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  • Resolved Question: how come some people said that the avarage 18 years old is too immature to be considered as an adult? ( Answers: 7) (Comments: 0) Resolved Question: can you tell me a story about a COCAINIST?. — “Yahoo! Answers: Questions from ddnn_123”,
  • Myspace profile for chazer with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more You are welcome, don't forget to buy me something haha1 cocainist. — “MySpace - chazer - 24 - Male - Tokyo - /1000004856”,
  • Coca-Cola dictionary definitions, etymology, and correct spelling for Coca-Cola. Cocainist. cocainization. cocainize. Cocalon. cocarboxylase. cocarcinogen. cocarcinogenic. Full-text search of Coca-Cola at . . EBAY. — “Coca-Cola”,
  • John has been known for years as a great liar, having told miserable stories about his parents, all of which were quite untrue. He gave them a history of being somewhat of a cocainist and morphinist, of being a slick "pickpocket," and of associating with prominent criminals,. — “Pathological Lying in Border-Line Mental Types : Part 6”,
  • Words that end with IST : Words ending in IST cocainist. collagist. colourist. columnist. communist. computist. cornetist. crayonist. crewelist. culturist. curialist. cymbalist. dactylist. decretist. defeatist. denturist. diabolist. dialogist. diatomist. dipterist. dogmatist. dramatist. ecologist. economist. ecumenist. — “Word ist meaning. Word ist definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • English-Japanese translation for buy - online dictionary (s.) segretezza dromedary правнук cocainist prodavac User experience zuunterst nyhetsbrev. — “EUdict | buy | English-Japanese dictionary”,
  • Of his generation, Fassbinder was the only filmmaker whose interest in German film history neglected neither the period of the lets scenes from the life of the cocainist (Tito Arnaudi, lying in a coma) pass in. — “Sweet Death: Veronika Voss Production History - From the”,
  • Its story, of a reclusive researcher of "transcendental medicine," who falls into the of his study, a person variously categorized within medical terminology as a "habitual drunkard," "inebriate," "morphinomaniac," or "cocainist. — “SLS Annual Meeting, 2002: Program”,
  • Dr. J. W. Springthorpe described (H. W., February, 1896) a variety of this symptom experienced by himself, and recorded in a paper entitled "The Confessions of a Cocainist." He called it "Hunting the Cocaine bug. These worms are projected only on the Cocainist's own person or clothing. — “Coca. - A DICTIONARY OF PRACTICAL MATERIA MEDICA By John”,
  • Encyclopedia article of Cocainist at compiled from comprehensive and current sources. — “Cocainist encyclopedia topics | ”,
  • Due to their lack of a negative attitude towards basing, the Instrumental Type, and those grouped under the Cocainist Type who are sniffing, should be considered as a risk group. Even the Cocainist Type, for whom cocaine plays a dominant role in. — “INTRAVAL Publicatie: Lines across Europe”,
  • Fluosilicic before quinovic [email protected] unperfidious peculiarsome Cocainist done anorthosite may deprivation nasicornous does obrogation syneresis ungone. — “Soury Cachibou”,
  • Listen to Cocainist's personal radio station (15,291 tracks played). Cocainist's top artists: Arctic Monkeys, Archie Bronson Outfit, Muse. Favourite tags are indie, indie rock, garage rock. Get your own music profile at, the world's. — “Cocainist's Music Profile – Users at”,
  • In February 1999, the giant German pharmaceutical company Bayer celebrated the centenary of the launch of ASPIRIN, the world's most successful legal Originally it did have cocaine in it, but shortly after people became worried that taking cocaine could make you a "cocainist" (love that term). — “A Tale Of Three Drugs”,
  • Spanish Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of English Word 'COC' cocainist. cocainization. cocainize. cocainomania. cocainomaniac. COC. in context | images | on twitter. COC Noun. — “COC - Spanish translation - Word Magic English-Spanish Dictionary”,
  • David Bowie - Thin White Duke Rehearsals Tour- 02 - Waiting For The Man- 1976 Reed was heroinist, Bowie was cocainist. It very sad for me in every case, because they are a greats. — “YouTube - David Bowie Waiting For the man”,
  • An Observation: It intrigues me that so often odd things of like nature, are posted by different people! Today, there are TWO discussions re: Coptic crosses! When was the last time anybody ever a parson's son from Lake Constance; a Cocainist from Moravia (later Vienna); and Alf, a convert to. — “An Observation in Category-Specific Boards in Community”,
  • M.U.L.E (Aerobics in the jungle mix) by. Pex "Mahoney" Tufvesson. Päivän Sana: Ja hän meni feminist, chauvinist, humanist, at most a cocainist. I disgust the modern trend: a single. — “Damones”,
  • Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. The story "Music" and the one about the cocainist remain my favouri. — “NetworkedBlogs on Facebook | Anti-Laureate of the People's”,
  • Coca-Cola was launched in 1885 by John S. Pemberton, in Atlanta, Georgia. At first, it came as an alcoholic beverage, called French Wine Cola, ins , Stephen Janowsky, page 2 Newspaper reports, the description of a "cocainist" delirium case by dr. Freud, and the book of Annie Meyer, "Eight Years in. — “When and why was cocaine removed from Coca-Cola? - by Stephen”,
  • opposed to the use of cigarettes. anticrack. opposed to the use of crack cocaine. antidrug cocainist. one suffering from COCAINISM. cokehead. a cocaine abuser. colorado. referring to. — “Association of British Scrabble Players - Words”,


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