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  • Damn It Feels Good to be Banker -- A Wall Street Musical Bankers vs. Consultants. Contact: [email protected] An LSO and Portal A Interactive Production. www.portal- http -- get the book by Leveraged Sell-Out. mp3 @
  • First IT Consultant Here is rare footage of the first IT consultant! Enjoy
  • Marketing Tips: Raising prices by 55X while Increasing Sales Get More Video at In this video, Aziz shows how you can increase your prices exponentially while increasing the amount of customers purchasing your products
  • NSFW: The Cloud Computing Consultant Hypothetical discussion between a cloud consultant and his client. It's a joke that may or may not have any connection with reality so don't take it too seriously.Inspired by "social media expert" skit.
  • IT Professionals - IT Consultant Interview with an independent IT Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant Marketing Consultant Secrets outlines 5 important aspects of online marketing strategy that should be used by all small business owners. Watch the video to get a brief overview, and then register for the free course at our website above.
  • Best Marketing Strategies used by Apple, Microsoft, Google & Walmart Aziz Ali Hacks Apple's marketing strategy and Gmail's marketing ideas. How to win customers, loyalty and Influence the world 4 Principals used by Billion Dollar companies, which are easily adaptable by any start-up, mom-n-pop shops, mid size to large organization. Aziz has founded a closed tribe of entrepreneurs and shares some great free tools and copy-paste marketing strategies any business can use here: Marketing Techniques and Business Strategy are a few powerful leverages any business can use to achieve exponential growth and profits. So called Internet Marketing Consultants and Social Media Marketers are following the crowd and doing nothing productive, hence loosing 100 hours/month on average.
  • Former Nintendo (America) Game Consultant - Howard Phillips - Interview Old school Nintendo players remembers this guy. His name is Howard Phillips former Nintendo (America)game consultant / Former Senior Editor of Nintendo Fun Club News which later revamped into the famous "Nintendo Power" Magazine. In this clip features a news program taped in the early-1990s doing expose on the "bow-tie wearing red-head GameMaster". To learn more about Howard Phillips - check out:
  • Watchmen science consultant Jim Kakalios interview An extended interview with the upcoming Warner Brothers movie science consultant Jim Kakalios. The University of Minnesota professor talks about everything from his book, "The Physics of Superheroes," to his discovery of comic books to an explanation why Gwen Stacy died in the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman. Vote for Jim! He's up for a Webby Award, which you can vote for here:
  • Interview of Deepak Bansal, SEO Consultant, on National TV Deepak Bansal, one of the most experienced and successful Internet Marketing Consultant, was interviewed by National TV, India. He has proven to be world wide leader in the domain of internet marketing at a young age of 24. His Company "Clearpath Technology" with a team of over 225 professionals, handling over 2000 websites, is the biggest ever company in the domain of internet marketing, search engine optimization and web development.
  • SMBC Theater - Health Consultant! James reviews his health insurance options. www.smbc- Written and Created by Zach Weiner and James Ashby Executive Producers: Zach Weiner, Marty Weiner, James Ashby Co-EPs: Angel Askins and Chason Chaffin Producer: John-Paul Nickel Assistant Producers: Jon Brence and Colin Horan Directed by: Marque Franklin Williams Starring: JAmes - James Ashby Health Consultant - Zach Weiner
  • Virtual Recruiter Training: How to become a consultant Virtual Recruiter and career coach Training, How to become a consultant