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  • perky and sam and " DEPARTMENTALIZATION" perky and his assualt team are back at the base relaxing "WHEN WHISKEY CALLS" about an unscheduled repair crew
  • Performance Management: Breaking Down Functional Thinking Within Your Organization In this seminar Victor Holman discusses breaking down functional, or departmentalized thinking and creating streams of information that flow across multiple functional and/or departmental boundaries. Get your free performance management kit at www.lifecycle-performance- performance management, performance cost, performance and, performance financial, performance industry
  • Ownership of the Knowledge Management Function In an interview with Alakh Asthana of eClerx Services, Dr. Madanmohan Rao talks about where the ownership of KM rests. Madan explains that the KM story in an organization usually starts when some group of mid or top level managers hear about KM and initiate implementation. The moment the practice is institutionalized -- it raises the question of ownership. Diverse organizational cultures and structures influence ownership of the KM function. Madan further elaborates his point by explaining that departmentalization depends on the level of knowledge management baked into the tasks of the workforce and the organization's core competency. In organizations where value generated from KM is substantial, the CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer) is positioned along with a team to navigate the knowledge strategy. In the absence of a CKO, other departments may shoulder KM. Madan further explains that many organizations may think that knowledge is closely linked with information and hence the ownership should lie with the CIO (Chief Information Officer). In a technology centric organization the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) may act as the CKO. Companies focusing on capability building and continuous learning may integrate it with the learning or HR division to help create competitive advantages for the future. Madan summarizes the interview by noting that usually the department that initiates the practice ends up owning and managing it.
  • Great American Yard Sale Sells Out Over 20000 Customers Shopped til They Dropped: The sun was shining on the Fox Valley Mall Parking lot Saturday morning as excited shoppers lined up to finally enter The Great American Yard Sale. All of the money earned from the Sale will go to five local charities that work directly with homeless families. Over 600 tables were piled with donated merchandise from various cities and towns in the Chicago land area. When asked what was being sold, Rudy Krueger, a founder of the Great American Yard Sale, said to "Go to a Sears store, and you'll figure it out. It's all departmentalized like Sears and it's just packed with stuff." Furniture, bicycles, refrigerators, Christmas decorations, baby clothing, even workout equipment could be found under the huge array of white tents. The event began 20 years ago when David Jordan, an editor of Better Homes and Gardens, attended a real estate convention that Rudy was at. "He told us how many people were homeless-over half a million at that time. We started this kind of program on a tiny scale," recalls Rudy. Since then, the Sale has grown into such a large event that they've had to switch locations to accommodate for all the customers. This inspiring story would not have been possible without all of the volunteers helping out year after year. Tammy Morris, a resident of Tomah, Wisconsin, use to live in the area and returns each summer with her family to volunteer. "There are a lot of people that we only get to see once a year, all the ...
  • New York City Injury Attorney Nicholas Papain Construction Accident Personal Injury Lawyer - New York City Personal Injury Lawyer, Construction accident lawyers, trial attorneys of Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo launch new website. The New York State injury law firm is one of the largest plaintiffs' personal injury law firms in the State. The firm consist of experienced trial lawyers, litigators and appellate lawyers, whose commitment to excellence has earned our clients hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries over the years. The Firm is departmentalized within specialized areas of plaintiffs' personal injury litigation such as construction site, fire, medical malpractice, motor vehicle, municipal, premises, and products liability cases. Within each department, litigation teams have been created and staffed to address issues that involve a specific area of the law.
  • Glascoe Interview Q3- As you are aware the Paterson Public School District is embarking on a new initiative for literacy and math centers at each grade level. What is your opinion on having kindergarten students taught math and literacy by different teachers (departmentalized), considering that for many its their first school experience and the fact that some research suggest that 90 minutes blocks are too lengthy for this age group?
  • Breaking Down Functional Barriers to Maximize Performance Victor Holman breaks down functional, departmentalized thinking and creating streams of information that flow across multiple functional and/or departmental boundaries. Get your free performance management kit at www.lifecycle-performance-
  • Departmentalization Pros and Cons of Functional and Matrix Departmentalization.
  • Departmentalization
  • John Bernard In this short video, John Bernard talks about departmentalization in companies and how business processes can span several silos and slow down potentially efficient areas. There are opportunities that companies can take advantage of and will need to take advantage of to have a competitive advantage. Similar business systems across a company can save time and money. John talks about this in this video called Departmentalization.
  • HPV vaccine Another tragedy from the HPV vaccine... When are people gonna stop being lazy and do their homework before intrusting their childs health (and their own) to a bunch of departmentalized doctors and the Eugenist pharmeceutical companies? what will it take for folks to start demanding some answers?
  • Wendy Larson Apple Awards March 6th, 2008 University of Oreg University of Oregon students are working towards departmentalizing Ethnic Studies. Currently the U of O is the only school in the AAU system on the west coast that has an Ethnic Studies program, all others including Oregon State University and University of Washington are departments. Students want Ethnic Studies to be a Department NOW! March 6th, 2008 in the amphitheater had good and bad apple awards. Bad apple was given to Wendy Larson Dean of the College of Arts and Science which Ethnic Studies is under. She can departmentalize Ethnic Studies but chooses not to because, "there not enough student interest" as well as "Ethnic Studies not being a real discipline". We gave the bad award at her office with 30-40 students. And this is our conversation...
  • New Employee On-boarding with Tyrian HR, IT, and new employees collaborate to route and organize numerous on-boarding needs. Transparent, cross-departmentalized workflows provide checklists of tasks with real-time updates that keep everyone in the loop.
  • DK Hair - Salon in San Diego DK hair envisions a culture at the forefront of hairdressing by building synergistic relationships and providing an urban lifestyle resource. With an urban and edgy feel and a uniquely artistic mood, the DK hair environment is conducive to creativity. Sur ... show morerounded by functional art, even the stations are reminiscent of an artist's easel, with the client acting as the canvas for DK hair stylists art. DK hair continues to take hairstyling to the next level as a departmentalized salon. This allows the stylists to specialize in either haircutting or coloring, ensuring only the finest experiences in each domain. Departmentalization also allows the stylists to hone their skills through continuous education in their respective fields. The culture at DK hair creates an energy that is both motivating and inspiring. The salon was designed with an open feel - allowing DK hair to frequently adapt to the ever changing needs of their clients and each season. Feel welcome anytime! Consider DK hair & Lifestyle resource a center for information on the latest happenings, hippest eateries, the places to shop and more. Located in the trendy Hillcrest neighborhood, DK hair professionals have been creating award winning hairstyles for decades.
  • Martinique/The Overseas region of France 1943, Martinique was officially pro-Vichy, with the US and Great Britain seeking to limit any impact of that stance on the war. The US did prepare plans for an invasion by an expeditionary force to capture the island, and at various times the US and Britain established blockades. For instance, from July to November 1940, the British cruisers HMS Trinidad and HMS Dunedin maintained a watch to ensure that the French aircraft carrier Bearn and the other French naval vessels in Martinique did not slip away to Europe.In June 1940, the French cruiser Émile Bertin arrived in Martinique with 286 tons of gold from the Bank of France. The original intent was that Bank's gold reserve go to Canada for safekeeping, and a first shipment did go there. When France signed an armistice with Germany, plans changed and the second shipment was rerouted to Martinique. When it arrived in Martinique, Admiral Robert arranged for the storage of the gold in Fort Desaix. Émile Bertin then stayed at Fort de France until Martinique declared for Charles DeGaulle and the Free French forces. Essentially, in late 1941, Admiral Robert agreed to keep the French naval vessels immobilized, in return for the Allies not bombarding and invading the French Antilles.In mid-1943, Admiral Robert returned to France via Puerto Rico and Lisbon, and Free French sympathizers took control of the gold at Fort Desaix and the French fleet.In 1944, the American film director Howard Hawks directed Humphrey Bogart, Lauren ...