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  • This new variegated Caryopteris attracts a lot of attention at our Open Houses. Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Longwood Blue' - Blue Mist Shrub. — “Fairweather Gardens: Genus Caryopteris”,
  • Caryopteris 'First Choice' PP#11,958. Caryopteris x clandonensis 'First Choice' PP#11,958 A spectacular deep blue Caryopteris! More compact and better branched than other varieties, 'First Choice' blooms from midsummer. — “Advanced Product Search - Caryopteris - Park Seed”,
  • CARYOPTERIS (Blue Spirea) While most gardens begin to wane in late summer, Caryopteris explodes with lightly fragrant, dainty blue flowers against silvery-green leaves. Easy to care for and easy to love, this shrub is perfect for the weekend gardener. CARYOPTERIS clandonensis 'Blue Mist'. — “Bissett Nursery - Nursery Listing”,
  • Caryopteris (bluebeard; Chinese: 莸属 you shu) is a genus of 16 species of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae (formerly often placed in the family Verbenaceae), native to eastern and southern Asia.[1][2][3][4] They are herbaceous plants or small shrubs growing to 1–4 m tall. — “Caryopteris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • One of the best Blue Mist Spirea varieties, "Dark Knight" has the deepest blue color of them all. Its tidy, upright growth habit and profusion of flowering Gardeners who purchased Caryopteris clandonensis 'Dark Knight' also purchased:. — “Caryopteris clandonensis 'Dark Knight' (Blue Mist Spirea”,
  • Caryopteris. Diana Miller. former Keeper of the RHS Herbarium Wisley Caryopteris are very useful, autumn-flowering shrubs. especially appropriate for the. — “Caryopteris”,
  • Brief and Straightforward Guide: What Is Caryopteris? The hybrid Caryopteris x clandonensis is the source of many of the cultivars that are grown as ornamental plants. — “What Is Caryopteris?”,
  • Perennial reference for Caryopteris plants (blue mist spirea) including descriptions and cultural information. — “Caryopteris - blue mist spirea”,
  • Fertilization caryopteris. To obtain a florid development it is important to remember to fertilize our shrubs periodically; in the spring let's use a fertilizer rich in nitrogen and potassium, which will favour the development of new vegetation and of flowerings. — “caryopteris, Caryopteris Bunge - Shrubs - Verbenaceae garden”,
  • CARYOPTERIS plant identification description, photos, and information on potting, growing, propagation, varieties, and region of origin. — “Caryopteris - Bluebeard | ”,
  • Sunshine Blue Caryopteris now available at Stargazer Perennials. Hardy new Sunshine Blue Caryopteris or bluebeard is part of the Proven Winners Color Choice Shrub program and is hardy to zone 5. — “CARYOPTERIS SUNSHINE BLUE”,
  • Caryopteris clanodensis x "Longwood Blue " Hardiness. Zone 5. Light Caryopteris clanodensis "Dark Knight" Hardiness. Zone 5. Light. Full sun. Height. 2 1/2 feet. — “caryopteris”,
  • Caryopteris x clandonensis, sometimes called Bluebeard or Blue Spirea, is a fast growing, compact, free flowering shrub that is treated like a perennial. It has aromatic gray-green, fine textured foliage and its frothy, rounded flower clusters appear in midsummer. — “Caryopteris | caryopteris”,
  • Caryopteris is a delightful late summer bloomer in true blue and a magnet for butterflies and bees. — “Caryopteris: Beautiful in Blue - Life123”,
  • Caryopteris 'Worcester Gold': An eye catching selection discovered by Caryopteris bushes have a habit of throwing lots of little seedlings. — “Plant Encyclopedia: Caryopteris”,
  • Picture of a Caryopteris flowers. Caryopteris flowers attract butterflies and the shrub is drought-tolerant. — “Picture of Caryopteris Flowers”,
  • Caryopteris -- Bluebeard. This genus features aromatic foliage to foil the deer! Subshrubs (varieties that develop woody stems during the season) like Sunshine Blue' should be cut back each spring to improve flowering. The divaricata varieties. — “Deer-resistant Landscape Nursery (Caryopteris -- Bluebeard)”,
  • Buy your fragrant & drought-proof Caryopteris Longwood Blue flowering hedge plants! Special Low Prices on Shrubs & Perennials. Plus our Triple Guarantee. — “Caryopteris Longwood Blue - Drought proof, flowering hedge”,
  • Caryopteris X clandonensis 'Dark Knight' Common Name(s): Caryopteris This 4' x 4'' mounded shrub with medium grey-green leaves and an open structure is treated as a perennial. Flowers of a deep blue. — “Caryopteris”,
  • Search PlantFinder Names. Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Dark Knight' (3 Intolerant of wet, poorly-drained soils. Roots are winter hardy to USDA Zone 5, but top growth is only reliably hardy to USDA Zone 7. Consequently, plants are generally grown as shrubby, soft-wooded perennials. — “Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Dark Knight'”,
  • Caryopteris. Description: The low mounding habit of Caryopteris makes it perfect as a low border plant for massing purposes and works wonders in dry, sunny spots. Hundreds of blue foot long flower spikes cover this plant in late summer. Common Name: Blue Mist Spirea, Bluebeard. — “Caryopteris, Blue Mist Spirea”,
  • The name 'Blue Mist Shrub' is a great description of Caryopteris. This blue flowering small shrub is easy to grow and attracts butterflies and bumblebees by the dozens. The blue flowers of Caryopteris blend well and any garden and are. — “Caryopteris - Blue Mist Shrub for Summer Blues”,
  • Caryopteris (Bluebeard) These Asian members of the verbena family are ( added in January) We have been taken with this stunning caryopteris in our trials!. — “Genus Caryopteris Plant Delights Nursery”,


  • Caryopteris Lil' Miss Sunshine An awesome, strong growing Caryopteris with bright gold foliage. It is a great contrast plant that will add season long color to the garden. Use it next to dark green plants such as boxwood or Alberta spruce or mix it the perennial bed. This beauty will add color and vibrancy to any garden, especially in the fall when it blooms. This is a dramatic improvement over Worchester Gold which has pale yellow leaves, wispy growth and pale blue flowers. Read more:
  • Hedge Plants-Selecting the Right Hedge Plant Hedge Plants form a natural fence and serve a number of problem solving purposes. Learn more about Thujas, Boxwood, Butterfly Bush, Hydrangeas, Euonymus, Ornamental Grasses & more from
  • Caryopteris Mark suggest planting Caryopteris because it produces very fragrant, bright blue flowers, and is deer-resistant.
  • Sunshine Blue® Caryopteris I have to say that everything slows down in my mid-South garden during August. This is often the hottest and driest time of the year. I think of it as the quiet before autumn's flourish of bright colored flowers and foliage. To keep this transition period interesting I'm always on the look out for plants that shine during the later months of the growing season, but don't require much care. I have to say caryopteris fits that description. This carefree, shrub-like perennial produces tons of blue flowers in late summer. This will be the first time I've grown the variety Sunshine Blue®, but I've seen it in action at the Proven Winners display garden. The combination of the bright yellow foliage and deep blue flowers is amazing. It's a plant that is sure to add interest to my garden all growing season. Plus the butterflies and bees love it.
  • Sedums and Other Late Summer Blooms Autumn Joy Sedum and Black Jack Sedum take center stage as pollinator favorites. Blue Mist Shrub (Caryopteris clandonensi) and Blue Mist Flower (Eupatorium coelestinum) pair nicely next to Sneezeweed (Helenium autumnale). It's important to note the Blue Mist Flower and Sneezeweed are the only natives here. There are many native Sedums to North America but they mostly occur out west or up north. There is Sedum ternatum which is native to the east US and Canada but it's not in this video.
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