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  • contrary (comparative more contrary, superlative most contrary) to contrary (third-person singular simple present contraries, present participle contrarying, simple past and past participle contraried). — “contrary - Wiktionary”,
  • The text is given in full and normally runs to several pages. deceitful balance in his hand, pretendeth great righteousness, in contrarying the ancient doctrine of the holy mother church, and. — “Arundel `s Prohibition”,
  • Watch Daily Debrief: Can the SS Yahoo steer past the shoals? videos on CNET TV: After a series of high-profile resignations at Yahoo, Charles Cooper and CNET 's Editor-in-chief Dan Farber assess how senior management is likely to respond. Is there a contrarying case to be made here?. — “Daily Debrief: Can the SS Yahoo steer past the shoals? video”,
  • Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. And I'm drawing very few - contrarying the only "commandment" of the big pro artists that are outside that obscure, almost SECRET books from. — “igorcbarros on deviantART”,
  • Amissio. Overall a very bad portent. More In the seventh House Amissio giveth an adulterous wife, and contrarying her husband with continual contention; nevertheless she shall not live long; and it causeth contentions to be ended. — “Amissio - Geomancy Interpretation”, psychic-
  • Shakespeare Sonnets Text with commentary All 154 sonnets Love Poetry Thomas Wyatt, poems With words and cheer so contrarying, Sweet and sour counterweighing ; Too much it were still to endure ;. — “The amazing web site of Shakespeare's Sonnets. Thomas Wyatt”, shakespeares-
  • Author Sandra Worth's essays on Richard III and Anthony Woodville, the Queen's brother. Me contrarying, What may I guess?" The following day he was taken to Pontefract and on June 25th he was beheaded along with Richard Grey and King Edward's tutor, Thomas Vaughn. — “Historical novelist Sandra Worth · Richard III and the”,
  • Calvin's Commentaries, Vol 36: Acts, Part I, full text etext at sacred- And when the Jews saw the multitudes, they were filled with indignation, and spake against those things which were spoken by Paul, contrarying [contradicting] them, and blaspheming them. 42. — “Calvin's Commentaries, Vol. 36: Acts, Part I: Acts 13:42-45”, sacred-
  • The Wars of the Roses (1455–1489) were a series of civil wars fought over the throne of England between adherents of the House of Lancaster and the House of York. Both Me contrarying, What may I guess? I fear, doubtless, Remediless. Is. — “Wars of the Roses - Wikiquote”,
  • Let me tell you what "contrarying Scriptures" is – it is denying what is in accordance to In other words, YOU are contrarying Scriptures for you call the G12 movement "false. — “wooQ: A Response to Yaevlejunce Concerning the G12 Model”,
  • I belong to the Bishop of Peterborough, on whom I gave attendance both in court and at his consecration at Lambeth and by reason his lordship Bartlett and many others; the wind somewhat contrarying us, we were forced to tide it. — “Part 4 of Documents on Thomas Walker's plot against Tyrone in”,
  • Sometime shortly before Christmas in 1880 while we were still living in Warriors Mark, he came in one evening in an abrupt manner and spoke that he wanted me to quit contrarying him, and at the same time drew a revolver from his pocket. He held the revolver toward me. — “The Shank, Shoup, Patterson, and Brandon Families”,
  • What is the least number of moves necessary to transfer the keys of the first arrangement into the other arrangement? I'm still trying (whenever I have time), and contrarying other(s) comment(s), I think this is a nice and challenging puzzle. — “ :: Games : Telephone thing”,
  • Even further, papers by mas Garin in the paper (KOMPAS) on contrarying the Akademi Fantasi with the General Election in the term of "TECHNO-POLITICAL" issues. I would like to have you read a methodical paper here by Prof. Jane Werther from University. — “kunci-l : Message: FREE *** and ALTERNATIVE IDOL as CULTURAL”,
  • For seven in weeks in a row, you've voted fitness coach Tommy Tucker as the ***iest man on Manhunt Daily. At this point, he's broken the record for I won't accept arguments contrarying my assertion from anyone: non-white or white. — “Manhunt Daily - The Ten: Can Tommy Tucker Ever Be Defeated?”,
  • Louisiana Society of Certified Public Managers. P.O. Box 44021. Baton Rouge, LA 70804. 2003 should have a conflict to seek a resolution (contrarying opinion) –point/counterpoint. — “Louisiana Society of Certified Public Managers Report”,
  • His name (from the root vi-dûsh) derives from the abusive, contrarying, deforming nature of his speech. vikâsa 'expansion' - Trika technical term for the spiritual process opposed/complementary to sankoca. Refers to the universalization of Consciousness. — “Abhinavagupta's Conception of Humor - Glossary”,
  • proves how dismissive is the system of contrarying viewpoints. The supporters of the preference system continually advocate the view. that VPTP doesn't. — “RogerE. DeshonEsqr 073824 2981 Phone IFAX”,
  • I've been advised by our best-selling author to use "eadem" (fem. No, I am not contrarying anything, except for liberalism and leftie libertarianism being the beacon of personal freedom. — “*2005-06 ARCHIVE* FOR neomenia | new middle ages”,
  • "Reyce, in his 'Breviary', writes: 'I have heard that in ancient time there was a mine of gold oare about Banketon (Bacton) in Hertismere Hundred, but the experience of this dayly so much contrarying the same, made mee to receive it but as an unprobable heare say'." Badley: Secret tunnel. — “Hidden East Anglia”,
  • And when the Sabbath was come, almost the whole city was gathered to hear the word of God. 45. And when the Jews saw the multitudes, they were filled with indignation, and spake against those things which were spoken by Paul, contrarying [contradicting] them, and blaspheming them. — “Commentary on Acts - Volume 1 | Christian Classics Ethereal”,
  • 11 letter words beginning with C: cabbagetown, cabbageworm, cabbalistic contrarying. contrasting. contrastive. contravened. contravener. contravenes. contrayerva. contrecoups. contredance. contredanse. contretemps. contributed. contributes. contributor. contristing. contritions. contrivable. contrivance. contrivedly. — “11 letter C words : 11 letter words beginning with C”,
  • Dipòsit Digital de Documents de la UAB Search Results. by A. U. Stylow and H. Gimeno in this journal, contrarying their conclusions about the remissio of cenae publicae and the existence of sacerdotiae. — “UAB Digital Repository of Documents: Search Results”,


  • Response To Donny Reagan In a sermon entitled "Without Understanding," preached March 6, 2013, cult pastor Donnie Reagan preached an entire half of a sermon on "confusion." I say con...