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  • Cribbling Workshop PT.2 In this video Mare Jockey uses her expert Cribbling knowledge to decode Cribbles.
  • Cribbling with Mare Jockey PT.1 Mare Jockey introduces Cribbling and its ethos.
  • Silverstien Smile In Your Sleep I was bored so I made another sim vid =DI forgot to credit the custom content SORRY I'll say right now...Sim Cribbling (sintones) Helaene (most of the eyes) the glorious Mod The Sims 2 (shining light from above) (the male hair and ALL the walls and floors) [and I am utterly sorry but I have no Idea where the dress or dressy suit came from X(]PLEAZ COMMENT AND RATE
  • GodFather Theme Tabs For Guitar Pro This Is my First Video ! Download link for GP5 : Tabbed By Me (CribblinG) Thanks for watching !