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  • (He's Not) Coconut Shy- live An introspective ditty about the size and range of the male ego. Warmly and vocally received at Slains Castle, Aberdeen, DaffyD came replete with guitar, foot-tambourine, moustache, imperial and accolyte adeptly cracking his nuts. Many thanks to Oddly Olly for nut handling and the onlooking crowd for learning the words so quickly.
  • Rings Around [Episodes]. A mesmerising mini mockumentary momentarily documenting [Episodes]' early and continued success. Filmed on location at the Tunnels and Gordon Street Studios, many thanks go to Rachel and Andy for their anterior and posterior camera work. [Episodes]. are Darren Lee Johnson (Guitar and Vocals); Andrew Aitken (Drums); Daffyd Phillips (Bass)
  • DEL! - press rewind These are all clips i shot over about a period of 2 months or so put together to an awesome track from DEL! tha funkee homosapien - press rewind
  • Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Press Rewind Live @ Slims
  • Nightmares (live) Some very old footage of [Episodes]. in the early gigging days. Apologies for the poor quality of the film but due to the damp conditions of the archives the film was spoiled but the sound tape was as good as ever.
  • Pilot The stable doors have been opened and yet another runaway colt has emerged from the [Episodes]. vault. The same 3 reprobates are playing with their instruments for your aural pleasure. Enjoyment is implicit. You have been warmed...
  • Funk Huts- By Dee Pee Fraser A bit of retro junk funk from Fingers Phil. All original music and photos by yours truly.
  • Ghekko A tribute to Chameleon by Herbie Han***. Written and arranged by D. Phillips. Drums, percussion, electric piano, bass and guitars by Daffeed. Visuals courtesy of Nullsoft Winamp.
  • The Trip Trap Game played live @ Cellar35 Upon day release from the secure unit, DaffyD manages to mildly amuse an Aberdeen crowd. Big up Andrew "Animal" Aitken for the gaffa tape/horn interfacing. Mouth trumpet by Phillips patented vocords and lips. No sitars were used during this performance
  • Daff with Big Dogs ! Ooloo daffed with a big Afghan hound and Pudgy challenged a bulldog to fight !
  • Del The Funky Homosapien - Press Rewind / Lyrics [Del The Funky Homosapien - 1st Verse] Check my comprehensive catalog of crafts I'm daffed I battle all like I don't have it all Avant-garde Battlestar Galactica Got rhymes per capita I'm shining through the aperture But I'm not gonna bust no caps for ya (nah) That's another genre I'm the...
  • How do u bloomin do that this is a pic i did using MS Paint GIMP and a base. u can fined the pic here hope u all like it and can lern from it i dont oun anything. so dont sue me. im brok any way
  • Playing for New York (The IC: Director's Cut)- Part 1 Arbitrary footage of New York cobbled together to form a plot based loosely on my perfidious attempts to procure a guitar for my only gig on the North American continent- so far... Written, directed, edited and produced by DaffyD. Starring DaffyD and AndyHT. Music from Chicago, Ben Folds Five, Jurassic 5/Yazoo, Happy Mondays/ACDC, Mansun, Blur, Paris Connection, Jean-Jacques Perrey and, of course, Isaac Hayes.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (live) Another classic performance from the [Episodes]. archive. Note the use of pinch harmonics, the truculent dancing of the ecstatic crowd and the uncanny ability of the singer to disappear at will. Vocals and lead guitar: Darren Lee Johnson Bass guitar and bass guitar: Daffyd C. Phillips Drums and percussion (drums): Andrew A. Aitken (no relation) Song by Cyndi "just wanting to be left alone" Lauper
  • Oakland Raiders Raiders Vs.Jets
  • stunt nobhead my mate pissed up thinking hes a stuntman
  • Gnossiennes No 1 La premiere des Gnossiennes par Erik Satie. Piano, synthesiser, classical guitar, arrangement, photography and production by Dee Fraser.
  • The Frank Spencer Edinburgh Explosion A 10 minute tour-de-force documenting a mildly successful, semi-spontaneous road trip to Edinburgh- some 150 miles from Aberdeen. Note the clever use of symbolism that only happened during the final edit as well as the award-winning sound track taped off the radio. Enjoy.
  • Octopus vulgaris Latest video from [Episodes]. stable. Had to resort to black and white line drawings due to the film degradation in the Gordon Street Studios' basement. Morton Harket would have been proud.
  • Playing for New York (The IC: Director's Cut)- Part 2 See Part 1:
  • Re: Ma Camerons Aberdeen with FUBAR Sanctuary and 20th Century Boy Video Cam Direct Upload