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  • Learn Photoshop Elements - Colorize Black and White Photos This tutorial covers two methods of colorizing your black and white images. Method 1: 1. Create adjustment layers. 2. Fill with adjustment layer with black. 3. Click colorize tick box. 4. Paint desired areas with white. Method 2: 1. Create new layer. 2. Select color and paint on layer. 3. Change blending mode to soft light. 4. Decrease layer opacity. Cheers.
  • Doctor Photo restoration, Photo retouching and gift ideas 3 Photo restoration, Photo retouching This short video shows how you can transform a photo for facebook or an album cover, using photo restoration, colourising and photo retouching techniques. Visit doctor for all your photo needs including photo gift ideas, photo restoration, photo retouching, photo repairs, photo touchup, colourising and much more.
  • Canon EOS Kiss X4 aka Rebel T2i EF-S 1080/29.97 Handheld, Stabilizer on, manual focus
  • T2i Sample Video Canon T2i, 50mm 1.8
  • Elvis Tennessee Quarters Ever since his tragic death 25 years ago in 1977, Elvis fans and coin collectors alike have been petitioning for an official Elvis Presley commemorative coin. Finally, on the 25th anniversary of his death in 2002, their dreams have come true and Elvis is set to make history again -- not just once, but many times over. When the US Mint issued the Tennessee State Quarter pursuant to an Act of Congress in early 2002, it was hailed as a tribute to Elvis. The musical theme of the one-time-only design instantly made it one of the most popular coins in the series, but it was struck for only about 10 weeks and will never be made again. Now, a very small quantity of out-of-issue Tennessee State Quarters have been set aside for a special set featuring ten classic full-colour portraits of Elvis through the years. The coins are official legal tender in the United States, and the colourised set is being issued in co-operation with Elvis Presley Enterprises. The ten different designs honour the legend of Elvis' amazing career, from his early days of stardom in the 1950's to his untimely death in 1977. Each image was carefully chosen to highlight a different era, and together they represent Elvis as he is known and remembered by millions of fans. Images include Elvis in the movies "JailHouse Rock," "Love Me Tender," "Flaming Star," "Loving You," and "Wild in the Country," as well as in a black leather suit and on his memorable 1970 Fall tour. There is even a special "patriotic" coin ...
  • hitler2010.avi How would Adolf Hitler look if he was around in 2010? Would you recognise a deadly dictator if you saw him tomorrow? This started off as an exercise in colourising old black and whites... but it makes you think doesn't it? If you want any old family photos colourised as a gift, contact me on facebook...
  • Doctor Photo restoration, Photo retouching and gift ideas 5 Photo restoration, Photo retouching, this short video shows how you can transform basic wedding photos into something quite beautiful for a perfect and unique anniversary gift, using photo restoration, colourising and photo retouching techniques. Visit doctor for all your photo needs including photo gift ideas, photo restoration, photo retouching, photo repairs, photo touchup, colourising and much more.
  • canon t2i test footage Magic bullets filter
  • William Hartnell Regenerated Title Sequence Ok here is my attempt at colourising the hartnell title sequence which i think is pritty good iv used element from the tests of the original sequence and colourised a image of hartnell i found online plz leave ur feedback
  • The chill out zone - canon EOS 550 D - Rebel t2i - ............
  • "Canon Eos 550d/T2i" - Slowmotion [HD] Testing the slowmotion with mine camera, I tested it with sony vegas 9 pro! Remeber this is just a test but i hope you enjoyed it. I recorded with 50 fps and edited it to 25fps... And ye, u can see this clip in HD. Please subscribe me for more stuff and please give me a comment :-)
  • doctor photo restoration, Photo retouching and gift ideas 1 Photo restoration, Photo retouching, This short video shows before and after images from basic photos to produce a perfect photo gift for any occasion. Visit doctor for all your photo needs including photo gift ideas, photo restoration, photo retouching, photo repairs, photo touchup, colourising and much more.
  • Swirling ghost energy Here's an early attempt at the swirling ghostly effect for the music video. I think the swirl itself could look ***ier with some work. The path was just quickly plotted to see how it animated; theres potential to make it more interesting or less random or whatever. Colourising is another challenge but im sure it can be worked through. I havent tried to make the particles wrap around the subject as she walks, this might only be possible with green screen but im hoping that duplicating the footage and masking her from the particles would do the same thing...
  • Doctor Photo restoration, Photo retouching and gift ideas 2 Photo restoration, Photo retouching, This short video shows how you can transform a black and white photo into something quite beautiful to commemorate a loved one that has passed on, using photo restoration, colourising and photo retouching techniques. Visit doctor for all your photo needs including photo gift ideas, photo restoration, photo retouching, photo repairs, photo touchup, colourising and much more.
  • Patric Troughton Regenerated Title Sequence Another modified title sequence featuring my first attempt at colourising a sequence and merging the starfields into it this one should be a bit louder the music is a cut of the Razorcuts theme from whomix and troughtons official theme
  • Suga Plum Fairyness Made with the prestigious effects of slow motion and colourising,a rendition of all things prancy
  • demo t2i
  • Cornwall holiday photo's put on DVD Photo's put on DVD with text, transitions and music. Fresh Memories done a terrific job says my customer, will use again ! Website is Email [email protected] We also do Photo restoration and colourising
  • As5a5sinn // Set Sail by zer0dist0rti0n ** READ PLEASE ** This is another short video i made using clips of As5a5sinn, i have used more effects that i created in AAE, and i feel i am getting the hang of the program now, tell me watchya think... Music: Set Sail - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
  • Gerry Anderson's Fireball XL5 HD clip - out now A Blu-ray of episodes from Gerry Anderson "OKAY, VENUS?" "OKAY, STEVE." "RIGHT. LETS GO!" The year is 2062, and World Space Patrol ship Fireball XL5 is assigned to Sector 25, where intrepid pilot Steve Zodiac, ably assisted by Doctor Venus and Professor Matthew Matic, faces such dangers as planetomic missiles, explosive gas clouds, space spies, and alien races both warlike and benign. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SPACE GENERAL This brand new, colourised edition of Fireball XL5 is taken from a new HD transfer of the original film elements which have been processed through Legend Films revolutionary colourising process. With the results even impressing creator Gerry Anderson, this is a brand new way to view the series. Lt. 90 has been promoted to the rank of General... but unfortunately, promotion has gone to his head. SPECIAL FEATURES: [] FOUR FEATHER FALLS - GUNFIGHT ON MAIN STREET (in HD) Four Feather Falls is a Western adventure series for children. Hero of the stories is Tex Tucker, the sheriff of Four Feather Falls, who, with the help of his prized possessions - a talking horse, a talking dog and a pair of magic guns - keeps law and order and defeats the bandits Pedro, Fernando and Big Ben when they plot mischief. [] A WONDERLAND OF STARDUST - EXTENDED EDITION (SD) A brand new documentary about the making of Fireball XL5 featuring contributions from creators Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson, as well as numerous members of the crew including David Elliott, Alan Pattillo ...
  • The Fall The Fall - A short film ive just finished. The title obviously having multiple meanings, seeing as we call it Autumn in the UK. :-p Music: The Dark World Where I Dwell - A Scanner Darkly Soundtrack
  • Particle Lightning 2 An improved version of my first particle lighting - finally got to apply a good method of blurring-colourising the layers therefore this version has a lot more bling ;) Made with Adobe After Effects CS3 and Trapcode Particular
  • Slade - How Does It Feel ( Live) - Slade In England From the archives at Slade In England. Technology is great and computers are sooo ***y when it comes to being able to play around with stuff. This Slade In England video was created by colourising 1975 footage from the San Francisco Winterland arena performance and redubbing the audio from the New Victoria Theatre, London that same year. Accept no substitute...SIE rules..
  • my first video test using kiss x4/rebel t2i/550d my first video test using kiss x4/ rebel t2i/ canon 550d. 18-55mm
  • 1st Doctor in colour First couple of attempts at colourising those definitive 1963 'Doctor Who' title graphics. There are more sophisticated versions in 'The First Four Doctors' and 'Colour Hartnell 170110' because these are, apparently, 'pathetic' according to UKSazzy67 (and looking at her own YouTube channel, she should know).
  • blaqhwle inserts try to make up for stupid camerawork. i need that new lens already. and a pop filter. hannah's leaving. the end. canon 550drebel /t2i/kiss x4 canon 18-55mm, canon 50mm
  • ::LEVEL 87 COLOURISING B&W PHOTO TUTORIAL:: www.level87 A quick and easy tutorial on colourising black and white photos Feel free to leave comments or request any more photoshop tutorials. Song Lynyrd Skynyrd - You Got That Right
  • I'm Fresh Canon T2i Video test 50 mm 1.8 tamron 28-75 mm 2.8 A car ride with ralph just testing out the new canon t2i 50 mm 1.8 with tamron 28-75 2.8. Edited in Final Cut Pro FCP. Song by Tadashi-I'm Fresh
  • Give Realistic Color to Black & White Photos with Photoshop Have you ever wanted to turn your images into professional looking shots? Here is how it's done!. Just look at this free video tutorial on offer: In this free online video tutorial provided by the website www.Luv2, They show you how to add realistic looking color to black and white images bringing them to life. Impress your grandparents. That is why Rowan Rossi recommends viewing the free video tutorials for Photoshop on offer at http
  • Little Shop of Horrors-Original Ending Pt3 (reconstructed) This is the original ending, I've reconstructed it and edited it to try and make it more like the finished version. I did this by adding sound effects, cutting down a few shots for pacing, colourising a few shots, using colour out-takes for others, and using the CD version of the song.
  • Canon 550d T2i kiss x4 test footage with colourising HD Just a collection of test footage I recorded using the Canon 550d/T2i/ kiss x4 and the 18-55mm kit lens and Nikon 50mm 1.8 Prime I did some colourising in Sony Vegas Pro 9
  • Photo Restoration Services by Fresh Memories LOCAL AND RELIABLE SERVICE Security of your photos are our priority Prompt and friendly service No threat of your photo getting lost or damaged Original photo will remain untouched Removal of slight scratches to full extensive restoration Colourising of black and white photographs Restoring of faded colour photographs This process might be cheaper than you think !
  • 4K test 1 - Flower Sunset . A quick 4K test using a currently secret low budget technique to reproduce 4K film quality with Digital Colourising.