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  • Prescrptivism Vs Descriptivism The basic ideas about these two schools of thought. Linguists prefer to be Descriptivist, and Prescriptivist ideals are also heavily culture based.
  • descriptivists vs. prescriptivists Shows opinions of a prescriptivist (a person who creates or encourages following language rules that try to control how people write and talk). This is contrasted with a scientific approach that attempts to describe a language how it is. Also notes how words enter dictionaries (ie if a particular word is used often enough by certain sociolinguistic groups - like those who write for Newsweek - then it can be entered in the dictionary). ----- The language that fuels the great publishing empires. From the city that never sleeps, 24/7, on TV, cable, radio, electronic media, comes the words and ideas that define American culture and market it to the world. You can make a case that New York City is now the global capital of the English language. But what a language! Restless, slangy, constanting changing, and ever more informal. Many people believe that change is not only inevitable but unstoppable. But not John Simon, the acerbic theater critic of New York Magazine. A Yugoslav immigrant himself, he speaks for many mainstream Americans who fear that if American English continues to flout the rules of syntax and grammar, it'll sow the seeds of its own destruction. Simon: Well, it has gotten worse. It's been my experience that there is no bottom, one can always sink lower, and that the language can always disintegrate further. RM: How would you describe the state of our language today? Simon: Unhealthy, poor, sad, depressing, um, and probably fairly hopeless. RM: Jess Sheildlower ...