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  • low-growing, mat-forming annual weed in Molluginaceae (Carpetweed Family) * grows 2-3" tall, but can spread 1-2' diameter per plant in good soil with adequate moisture * forms little rosettes of elongated leaves that can quickly cover cultivated soil. — “Carpetweed”,
  • Carpetweed flowers and fruit. Carpetweed plant. Life cycle: Prostrate, mat-forming summer annual. Leaves: Whorled, smooth, light green leaves (up to eight per node) are spatula-shaped to oblong with a rounded tip and tapered to the base. Stems:. — “Carpetweed identify in MI nurseries”,
  • Translations of carpetweed. carpetweed synonyms, carpetweed antonyms. Information about carpetweed in the free online English dictionary and carpetweed - annual prostrate mat-forming weed having whorled leaves and small greenish-white flowers; widespread throughout North America. — “carpetweed - definition of carpetweed by the Free Online”,
  • Carpetweed growing in the sidewalk along Brookline Ave. in Boston. Spotted and prostrate spurge are urban species favoring habitats similar to carpetweed and purslane. Spotted spurge (E. maculata) is distinguished by its leaves, each of which is marked. — “The Urban Pantheist”,
  • Carpetweed is a summer annual with smooth prostrate branching stems forming circular mats. Carpetweed is a summer annual that germinates much later than other summer weeds, and may be missed by early treatments. — “ Weed Listing (Carpetweed)”,
  • Carpetweed (Mollugo verticillata) is an expert at colonizing moist places where shrubs, trees, and the lawn come together. Mulch to discourage carpetweed in beds and edgings. In lawns this weed is gradually crowded out by thick,. — “Weed Library :: National Gardening Association”,
  • Carpetweed. Carpetweed is a summer annual with a short taproot. Seeds lie dormant over the winter and sprouts slowly in the spring. Pre emergent herbicides applied in mid spring will prevent carpetweed from developing. — “Carpetweed”, landscape-
  • Carpetweed family (Molluginaceae) Description: This adventive annual plant is prostrate, branching at the base and forming a more or less circular mat about 6" high or less. The stems are glabrous and either round or angular, occasionally forming side stems. — “Carpetweed (Mollugo verticillatus)”,
  • Mollugo cerviana (Thread-Stem Carpet-Weed, Thread-Stem Carpetweed, Threadstem Carpetweed) Slender Carpet-Weed, Slender Carpetweed, Thread-Stem Carpet-Weed, Thread-Stem Carpetweed, Threadstem Carpetweed. — “Mollugo cerviana (Thread-Stem Carpet-Weed)”,
  • Carpetweed leaves are obovate and arranged in whorls of 5 or 6 at Carpetweed inflorescence is relatively insignificant. Common Names: Carptetweed, Green. — “Carpetweed - Turf Wiki”,
  • Carpetweed is a small weed that can cover large patches of ground in a very small time. carpetweed leaf arrangement. carpetweed flowers. Note: Still not sure this is the right. — “Turffiles:Weeds:Carpetweed”,
  • A PLANTS profile of Mollugo verticillata (green carpetweed) from the USDA PLANTS database. — “PLANTS Profile for Mollugo verticillata (green carpetweed”,
  • Carpetweed (Mollugo verticillata) Family: Carpetweed (Molluginaceae) Stems: Mostly lying flat on the soil, much branched, smooth, forming mats. Leaves: In whorls of 3-8, simple, oblanceolate, without teeth, smooth, up to 1 1/4 inches long. Flowers: 2-5 in small clusters, white, up to 1/6 inch. — “NPWRC :: Midwestern Wetland Flora”,
  • Carpetweed: Mollugo verticillata. Weed Description: A late-germinating, much-branched summer annual forming circular patches several feet in diameter. Seedling: Hypocotyl is short, green early turning brown with time. Cotyledons are oblong, thickened, smooth and 1.5 to 3.0 mm long. — “Carpetweed”,
  • This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/Carpetweed" Categories: Disambiguation pages. — “Carpetweed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Weed Herbarium - Landscape Nursery and Urban Forestry - UMass Extension: Mollugo verticillata Common Name: carpetweed, Indian chickweed. Scientific Name: Mollugo verticillata L. — “Carpetweed - Landscape Nursery and Urban Forestry - UMass”,
  • Definition of carpetweed from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of carpetweed. Pronunciation of carpetweed. Definition of the word carpetweed. Origin of the word carpetweed. — “carpetweed - Definition of carpetweed at ”,
  • Carpetweed is a plant that grows right down on the ground. Need more information about Carpetweed? Contact your Cooperative Extension county office for answers to your. — “N.J. Weed Gallery: Weed”,
  • Carpetweed definition, a North American prostrate weed, Mollugo verticillata, having whorled leaves and small, whitish flowers. See more. — “Carpetweed | Define Carpetweed at ”,
  • carpetweed. carpi. carping. carpo- carpology. carpool. carpool lane. carpopedal spasm carpetweed. car·pet·weed [ k rpət w d ] noun. Definition: mat-forming. — “carpetweed definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • Carpetweed is slow to germinate, but spreads rapidly in hot weather. Small greenish-white flowers rise from the leaf axils. Carpetweed is of tropical origin, but grows vigorously almost everywhere. — “Carpetweed”,
  • carpetweed ( ) n. A prostrate, mat-forming annual plant (Mollugo verticillata) widespread as a weed throughout North America and having whorled leaves. — “carpetweed: Definition from ”,


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