....
  • Weather descending into Nashville A little bit of weather we had to deviate around just to get into Nashville (BNA) on 05/27/09. Obviously we got down and it started to calm down a bit. Had some nice Wind Shear upon landing in BNA, and the next flight to IAD wasn't so great either.
  • Asteroids (Atari 2600) (How To Beat Home Video Games 1) Taken from the video: How To Beat Home Video Games - Vol. 1 The Best Games (Vestron, 1982)
  • Misha Sakharoff - How to funk with your mouth, feat. persons with unaproriate social behaviour Santa Rules (Misha Sakharoff - Bjørn Hyldkrog) The question of the day is how to funk with your mouth. I can mention a couple of authentic ways to do it. The essence is to have your lips pretty tight. It gives much better yes, you guessed right a much better sound. You can do it in a lot of disparate ways, all of them greatly deviating from the mainstream. It could be a wind instrument trumpet or trombone, or a percussion instrument everything saying pop, bop to ta da dam. Deviating because its not mainstream to go and imitate a trumpet in your everyday life. Its just not OK not for your colleagues, neither for your girlfriend unless she finds an appropriate away to use or misuse your newfound ability. Unfortunately so because its a quite satisfying experience. So I did it in the closed room, nobody could hear me and now Im in the public domain. Give it a try ;) Read more about Misha Sakharoff:
  • Love Hope and Fear of Allaah part 6 In the name of Allaah, The Beneficent the Most Merciful All Praises be to Allaah, Lord of the Mighty Throne, the only true deity worthy of all kinds of Worship. This video is about Love, Hope, and fear of Allaah as worship and how a person should have all of them together. Deviating in one of them is deviating from the path of the Salaf and Islam. I ask Allaah to make this beneficial for the Muslims all around the world and make it a means for me to enter Paradise al-Firdaus AMEEN. may Allaah bless Prophet Muhammad, his companions, his family, and those who follow the guidance in truth until the day of Judgement. Wassalam o Alaikm Warah matullahe Wabara katahu
  • stray clips Just walking around...aimless, deviating, unsystematic, without purpose.
  • Spintex Road - (Eastern) Accra, Ghana This clip is of Spintex Road, dating from January 2007. Spintex Road is a commercial/industrial road that starts at Tetteh Quarshie Circle in northern Accra, and runs parallel to the Kwame Nkrumah Motorway and Kotoka International Airport, before deviating south and ending at the district of Sakumono, near the coast. I have heard from locals that 10-15 years ago, this area was largely undeveloped, and somewhat perilous at night, but now it is one of the busiest commercial & industrial areas of Accra, and busy even into the night. The clip starts with a stationary shot taken from the roadside (just east of the Papaye outlet for those who know the area), then followed by footage taken from just east of the Coca-Cola Roundabout (where the road deviates south), and shows extensive footage of the Baatsona commercial district, just before reaching Sakumono.
  • Receiver Deviating from Route Receiver leaving his go route, cutting it, then returning to the QB. Pay attention to Roy Williams #82, the top WR.
  • Fleshgrind The Deviating Ceremonies The Seeds of Abysmal Torment
  • ORBITS AND THE ROTATING UNIVERSE One of the most important reasons for the great equilibrium in the universe is the fact that celestial bodies follow specific paths. Stars, planets and satellites all rotate around their own axes and also rotate together with the system of which they are a part. The universe functions within a finely-tuned order, just like the wheels in a factory. There are more than 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe and each small galaxy contains approximately a billion stars. Furthermore, each big galaxy contains more than a trillion. 16 Many of these stars have planets and many of those planets have satellites. All these celestial bodies follow the most finely calculated paths and orbits. For millions of years, each one has been moving in its own path in flawless harmony with all the others. In addition to these, there are also a great many comets moving along in their own pre-determined paths. In addition, the paths in the universe are not restricted to a few celestial bodies. The Solar System and even other galaxies also exhibit considerable motion around other centres. Every year, Earth, and the Solar System with it, move some 500 million km from where they were the previous year. It has been calculated that even the slightest deviation from celestial bodies' paths could have drastic consequences which might spell the end of the entire system. For example, the consequences of the earth's deviating from its course by a mere 3 mm have been described in one source as follows ...
  • Knee Pain Relief - The DonJoy Lateral J Knee Brace Video - If you are looking for the most popular patellar stabilizing brace in the world, then watch this video. Visit us online to find out more.
  • best of youtube- Office chair jumping office guys trying to jump a ramp on a chair lol epic fail(office chair jumping)
  • GT5 cars deviating to avoid a collision This happens in both Forza and GT5.
  • Techtonic - Prime Lately, I've been deviating from dubstep. I did Cardiac Arrest. And I was focusing on Omar Dayes, my dance project, which I still need to get to grips with (it's harder than I thought). And some of you might even have lost faith in me a little, and I've had numerous requests to "do some stuff like you used to." Well. I have. And here it is. Prime is back to his old tricks. Twitter: Mix: Mix Download:
  • Dialogue (I Want To Be Alone) (Take 1) (Jackson C. Frank acoustic cover) Deviating a bit from my normal selection of covers -- not to mention having had little time to decide on anything this weekend -- here is a partial run-through of Jackson C. Frank's "Dialogue (I Want To Be Alone)." I couldn't find the chords anywhere so I had to figure it out myself.. excuse the short clip. Maybe someday I'll do a full version of it..
  • 050301 deviating rollerblading video
  • deviating Dance interesting and fun
  • Battlefield Heroes - Short-range Machine Gun Spread This video shows how in/accurate the Cheeser/Backscratcher can be once you're away from the effective range. Observe how the farther away I get how the bullets start deviating away from the intended target. I fired using without FF5 and with it to indicate how the bullet spread changes when it is/n't being used. Players who use the no-spread feature of some paid hacks in this game will have those deviating bullets at longer ranges to actually hit the intended target.