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  • Dodger Game Rivalry with the Giants Main article: Dodgers-Giants rivalry The historic and heated rivalry between the Dodgers and the Giants is more than a century old, and is the longest rivalry in baseball history, having begun when both clubs played in New York City (the Dodgers in Brooklyn and the Giants in Manhattan). When both franchises moved to California in 1958, the rivalry was easily transplanted with them, as the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco have long been rivals in economic, cultural, and political arenas throughout the history of the State of California. "Uncle Robbie" and the "Daffiness Boys" Manager Wilbert Robinson, another former Oriole, popularly known as "Uncle Robbie," restored the Brooklyn team to respectability, with his "Brooklyn Robins" winning pennants to reach the 1916 and 1920 World Series, losing both, but contending perennially for several seasons. Charles Ebbetts and Ed McKeever died within a week in 1925, and Robbie was named president while still field manager. Upon assuming the title of president, however, Robinson's ability to focus on the field declined, and the teams of the late 1920s were often fondly referred to as the "Daffiness Boys" for their distracted, error-ridden style of play. Outfielder Babe Herman was the leader both in hitting and in zaniness. After his removal as club president, Robinson returned to managing, and the club's performance rebounded somewhat. At this time, the only other person with Dodger stock was Steve ...
  • VLOG 02-16-10- (055) Marthe's Birthday!!! Cake, Music, and Greek Food!!! Billys Twitter: Marthes Twitter:
  • BlastfromthePastPart02 Part 01 show Bluefirewitch's daffiness, (Including her saying she was an ENGLISH Major!!!) And Part 02 is her being ripped a new ***, before Amber ripped her a newer ***.