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  • Opio - Hieroglyphics - Hydra From Opio's Masterpiece Theatre Lyrics: [Opio] I'm a shady ass fool I stick a machete in the back of Your encaged, trying to disengage the blade just to save Your life, caught a knife, backstabbed again Jealous, want your cabbaging, yelling out How I break out the mack ten, fully automatic then start spraying up shop like the crooked cops squeezing the trigger like Ice T It's magical, how the shiesty ones gradually metamorphosise Right before your eyes and then flash on 'em [A-Plus] I get cold sweat, every morning Waking up from nightmares, about heaven being This padded room, that god send, I'm never leaving I wonder if I'm dead or breathing, I think he's punishing me Cuz I think people look better bleeding I praise, for Prozac and Codeine To keep my mind floating, hoping I don't hurt somebody for nothing I praise, I remember brighter days,before I was abducted by the grace And now my mind's a maze, understand [Del] I be strong in the Berkeley streets Searching for meat and trashcans with assorted leftovers A face for closure, the home of mind roams is known Amazes, thinking about the days I rhymed( I could've made it ) I can't accept panic swept, I'm an arsonist Leaving the Oakland hills, smoke filled, I'm deadlier than arson it Down at lake Merritt, setting ducks on fire, watch the fluttering flab I'm on the run, *** the priors [Chorus: x2] Five hands is better than one Instead of just won, when you see me you better run They try to say that I'm crazy, but I'm normal ...
  • Unforgettable Hard Core Match *** MARTIN and Smooth and Tasty battle it out in a hard core match. This fight was unforgettable for the viewers - but sadly neither wrestler remembers anything of the event due to the immense levels of brain damage caused in this two-way cabbaging.
  • Cabbage Corpse - I Cabbage Blood Yuhs. Lyrics: Swollen with cabbage Ready to burst A load of my cabbage Will quench this dead body's thirst One month in the grave twisted and half decayed She turned a putrid green I cabbaged in her cabbage filled cabbagehole Cabbaging the rotting My cabbage is bleeding The smell of decay Seeps from her cabbage cavity The smell was unbearable As I uncabbaged her I cabbage blood from my cabbage I feel it run down her throat, swallow Eyes glassy and vacant body dug up to play with Skin greasy and cabbage tounguing her rotted cabbage I need a live woman to fill with my cabbage A delicate girl, to cabbage, cabbage and cabbage her cabbage exceptional, she thought I was normal but I wanted more cabbage I cabbaged blood inside of her chocking on the cabbage gagging on the cabbage gushing blood, from her mouth bloody gel leaking out Body buried in a shallow grave Unmarked for none to find The cabbage I have left behind Undetected go my crimes The greatest cabbage of my life Violent, climax Serging serum on my skin Back from the dead I am resurrected to spew, putrefaction
  • Capture 20090405 1 CABBAGiNG OUT HOME!!
  • Guide to Cabbaging 1 - 1k+ Cabbage p/hr! Pwnage Guide or at least thats what Zezima said. _.-~`~Dizclamor~`~-._ Jagex Ltd. owns Runescape. I do not own nor work for Jagex or any of its affiliates. This video is not made for financial profit, only entertainment purposes. I do not own any songs in this video, I use these for entertainment, not to make money.
  • pvp vid cb3!!!!!!! lol just cabbaging i dont own the music, i payed it fairly by using "ITunes" i just use the music for entertainment :D the game is devlopped by "jagex" i dont own this game, i just play it. its just a vid i made for fun i hope you guys enjoy it, haters just send me message :p
  • Germans Lose at Marbles KEAN: And competitors at the annual World Marble Championships celebrated long into the evening after a British team beat the Germans for the first time in years. STORY: The Yorkshire Meds took the silver trophy from reigning champions, 1st MC Erzgebirge II at the tournament in Tinsley Green, West Sus***. German teams had won for the past several years. Tinsley Green is reputed to be the scene of an epic marbles battle in Elizabethan times over the hand of a local maiden. The competition, which has been held at the pub since 1932, attracts competitors from as far afield as Australia and hundreds of spectators. [Sam McCarthy-Fox, Event Organizer]: "The thing about marbles is that it's good fun...everyone's had marbles, you get a big bowl of marbles, you'll run your hands through it. It's so tactile, so lovely. People now come over here from Germany, we've got an Australian team here today. We've got people from France, from Belgium, from Holland came over. We even had people from the states come over. It's just one of these things. People just love marbles. It's an eccentric sport. And Britain excels at eccentric sports." McCarthy-Fox added that many of the competitors took the game very seriously, with some teams practising several times a week. He said contestants must abide by a strict set of rules, so must know their fudging from their cabbaging. A total of 21 teams, ranging in age from 11 to 70 took part. Teams, each made up of six people, take to the marble ring in a ...
  • Double Cabbage It was cabbaging for at least an hour on January 6th 2011. It was incredible. The camera could not capture the vivid intensity and brightness. Look into the mirror, look into your soul!
  • 3500 Ton Lake Erie 3500 Ton Hot & Cold Extrusion Piercing Pr 3500 Ton Lake Erie 3500 Ton Hot & Cold Extrusion Piercing Press
  • Runescape-F2P-Money Making Guide Lobster Cabbaging (sorry for poor quality)
  • cabbageness another video of me and alanhuang4 cabbaging lool
  • Cabbaging New & improved system of cabbaging.
  • Cabbaging
  • How to Cabbage a Bag Ginge gives us a tutorial on how to cabbage a bag...
  • Mark Henry Cabbaged HEFFEFHFHEFFEF!x-0 and special guest referee CHABBIE dish out a brutal and emotional cabbaging to Mark Henry. Henry was never the same again afterwards; his parents eventually exchanged him for a turnip because the turnip displayed more emotional depth.
  • The Forging Machine 2004 Spanish 4AP project set to silly music.
  • SAS Cabbage and Cabbagings Accounts on Club Penguin Subscribe and rate! All audio used in this video belongs to thier respected owners, and I claim no rights to the audio used.