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  • Member Julia Dresch Picture Name daydreaming stock images from tragicstock deviantart com almudena stock deviantart com aleeka stock deviantart com sheisprettystock deviantart com ro stock deviantart com chulii
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  • Member Elaine Vaucher Picture Name Daydreaming Bride taking some time out to daydream a little
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  • Feel the wrath of my bunny ToS stamp =D Background credit to Karis Stamp credit to Rikku Chick
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  • tranquilitatis far away in the eastern range Killgard Manor
  • And I d better stop there because I know Angel is chomping at the bit to see them hope she likes them
  • And here s a gorgeous layout from Crystal using Calico Harvest And here are three adorable little hybrid tags from Kim using various Sugarplum Goodies Aren t these adorable
  • Think your wall is too small Try our Trimming Tool See enlarged image
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  • this gorgeous paper by spraying inks over our templates onto watercolor paper After it dried we traced Trendy Bracket TCW147 and cut it out making our own diecut paper cool Quilters LOVE our Stencils Look at what Gail Ellspermann did with our Botanicals Stencil TCW80
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  • chinatown 20wishing 20well Date 11 28 2005 daydreaming Date 11 28 2005
  • Feel the warmth of the sun hug your body and let your thoughts run free as you begin to daydream Identity Map
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  • Sasha Montiljo <font size=6>Daydreaming
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  • Gouws photos and I cannot tell you how much I love these photos I took of A in the midst of the yellow wild flowers The editing is why I m a little slack on the blogging front this week but I m trying out Lightroom over the next week to see if it ll speed up my processing as much as other photographers
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  • I did a TON of stuff in April but the best piece I did is this
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  • Thank you to our clients for letting us show off your site
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  • Cam'Ron - Daydreaming ft. Tiffany Music video by Cam'Ron performing Daydreaming. (C) 2002 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
  • Day Dreaming Lil Dre About Lil' Dre Lil Dre a 14 old Navajo Boy from Shiprock,NM has been "Rockin The Mic" ever since he was age 7. Dre will be coming out with a full-length EPsome time in November 2008. The album will feature artist like D' Roc (Famous for compilations with 3-6 Mafia, Johnnie Gee, and will include the smash hit songs "Daydreamin" and Cutie Pie". Lil' Dre has done shows from Florida to Alaska. He won the several awards for the song "Daydreamin" at the Native American Music Awards. Look at /_stance for all Lil Dre's show schedule's. Lil' Dre music has clean lyrics and hot beats, The beats are produced by producer Johnnie Gee, and other major music producers in the industry,. All Lil' Dre's shows are awesome and will teaming up with Sidetraxx Digital Distribution, and Sidetraxx Records to publish his next EP, due to drop in November 2008, Lil' Dre has already sold over 60000 units on his shows throughout the Native reservations and Pow Wows. Celebrated for his dynamic brew of rap and hip-hop, Lil Dre, 14, also known as Leandreth Kellywood, of Shiprock, NM on the Navajo Nation, was presented with the 2005 Native American Music Rising Star award. Dre said the best part of the Florida adventure was the ZZ Top concert and watching other youths enjoy the Native showcase from New Mexico. For Dre, it was a chance to work with other Native youths and learn from one another. Dre said his courage and inspiration to perform came from the desire to inspire other youths ...
  • Tamia Day Dreaming a cover of Aretha Franklin's Day Dreaming on Tamia's album Between Friends Lyrics Day dreamin' and I'm thinkin' of you Day dreamin' and I'm thinkin' of you Day dreamin' and I'm thinkin' of you Day dreamin' and I'm thinkin' of you Look at my mind floating away He's the kind of guy that would say Hey baby let's get away let's go some place, huh'' Where I don't care He's the kind of guy that you give your everything And trust your heart, share all of your love, till death do us part I want to be what he wants when he wants it, and whenever he needs it And whenever he's lonesome and love starved I'll be there to feed it I'm lovin' him a little bit more each day He turns me right on when I hear him say (Hey baby let's get away, let's go somewhere far (Baby can we) Where I don't care (Hey baby let's get away, let's go somewhere far (Baby can we) Where I don't care [Day Dreaming lyrics on ] I wanna be what he wants when he wants it And whenever he needs it And whenever he's lonesome and loved starved I'll be there to feed it I'mLovin him a little bit more each day It turns me right on when I hear him say (Hey baby let's get away, let's go somewhere oh) (Baby can we) Where, I don't care (Hey baby let's get away, let's go somewhere oh) (Baby can we) Where, I don't care Hey baby let's get away, let's go somewhere oh (Baby can we) Where, I don't care I'm lovin' him a little bit more each day Turns me right on when I hear him say Day dreamin' and I'm thinkin' of ...
  • Dionne Warwick - Daydreaming (FW 1972) Dionne singing Aretha's classic on Fl!p
  • Keke Wyatt-Daydreaming Daydreaming is a song from Keke Wyatt's NEW ALBUM ''Who Knew''!!!!!!
  • Back-On - A Day Dreaming Back-On - A Day Dreaming uh. if you want songs from me PM Me cuz i dont really go back and look at the comments x_x give me your email ill send it to you like omg. o_o WEEEEE LYRICS O_O ENG: (idk if thier like funky or we x_x) For example, if you were by my side And about to crumble over something I'd probably secretly offer my hand Without saying a word I want to always gaze at the miracle Happening beneath this sky The sunlight comin' through a window The focus point still looks kind of off I don't want to wake up, because I want to dream a little longer Even though I really love this moment, to me You seem to be a sleepin' mermaid, right up to your fingertips Stay with me; I want to smile brightly and just stay by your side... Though I can't say anything But trite words right now, Everything just as it is Envelops my heart What kind of future can I see Inside of flowing time? We will always Believe in tomorrows drawn with hope When you are covered in darkness I'll become your light--I'm not afraid A lot of time went by, I wish we could stay this way, I dream of the future If I shed tears, it's from laughing so hard, so together we'll make up the vivid color Unpretentious words for you: I wanna be with you... I want to forever embrace A kindness so gentle it overflows Though I can't say anything But trite words right now, Everything just as it is Envelops my heart Because I want to keep dearly protecting Forever, inside my breast How I was able to meet you Underneath ...
  • Kid Sister - Daydreaming | Download on iTunes from 19th April Check out the video for Kid Sister's amazing new single 'Daydreaming' - available on iTunes from 19th April.
  • Kid Sister - Daydreaming (Telephoned Dreams Version) Download at Telephoned's take on the new Kid Sister single. Switching the beat up into a summery jam, Maggie Horn weaves in lyrics and melodies from The Cranberries' classic "Dreams"
  • Massive Attack - Daydreaming Music video by Massive Attack performing Daydreaming.
  • Middle Brother (formerly MG&V) 1st Performance at SXSW 2010 "Daydreaming" Indie Super Group Middle Brother (formerly MG&V) with their debut performance at the Ale House in Austin, Texas during SXSW 2010 with 'Daydreaming'. Middle Brother features John McCauley - frontman of Deer Tick, Taylor Goldsmith - frontman of Dawes and Matt Vasquez - frontman of Delta Spirit. The album comes out in March. Check out Rock of the Arts web site at ....Follow Rock of the Arts on twitter at http
  • Tatyana Ali -DayDreaming A great video tatyana ali made awhile back you go girl im glad your coming back with more music
  • Daydreaming... This is an exaggeration on the difference between my 'real' life and my hang gliding life. I am not that depressed in real life :) but I do daydream about it a lot. I love the challenge, seeing new places from a different perspective, meeting people I connect with and having too much fun! Thanks to Gar O'Hara for helping me out so mcuh with the filming!
  • Middle Brother - Day Dreaming Middle Brother @ The Troubadour. First show in LA Invisible Children Benefit Show Middle Brother features singers from Dawes, Deer Tick & Delta Spirit
  • Daydreaming (Pop/Rnb/Hip-Hop Fantasy Beat 2011) [Free Download] All Rights Reserved © Neogentv Productions/ shong Instrumental Album: Finding Me Thanks for watching this video sorry I couldn't records a pattern video some thing went wrong with my camtasia studio 7. Cool rnb/pop beat I made I hope you like it please comment thumbs up and subscribe if you like the video. You can use the beat, aslong as you mention me as the producer, and as long as the final track is not for sale. The Vsti I Use Were: ReFx Nexus Orchestral Morphine NI Massive Emu Planet Phatt Hip Hop Pure Bass 4 Street Bass Sawer String Vst Sytrus Download Link : Free beat Video Updates on Facebook:
  • Maria Zouroudis- Daydreaming (original) DL this song on iTunes or Amazon here: In the spirit of Valentine's.. Wrote this song for my single people!! If you have someone in mind or if you're waiting for someone to come into your life...know that awesomeness awaits you!! Dont stress the lonely. Rock out your single swag and smile for the future! -Maria Maria ps. special present for all my valentines (you guys) at the end LOL!! pss. inspired by one of my all-time favorite albums. ---- OFFICIAL- FACEBOOK- http TWITTER- MYSPACE- ITUNES- Business Inquiries: info@ Video Edit by: MZ (shoutout to G-NIUS for help with the text!!) ----------- [© Lyrics written by: MZ] Boy, you've got my caught up in a daze (waiting) Just one word is all that it's gonna take (to have me baby) But 'til we meet I'll be imagining (over and over) Scenarios how our love could go someday (chorus) But daydreaming is all that I can do 'Til I can get close to you Each day gone feels like eternity I'm waiting for your love come set me free I've planned every moment passed hello (so amazing) The words you'll say, the places that we'll go (together we're better baby) Take me past my dreams and I'll show you The best love you've ever had for sure (chorus) Lost inside my mind Are these visions of us But I'm ready to find out What you're like beyond them So bring your love to me I wanna be set free cuz I'm a prisoner to my daydreams
  • Lovin' Spoonful - Daydream
  • Doris Day - Daydreaming Doris Day sings Daydreaming with The Andre Previn Trio Photo's from The Doris Day Show
  • Kid Loco - She Woolf Daydreaming Kid Loco She woolf daydreaming official video (2000).
  • Red Light Stereo - Daydreaming (Official Video) The debut music video for the band's first single off their EP. An iKind Media Production 2011
  • Massive Attack - Blue Lines - Daydreaming Massive Attack: Blue Lines: song:Daydreaming
  • Daydream Believer The Monkees Need more music in your life? Download Music 100% **FREE** and 100% Legal with no restrictions by clicking the link in the description box below. Its like Napster, but LEGAL! and the link reads: download-mp3-4 "Daydream Believer" is a song composed by John Stewart. The song has been done by The Monkees and released in 1967 on the B side of Going Down. The song has been covered also by The Birds and The Bees. The song by the Monkees went to number 1 but was over taken by The Beatles' Hello Goodbye. Davy Jones is the lead singer and the song (this version) is most recognised by it's humourous beginning: Chip Douglas: "7A" (referring to the take of the song) Davy Jones: "What number is this, Chip?" Chip Douglas and others (annoyed): "7A!" Davy Jones: "Okay. I mean, don't get excited, man. Just 'cause I'm short, I know."
  • Back-On - A Day Dreaming.... one of the many awsome Back-On songs lol
  • Dusty Springfield - Daydreaming Artist: Dusty Springfield Songwriters: Neil Tennant / Chris Lowe Album: Reputation & Rarities Song: Daydreaming (you gotta wake up) You don't commit to me You won't make a start You don't tell me no You haven't got the heart You sit in a chair Or you lie in bed With a faraway stare And a swollen head Well, listen here my lover I have had enough And I can tell you brother I could fall in love With someone who Looks a lot like you But gets up and does What he's thinking of I can't wait another day I can give and I can take There's a choice you have to make So many times things pass you by Imagination running wild You've got to start choosing right from wrong Instead of daydreaming all day long I want to catch a plane To an open space I want to feel the sun Shining on my face But time is short And waiting is long And my patience is exhausted I'm just not that strong I want to see the parade You wanna watch tv So we don't do either It's insanity You say there's plenty of time And life is good So you never make your mind up Well you never could I can ask you when or why And you'll look up to the sky The parade is marching by So many times things pass you by Imagination running wild You've got to start choosing right from wrong Instead of daydreaming all day long Daydreaming, oh, oh, daydreaming, daydreaming You gotta wake up, you gotta wake up (leave me alone I'm only dreaming) You gotta wake up, you gotta wake up (leave me alone I'm only dreaming) You gotta wake up, you gotta ...
  • Daydreaming Ralph Phillips day dreams he is a bird during math class
  • The Subway Time - A Daydreaming Aniboom Animation by Li Dongzhen Made as a graduation project for the Beijing Film Academy, this is an unusual story of love at first sight, taking place on the subway. Check out more at See Li Dongzhen's Aniboom Profile: Follow Aniboom: Facebook: Twitter: MySpace: Aniboom Blog:
  • 032 - Dark Dark Dark - Daydreaming Download at
  • Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin' Lupe Fiasco's 'Daydreamin'' video featuring Jill Scott
  • Dark Dark Dark - Daydreaming (Official Video) Dark Dark Dark - "Daydreaming", from the album "Wild Go", available for purchase (CD/Vinyl/MP3) at DAYDREAMING AVAILABLE ON UK iTUNES! PURCHASE "DAYDREAMING" ON iTUNES US - Written by Nona Marie Invie and Dark Dark Dark Video Credits: Jonathan Kaiser - Director; Sam Hoolihan - Director of Photography; Annika Kaplan - Styling; Lindsay Rhyner - Marching Uniforms;
  • Giovanni Sollima - Sogno ad Occhi Aperti (Daydream) PART 1 Directed by Lasse Gjertsen Copyrights: Casa Musicale Sonzogno, Milan, 2007 This is a music video for the italian cellist Giovanni Sollima, on two of his compositions; "Terra Aria" and "Concerto Rotondo". Enjoy! So this is the project I've been working on for the last 5 months, and heres how part 1 of it is made: On the six arms parts, which by the way took most of the time to make, I filmed Sollima playing the different layers of cello after each other. I then edited the video frame by frame in Photoshop (remember, it's 25 frames per second of video), cutting his arms out from the other layers and pasting it on top, matching the movement of the cello. This was done ca 4000 times, by myself. The clouds were actually filmed in my backyard, sped up 1250 times. The birds we're filmed in my town, Larvik, Norway on clear blue sky, so that I could use blue screen keying to put them on top of the clouds. It's hard to notice, but the birds are moving in half speed slow motion. I also had to stabilize the motion of the birds, since I filmed it with handhelt camcorder. The sequence was cut together using After Effects and Premiere. The forest, river sequence was photographed in a forest in Arona, Italy. I took a picture ca. every five meters, and morphed the images together using WinMorph, matching the pace of the music. The zooming sequence is very hard to explain. Basically, the first 8 seconds after it starts zooming and when you see Mr Sollima's face is real ...
  • Penny Ford - Daydreaming (Audio only) Daydreaming by Penny Ford from her 1993 release "Penny Ford". Penny Ford was born in Cincinnati and is the sister of singer Sharon Redd. Penny has sung backup for the Gap Band and for her good friend Chaka Khan.
  • Eyeshield 21-ed5 A Day Dreaming....wmv Eyeshield 21-ed5 A Day Dreaming....
  • Jonah Lehrer on the Surprising Benefits of Daydreaming Complete Premium video at: Author and WIRED contributing editor Jonah Lehrer discusses the surprising benefits of daydreaming, and questions whether ubiquitous access to the Internet negatively affects the ability to let one's mind wander. "Now, every time I get even a little bit bored ... I check my email for the millionth time that day," says Lehrer. "I lose myself in my 3-inch screen, instead of exploring the usual process of daydreaming." ----- This excerpt is taken from a program titled, "Your Brain on the Internet: Digital Intelligence," featuring Nicholson Baker, Jaron Lanier, Jonah Lehrer, Elizabeth Phelps, and Daniel Zalewski. Jonah Lehrer is an author and journalist who writes often about neuroscience and psychology. He has published two books, "Proust Was a Neuroscientist," about the connections between science and the humanities, and "How We Decide," about the brain and decision-making. He has written for The New Yorker about the science of insight and about the psychology of delayed gratification.
  • Daydream I'm daydreaming! What a beautiful summer's day! Furthermore, I had LASIK surgery on my eyes! No more glasses! Woohoo! :D
  • Aretha Franklin - Day Dreaming "Day Dreaming"
  • What a Day for a Daydream - The Lovin' Spoonful 293178q8vcx67 Learn Guitar! Feed me!
  • Kyla - Daydreaming - Funky House - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - HD Here is Kyla's latest video for her club smash - Daydreaming. Video produced by The Digital Holdings & FrSH Entertainment. Directed by Jak FrSH.
  • Top 5 JD Daydreams With an honorable mention
  • Daydream Group-produced animation in the style of William Kentridge. These charcoal drawings, erased and redrawn, produced a fantastic, beautiful short about an everyman daydreaming. Art school creation.
  • Rollercone - Daydreaming Amazing
  • Kid sister-Daydreaming (Feat. Cee-Lo) Kid Sister- Daydreaming Feat. Cee-Lo from Ultraviolet for more kid sis:
  • Mila's Daydreams "While my baby is taking her nap, I try to imagine her dream and capture it." Mom and dad goes crazy with the baby pictures. Photography: Adele Enersen ( Music: Lasse Enersen (, song: Watching The Stars With You - Mau)
  • Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin (Typography Art) Lupe Fiasco - Daydreamin (Typography Art) from Lupe fiasco album food and liquor, the cool school art project enjoy!!!