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  • idea of the thing Edinburgh wargaming grognard Jack Glanville laid on a Vietnam game using 10mm figures Most players commanded a single helicopter while one lucky guy played the NVA Each group of players had a mission which was largely forgotten once the shooting started as panic and self preservation kicked in It seemed as if we were choppering into an area
  • Choppering into remote areas
  • If passengers request music or news we can pipe it in said pilot Humphries It s not an elaborate setup It s an AM radio Michael Idov
  • half of April brought high waters much mud a chance to get some jigflies tied and some quality time with the girls when I wasn t choppering to work and staying over on the mainland


  • 04-13-2013 Choppering with Archer Backyard fun with my two year old son.
  • Battlefield 3 Choppering N Tanking Playing with MoocowTG and Cyde.
  • Pumpkin Drawing and Choppering Self explanatory.
  • Capture the flag stealth Choppering More great videos coming DAILY! thanks for watching! My YouTube: http:///thedjbtm My Twitter: http:///djbtm.
  • choppering over Adelaide River flooded getting a chopper back from Shady Camp over the flooded Adelaide River NT.
  • Choppering With Dailybread5 Daily and I tearing it up in the Attack Helicopter on Caspian Border.
  • Silk Road Choppering flyin.
  • Andrei choppering Andrei riding a chopper:) bike.
  • bf4 choppering around shanghai attack C using different blades.
  • Choppering No Mans Land Hey Guys Chopper-Nator here. You can find my channel at http:///user/ChopperRated?feature=mhee I played some NML over the last week and beat m...
  • Early morning choppering over high Himalayan peaks! A Bell 407 helicopter operated by the Pawan Hans company in India, is used for a heli-skiing operation in Himachal Pradesh, India. The machine takes off and ...
  • Choppering 50 - Kino This is possibly the quickest way to play averages around 26 seconds a hoard. The alley may be slightly quicker but it's much more dangerous. I fir...
  • Battlefield 3 - Wake Island - Attack Choppering people to rage quit. Made an entire 12 people quit, then knocked the next 12 down to 4 players within 30seconds... the following video is of the determined 4 getting destroyed by...
  • Wayland Choppering 3 My Son Wayland getting bored od playing on the Sure Thing after about 15 minutes. He is 13 months old in these videos.
  • Choppering Co-op Challenges - w Steve, Seraphim and MWA twitter @choppernator Played for 4 hours last night with Steve, then MWA and Steve, then we brought Seraphim in. /user/...
  • Wayland Choppering 2 My son Wayland playing on my bike The Sure Thing.
  • choppering around on Caspian Border (BF3 no death gameplay) it's been a long time since my last upload but as promised several weeks ago Sam this one of those no-death rounds we played with some randoms I said I'd upl...
  • Choppering in The Richardson Mountains Did you ever feel like going for a chopper ride in the Richardson Mountains and just didn't have the time? Well I've made a video of one of my times as a bea...
  • Choppering Around The BattleField So I tried the Choppers on the BF4 Beta on PS3. Let's just say that with the controls, it didn't go so well.... I hope you enjoy it! Also if you want to beco...
  • Halo 3 Clip of the Day 40 - Choppering to an Overkill Extermination The fortieth episode of the Halo 3 Clip of the Day by AwesomeSauceFilms. How to submit clips: 1. If you have a account just send us a link to vide...
  • choppering arround arma 2 test in bandicam.
  • Choppering with Humpa Miri, Special K and Bass.
  • GCV 27 Choppering out
  • Black Ops: Snipering and Choppering Some noobs try to walk around array and look for people to kill but i take their heads off from long range until i get a choppergunner and then i commit noob...
  • choppering
  • Choppering into high Himalayan mountains in India Ali Ratni Tibba, the Pir Panjal, the Parvati valley and more - helicopter journeys into the deep Himalaya in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. See the gr...
  • BF3 Choppering and Homefront Sniping Great film, great song, great vocal work!
  • BF3 Solo Attack Choppering Just another stream highlight, hope you enjoy! Live Stream can be found @ --
  • Choppering Flying my chopper for the first time.
  • Element Arch Online vidya contest entrance xx choppering is mighty pun tis me choppingsing i can win yes?
  • Solo Chopper Takedown On Caspian Choppering like a boss on Caspian!
  • Choppering In Grand Canyon
  • Killed that guy with my chopper...LIKE A BOSS 12/03/2012 jamierawr88 - Caspian Border - n00b choppering.
  • choppering JRKS
  • Darth choppering it up
  • Jcrzy and Nerdkiller Chopper Highlights Battlefield 3 choppering. I did not make any of the songs for this vid so obviouslyi claim no rights to them.
  • Choppering Out.wmv Between 2:50 & 3:05 the pilot tried to fly through the pass but the wind wouldn't allow it.
  • Choppering Up 2013 Tahr Hunt.
  • Wayland Choppering My son Wayland on my bike The Sure Thing.
  • Battlefield 3 - Friday Rocks! * A BF3 Chopper Montages * Hey all, here's a BF3 chopper montages for you that me and Nomak recorded last night with a little bit of BF4 choppering in there too from the beta before it...
  • choppering Felt like uploading something. so here. a bit of chopper gunner whoring and a nice AT4 at the end.