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  • Mov- chasing CHEWINK and THEA chasing two smaller sailboats on san francisco bay
  • Stand Easily adjust the stand misting at any angle. Easily assemble the stand misting on the tripodstand. Design by Chewink Corp.
  • Homes for sale Virginia Beach VA $1295000 3 BRs, 3.5 BAs $1295000 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths 1329 CHEWINK CT, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 For more details, please visit us here: For more information contact: Gail Garrington Email: [email protected] (757) 472-4888 1321 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, VA 23451 MLS Number: 1042642 Property Type: Single Family Detached RARE OPPORTUNITY to build on one of the prettiest lots in Birdneck Point-Bold & Broad deep waterfront lot on Linkhorn Bay. Value in land.
  • Neighboring Ptilothrix bees come and go, constructing burrows in Pickaway County, Ohio, USA. Taken August 24, 2009 at the Stage's Pond State Nature Preserve in Pickaway County, Ohio, USA, this is a long video in which not much happens, but the time spans involved are an important part of the events being recorded. At the beginning, a female Ptilithrix bombiformis (the "hibiscus bee") exits her nest burrow. Then after about 1 minute she returns, and immediately thereafter kicks out some soil. A rufous-sided towhee (bird) says "chewink," and a field sparrow sings in the background. That's relevant why? Killing time waiting for more bee action. At about 3 minutes in, with a northern flicker screaming, soil from a neighboring bee burrow gets kicked out. Goldfinches fly overhead calling out "potato-chip," and a crow says "caw caw caw caw" (or whatever crows say). A fly comes to visit. An indigo bunting tries to drown out the field sparrow, then a song sparrow joins the chorus. At the end bee number 1 returns (when did she leave?) , bee number two exits, and my camera overheats, making horrible sounds.