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  • myopic chorioretinal degeneration, and glaucomatous disc. elderly lady, right eye is highly myopic with chorioretinal degeneration, left eye shows an optic disc with a large cup, the intraocular pressure in the left eye was also high and the patient was advised a visual field test.
  • JS Bach: Prelude #1 in C Major, played by Kristina Ellrod, musical savant Kristina Ellrod was born with chorioretinal degeneration with microcephaly (an inherited chromosomal condition shared by a sibling). Small in stature, Kristina has profound developmental delays in addition to severe visual impairment. From an early age, Kristina has enjoyed singing and has been very captivated by music. Though not yet at the time physically able to play a note, Kristina began taking weekly piano lessons in her home beginning at age eight (from David Mehnert, her teacher of seven years). Kristina is 14 years old in this footage from October 2008 [an earlier draft said she was 15]. Those who know the piece may recognize that a few arpeggiated chords in the right hand (primarily affecting octave spans) are altered and compressed; this was done to accommodate Kristina's smaller-than-average hands. Otherwise the notes of Prelude #1 in C Major (which are also the first notes of Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavichord) are played here by Kristina almost as Bach wrote them three centuries ago. This piece marks is a significant developmental milestone in Kristina's musical production: it's the first time she played a piece by Bach, the first piece in the classical keyboard repertoire she's played (almost) note-for-note as the composer wrote. Although on the slow side, it's reasonably up to tempo, which is itself a welcome new development in Kristina's playing. Bach's Prelude #1 marks the first time Kristina has made extended use of an arpeggiated right hand part, and ...