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  • DJ Ty C mix
  • Dj Ty C havin a blast on TNPs Deckles Dj Ty - C havin a mix 'n' blend down at TNP's Gaff!!!! FOR FREE Dj Ty - C , Mix 'N' Blend CDs, please visit /dj_ty_c OR Mix 'N' Blend Vol 10 OUT NOW ON MYSPACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO KOP IT!! RELEASE FOR VOL 10 IS JAN 2009
  • Papermaking Homestead Mill & Studio demo for crafts and fun with paper making.
  • Nightmovements BIRMINGHAM Drum and Bass / 4x4 BASSLINE EVENT LIVE MC'S !!! Massive video recorded live from OC's Nightclub in Birmingham, featuring live MC's and the baddest DJ's on the deckles! Drum and Bass Styley!!! Shouts to everyone involved. Alpha, Insane, Princey, Haza, Treebus all nightmovements crew. NIGHTMOVEMENTS.
  • The Jaffe Center for Book Arts at Florida Atlantic University The Jaffe Center for Book Arts revolves around a central gallery, which houses the Jaffe Collection. Exhibitions, gallery talks, films and performances, and our popular Book Arts 101 presentations all take place inside the gallery in the midst of this inspiring collection of artists' books. The Book Arts Studio is our setting for teaching workshops and classes in bookbinding, book structures, paper decoration, and other such topics. It includes comfortable work stations, board shears, and numerous nipping presses, in the company of monumental Leonard Baskin woodcuts. We're pretty confident we have one of the nicest printshops around. The Letterpress Studio is housed in the room that originally held the Jaffe Collection, painted in warm terra cotta with maple floors. Equipment includes a Vandercook 4 proof press, a Potter proof press and a tabletop platen press, all from the twentieth century. A nine***th century Wesel iron handpress is the central feature in the room. Most of the printing equipment was a gift to us from Brien and Beverly Varnado of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The Letterpress Studio also houses a collection of mid-twentieth century advertising cuts (a gift to us from Lee Kline of Miami) that represents somewhat of a graphic design history of 1950s to 1970s Miami. There is also a growing collection of wood and metal types, and numerous reference books on printing and the book arts. Two wireless Apple iMacs, complete with the latest versions of Adobe ...
  • Luang Prabang, Laos. Village Sa Paper Produciton There are several Sa paper makers working from their homes in the village of Ban Xang Khong in Laos. Each small scale enterprise has a series of deckles and mounds which are used in conjunction with a tub of water. The bark of the Sa tree is soaked and boiled in water until the fibres break apart. Then the fibre is mixed in clean water and floated onto a deckle and mould. The wet paper is decorated with leaves, flowers and petals before setting in the sun to dry. Sa paper production is an important income for these families. Sa paper products from these small scale enterprises is available from .au
  • Baby Joker On Decks This is me pon da deckles murkin it wen iv jus learnt
  • Playtime in the Typography Laboratory I just want my own paper mill with my own cylinder printing press, my own collection of California Job Cases, wells of ox gall, photopolymer plates, felt sheets, vats of slurry pulp solutions, wood cuts, composing sticks, molds and deckles! Is that too much to ask for? I think not. I think not, my friends. * This video was a bit of fun after I finished printing some broadsides for Naomi Shihab Nye's poem, Hidden. If you're quick, you can catch a glimpse of one left on the Vandercook. "The Heart of a Cat" - Ergo Phizmiz
  • heavy owns spy the heavy owns the spy