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  • daffy and daffier allison dancing at 6 flags with the duck
  • SEVEN LITTLE POLAR BEARS HARRY RESER TOM STACKS - HORSES - ROARING 20'S VICTROLA RADIOLA.MP4 One of the daffier songs in a decade already filled with zany tunes! Harry Reser and Tom Stacks are in their usual fine form on this great American classic, rivaling the finest compositions from Chopin or Beethoven! I wish I could visit this Half Price Book Store every week! A friend of mine who lives in Dallas and has a fine collection says every record he has has come from this store on Northwest Highway!
  • Sleepless Creeps Guess what? It's a new Killa and Dednyz show, and happy birthday, Marley! It was last night that we made it, so this is rather fresh considering I usually stall like mad before uploading anything. In this episode, sleep deprivation kicks in and we act a bit daffier than usual. Enjoy, trolls!