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  • Have your solution closer to the problem with BizTalk360 Knowledge base repository In a relatively organised companies, when a support person fix a problem in an environment they may record it in a SharePoint location, or internal wiki, or something like that. When the same problem happens again, it's very unlikely the support person or his collogues going to search the internal documentation, they will tend to start fixing the problem again. This is just the human tendency. BizTalk360 knowledge base repository tries to address this hurdle by associating a rich knowledge base article along with service instance error codes and event viewer event id's. So when the support person sees the error in the console he/she will also see the solution if it was fixed earlier.
  • Popped PC Power Supply A PSU popped at our office. I started recording about a minute after the pop. Watching the video afterwards my collogues obviously laughed at me for dropping the phone after I got a static shock from the case.
  • World Leader Numerology ep. 3: Evo Morales Yogi Akal presents a numerology reading for Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia. For more information about Numerology Professor: Email [email protected] Web Facebook YouTube Transcript: "Welcome to world Leader Numerology, my name is Yogi Akal, and today were talking about Evo Morales. The president of Bolivia. Well, there are cycles and seasons of change in anybody's life, but for Evo there has been a remarkable change happening over the last seven years, a change in consciousness. And over the next four years from 2012 to 2016 or 17 there's going to be a new shift of information that is going to affect everybody because he is now being re-informed. It's like a re-wiring, and this is a very exciting place to be in one's life, but the information must be accurate. There's educational information, things to learn about what's happening in this century, but there's information that's more [thinks] Intelligence, world intelligence, and that has to be checked by three sources. Evo, you have to act like a reporter, you have to check your sources all the time, one mistake and it's a big problem. You know you've had that problem before, you tend to procrastinate, you tend to put things off. But you're in a position of leadership, you've earned that leadership, you will maintain that leadership, but it must have verification in intel. Without that you have a big problem. And your current intel is only fifty-fifty. Now ...
  • 08/06/2012 Aurora Colorado Sympathy Card Butch Andre Harper has now added another trip to his list in between delivering collogues with patches on them to Children's Hospitals throughout the United States. He now plans on visiting Aurora Colorado. He is in the process of making a giant sympathy card with as many signatures from the citizens in the town of Pahrump as he can collect. He wants to reach out to the victims, families and community of Aurora which suffered a massacre on the opening night of the new bat man film in which 12 people lost their lives and 58 others were injured when a gunman shot into a crowded theater at the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises."
  • Life at CGT This is one of video for all my friends, collogues, co-workers, some of the gurus in CGT (to whom I take as my elder brother). It is about something where we were and where we are now. What is our dream and vision.. and how fast are we approaching towards it..with some memories, some of the new faces in added to this journey..and some of the old faces who had contributed in this journey.. It's just my personal feelings that I am sharing here..Hope you like it..
  • sing along w/ collogues d day before graduation...
  • 'NOTHING LESS' Updated TRAILER The Official Trailer for Nothing Less. Subscribe to this Channel to be entertained with update videos, filmsand news from BossCrowns Productions and collogues. Setting Trends and Making HistorySubscribe today! Nothing Less showing JUNE 13th 2009 come and be inspired!
  • Tae Kwon Do Polaroid HD 0725F camera The last time I shot a sports video was when my kids were playing in the city soccer league. I shot this video of my collogues kids when I realized I havent done it in years and to test the Polaroid HD 0725F camera. Even though this was on the fly and not planed, look at it anyway.
  • UWW PR Alumni Interview with Anna J***z Hi, I'm Anna J***z. Welcome to Red Arrow. Did a fair amount with healthcare and some construction work. Did some political work and learned a ton. There were five or six people in the office and I think that's really helpful sometimes, because you get to do more. When there are fewer people, everyone has to pitch in. So that was a really good learning experience. After about a year and half I knew I was ready for the next thing. So I started looking for another job. I ended up at Beta Rutter in Brookfield. They're an agency. They do mostly agricultural work. A lot of firms have specialties, subject areas that they really know and they really look for clients in that space, something to keep in mind. I worked at Beta Rutter for two years. That's where I worked on an animal health account called Merial. So I worked in animal vaccines. Mostly what I did was pretty divided between media relations' work, mostly traditional media and a lot of event planning. We did a ton of trade show and other similar kinds of events. Got to travel a fair amount. I really liked that. Then around two years I started feeling it wasn't becoming exactly what I thought it was going to be, some things at the company, whatever. So I started looking again and ended up downtown here, at Hanson Dodge. They're an advertising firm. So my career transitioned from public relations, to more of an account position in advertising. I was managing a number of accounts there on the advertising side, which was ...
  • DASHAIN 2064 DASHAIN 2064 in dubai jay ram & my collogues.
  • Science Leadeship In India, Sager Leadership Institute 2011 HD In 1999, the Dalai Lama announced a vision for the exiled Tibetan monastic community to engage science, and to initiate science trainings to support new learning at the frontiers of science and spirituality. Sponsored by the Sager Foundation, the Science for Monks program covers topics of common interest to both science and Buddhism - where both traditions provide provocative counter-points. Studying other philosophical traditions to deepen one's own insights has deep roots in Indian Buddhism. In 2000, the first annual 4-week long intensive Science Workshop was organized by the Tibetan Library for 50 Buddhist scholars representing all the major traditions within Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Client Testimonial - Law Office of Jack Clay | Accident Attorney "Jack's reputation was a very good reputation. I spoke with numerous collogues of his the period that I was shopping for an attorney and found that Jack was very reputable. The major challenges that Jack and I faced in this particular case is that the gentleman that struck my vehicle was cited for no proof of license. When he was arrested, he was taken to jail, and bonded out for no license he skipped bail. So it presented a large challenge in trying to find him in order to get the case moving along."
  • Top 40 Freshman Success Academy
  • The New Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" from Google IO One of my collogues shows off his Samsung Galaxy Tab with 10.1" screen he got free from Google IO. This baby has the Nvidia Tegra processor. An amazing tablet!
  • Short Stay Amsterdam. BEST VALUE apartment ! West Center Amsterdam, Short Stay Rental. BEST VALUE apartment ! Nice, clean, comfortable ARTY home Perfect for expats, friends or business collogues, family
  • Naturalize Prototype This was a videogame prototype assignment produced by myself and three of my collogues at Swinburne University of Technology.
  • Homage to my collogues, my brothers and sisters of the stage. Here you will see some of the people who have influence me and or have helped to be become who i am; though i don't talk to them on a daily basis, every-time I take the stage they are in my voice, my heart, my thoughts and in the cells. and i love them with all.
  • Laura Ingraham on Republicans Vivacious, Bodacious, Audacious & a Republican In this clip you are watching Laura Ingraham says derogatory things about her self and two of her collogues, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity while putting down her beliefs... This video is only slightly doctored and sounds like the total opposite of what Ms. Ingraham is trying to convey. If I didnt write this note one couldve called me a liar, and I wouldve been in no position to defend myself. But Sarah Palin and john McCain did just that, throughout the election and thought if they say, we were just kidding after the election every thing would be just fin, but what they and the republican handlers didnt get was, promising something that you may not be able to deliver is a lot deferent then telling lies in every rally and every town & when john McCain was on national TV pretend they didnt say anything of the sort... For example what Joe Biden said about Barack Obama was 100% different then the spin... No one can control the spinners but to repeat their line would be nothing short of lying. In conclusion the republicans partly lost the election because their Candidate was a two-bit liar and their number two was to stupid to know the difference... PS. Sorry for the harsh language but I went on and promoted this video in all the right wing media in order to steal her job, then what would you call me? I dont think a war hero comes to mind.... does it? Gaus gaus-
  • 054 Introduction To Societal Background Part 7 of 8 Administrative Corruption - Confront To Grow CONTENTS - Introduction To Societal Background Part 7 of 8 - Administrative Corruption - Confront To Grow 1. I would like to talk to you about Student evaluation of Professors at the university, Student evaluation of teachers, and Teacher evaluation of Administrators. Organizing the for social action. Community organization to confront corrupt of incompetent public administrators. 2. From my experience our culture is corrupted by authority figures and that it is worse in Russia. The situation is that the administrators that are a service evaluate those they serve and refuse to let those that they serve evaluate them! 3. In the background, I have had an auto insurance company that gave great service for twenty years because they had the customers evaluate the service that they had just received. I never had better service! 4. My experience with evaluating service started while a student at the university. I had a wife, two mortgages, three kids and a dog. I was thankful to take a leave of absence from Carborundum Research (working on nuclear reactor ceramics) to complete a research degree in Mathematics and Physics. I spent a lot of time studying at the Science and Engineering Library at SUNY AB the State University of New York at Buffalo. that was in the 1960's. I was invited by the Library director to be a student member of a committee that was developing a questionnaire for student evaluation of their professor for the faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics. We ...
  • Han*** voices support for volunteer firefighter / EMT tax credit Senator Tom Han*** of Epworth, 43-year Iowa volunteer firefighter, urges his collogues to support Senate File 2322 which provides volunteer fire fighters and emergency medical personnel with an income tax credit. The legislation was approved.