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  • AK-47 and Chopper gunner Short clip of some ak-47 and the chopper chunner.
  • willy77250 - Black Ops Game Clip Game Clip
  • Suzuki Swift Turbo (Sorry,low quality Sound) (My Suzuki Swift 1.6 Turbo) My Suzuki Swift 1.6 Turbo Blow off sound.
  • Swift Turbo SebaS calentando Rafaela3 10psi,100%street, radiales
  • Jamie Chunnering Jamie chunnering away
  • [MvC3] Training I'm going to tell all those people out there who think that they cant play this game because its too hard to try this game. I'm bad and this was easy.
  • 8 Streak- Chunner Blink 182- Enema of the State- Aliens Exist
  • dj chunner- trance mix dj chunner on the ones and twos after eating some ka poon tang
  • 마익흘 - Kimbap 김밥 (Hanson Parody) FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: She came to pick me up at night. "You're in Korea, how do you feel?" "It's been a 14-hour flight. RIght now I sure could use a meal . . ." She said, "Let me get my wheels." "Can we pull over for a bite?" "Hold on a little more. We're almost there. What kind of Korean food would you like?" I looked at her, "I honestly don't care. I'm so hungry, I just don't care." She said, "There's kimbap, bambap, deopbap, bibimbap, chobap, jeonbokjuk, Yeah, yeah, gukbap, patbap, albap, bogeumbap, kongbap, it's up to you." "I guess those things, they all sound nice. I've got no idea what they are. I just want something that comes with rice." She said they all would suffice Because they're all made with rice. Including kimbap, bambap, deopbap, bibimbap, chobap, jeonbokjuk, Yeah, yeah, gukbap, patbap, albap, bogeumbap, kongbap, it's up to you. I've got a feeling in the pit of my soul, it's burning deep inside For something neither smoked, grilled, boiled, or fried. Know what I'm saying? Just a kilo or two weighing in, But it's got a daily dose of proteins, veggies, and grains. Is it sushi just warped through a prism? No it isn't. There's too many differences to be food plagiarism. Sure, it's covered in kim, that's the seaweed outer shell And the next layer's rice, a little similar as well. Vegetables are a must, as we earlier discussed, Without some carrots, spinach, or radish, it's a bust. Put some meat in that thing, how about ham, pork, or ...
  • suzuki swift gti turbo gti turbo 245hp
  • SSFIV Match Rose vs. Chun-Li Hus***[pronounced Who-s*** i've since learned] and Neal
  • [MvC3] Gooooooo Chun Go Chun go!
  • [MvC3] I Need a Hero (Recorded 2/17/11) Recorded 2/17/11
  • Swift Turbo SebaS calentando Rafaela4 10psi,100%street,radialero
  • suzuki swift turbo turbo suzuki suwfit 1.6 de 16 val
  • #1 Chunner - Chun is discrace Chun is disgraced!
  • modern warfare 2 scar-h .wmv epic .3 triple kills met chopper chunner.
  • dj chunner-halo 3 remix thugginz mixing on the ones and 2's then got his cap popped.
  • Bullshido Boston Throwdown oct 2007 Bullshido throwdown at Wai Kru mma, in Allston, Ma (236 Brighton, Ma). Participants include: Omega, WWcheese, Matsaballz, Uri S, Cirjijlljilil, bobbyclumsyninja, next one's nov 24th, 1pm...
  • Black Ops - Kill with RC... with a Chopper Gunner Not sure why the gun glitches out at the start, Theater is a bit buggy.
  • Chunner Meri Mali Bhai Album : Prabhu G Hum Das Tumhare Label : Aashirwad Music Contact: 0 9891371063 Singer : Subash Sharma
  • yob beaten by kung fu expert tough guy smacked by wing chunner
  • sniper-BOY10 - Black Ops Game Clip Game Clip
  • Suzuki Swift GTi gr.A - first tests Maciej Spychałowicz/Łukasz Weszke
  • Whostone_ - Black Ops Game Clip Game Clip
  • swift gti vs accord vtec Campeonato Adrenaline Rush 1/4 de milla El Salvador
  • COD: Black Ops -Quick Chopper Gunner* - Zink Another video from L0Xx, a quick chunner on Cracked Domination (the video had to be cut down to 30seconds because i curently dont have a capture card) you can tell by how quick i got it by the scores hope you enjoy, please rate coment subscribe :) L0Xx
  • 2008 KCSG Spring Sports Awards Winners KCSG Sports Reporter Pete Sumulong introduces the 2008 spring sports MVP's for baseball, softball, and soccer for Utah's Region Nine.
  • Dollar and chunner lmao Kota eats week old cereal for a cigg and a dollar
  • Chunner sings a song.
  • Kesha, haole boy rendition.
  • Biu Tze (Darting Dog Fingers) April 15, 2010, 11:03 AM This form (albeit a hybrid version of mine culled from various teachers I've been graced to have in my life) is sometimes known as "The Emergency Form" due to the fact that it somewhat strays from Wing Chun's centerline concept. In a hand-to-hand encounter (especially when simultaneously dealing with more than one opponent) there is no time to be bogged down by concepts. A fight is a fight is a fight! Biu Tze is used when all Hell Breaks Loose. Ultimately though, once you reach a certain internal understanding, the circle and the line become one, and any Wing Chunner that disagrees with this can come and prove me wrong in person if he likes (LOL). He can wear protective gear also. And if you're going to attack me (here I am talking NOT to my friends, but to knuckle-heads who strive to make my simple life difficult) please, please, please bring at least 4 other ***s just so I can teach you brutes ( again, I'm not talking to my friends, okay?) how my Nun style can cut you down to size and make all of you go home running to your mama. My Kung Fu is real, and no, I didn't study with Jackie Chan or Jet Li. April 15, 2010, 11:03 AM
  • SSFIV Match Cammy vs. Chun-Li Match 2[out of 10] between Neal and Chris. Cammy[Chris] vs. Chunner[Neal]
  • Friendly Match 2 vs lpbgohan (CH) Match 2 of about 14. As you can see I was having some input issues (the occasional button press simply wasn't registering), but this Chunner was good enough to beat me even if that weren't the case. Lots to learn from these vids.