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  • Giants In The Sky - Into The Woods Elliot Schuler(Jack) Elliot Schuler (Jack) Ryan Hurley (Baker) Zach Hulsmeyer (Mysterious Man) giants in the sky - into the woods presented by sidney ohio community theater sock&buskins
  • Just A Lil Somethin!| The Real Metro Kidz :) Check Out The New Vid. :) Playboy Da Bandit - Mohawk, Rascal- All Black, $unny Baseball Cap
  • Jakes Buskins Version Of Bruno Mars Grenade - 4 Years Old My 4 year old jake singing Bruno mars grenade hilarious!
  • Into The Woods OPENING 2009 presented by sidney ohio community theater group sock & buskins. Ryan Hurley (Baker) Colleen Cook (Baker's Wife) Shanna Fair (Cinderella) Jenny Fair (Cinderella's Mother and Little Red Ridinghood) Ann Grisez (Cinderella's Stepmom) Dana Jenkins (Florinda) Elliot Schuler (Jack) Jenni Long (Jack's Mother) Joseph Troller (Lucinda) Derek Davis (Milky White--the cow) Tom Allenbaugh (Narrator) Kendra Williams (Witch)
  • Nurse Rachet giving home health care to Grandma Norman calls Green Pastures Inn to get home health in the home for Grandma.
  • Fuster Buskins-Black & White For Booking Information Contact: Udderly Good Records 1-888-902-9709 HOMESPUN GOOD NEWS MUSIC [email protected]
  • Video Shoot 4 LEG! The Real Metro Kidz Check out the Website www.vinyl-
  • Fuster Buskins of Klufford's Holler Fuster Buskins singin' and playin' his banjer in the holler. Words music by Buskins.
  • MAGE I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THIS AUDIO ---------------------------------------------------- The Video is mine! ----------------------------------------------------- Lyrics = I know why you're groupin with me I bet you wanna get some water outta me Do i look like a vending machine? No i'm a Fireballin MAGE I dont know why you're rolling a priest Shadow damage can't manage to top me I'm like a ninja with invisibility And then i'll TELEPORT 'Soon as i join the group They start beggin for water Coulda dropped a few gold and Just gone out and bought it But now they got a mage So you know that nobody brought it It's a good thing i got Two full bag spaces alotted Because i'm cookin up more Biscuits then a Buskins yo Just so our tank can get A couple more cinnamon rolls Arcane intellect for everyone So they should know But now i'm outta mana and They're already ready to go They like my sheep, They like my water And my conjured bread And now my pants are rockin out Some kinda mystic thread Frostnova your ass And pyroblas Untill you end up dead So when you lose all of your duels Go QQ in your baby bed Epic robes i roll on those and rock the DPS As far as CC goes my controlls Are all the best Class choices should be simple Cant you see? You rollin with me You better roll an MAGE When were headin down to gruuls You know that i'm the man Heal me please coz i'm MT Tanking krosh Firehand Spellsteal the shield everytime Like it was planned No one else can withstand His brand of pain Don't you ...
  • Echo Logicly Sound-Pilot TAXI TV 66 Studio Set Up
  • Jerkin Jerkin Jerkin!| The Real Metro Kidz :) Lmao! Everyones in this video! :O Shoutouts to Chuck! We had Rascal up first, $unny next, our bro juke from Team Twisted, Rita Maragarita, Playboy Da Bandit, then PrettyGirll, and then it was mr.lovesick guy who we're cool (hes a beast at isos!) and finally Rascal again lol :)
  • A viset "Into The Woods" backstage of the sock and buskins community theater group's production of "Into The Woods" YHA! little pigs rule ***XD hahahaha
  • Cousin Fuster Buskins makes a visit. Cousin Fuster Buskins makes a visit after breaking down in front of Grandma's house. Fuster Buskins has a new channel please go show him some love and check his channel out. /fusterbuskins1
  • Fuster Buskins Live For Show information contact: Homespun Good News Music 1-888-902-9709
  • Buskin (Playford, 1701), on mandolin This is an English country dance tune from the 11th Edition of Playford's Dancing Master (1701), played on my Mid-Missouri M-0W mandolin. The Fiddler's Companion says: "BUSKIN. English, Country Dance Tune (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning. AABB. The tune was printed by the Playfords in the 11th Edition of the Dancing Master (London, 1701), and in all subsequent editions until the last of the series (the 18th), printed by John Young in 1728. It also appears in the Walsh's Compleat Country Dancing Master, printed in London in 1718, and again in 1731 and 1754. A buskin is a half-boot, which laces closed but is open across the toes. It was an ancient style often associated with soldiers and hunters in Greece and Rome, and also with the stage. Actors in tragic roles in Greek theatre wore buskins, differentiated from comic actors, who wore a thin-soled shoe called a sock. Barlow (Compleat Country Dance Tunes from Playford's Dancing Master), 1985; No. 420, pg. 98. Barnes (English Country Dance Tunes, vol. 2), 2005; pg. 16. "
  • Buskins Dead Fire on the mountain Buskins Dead Folk Duo playing Grateful Dead fire on the mountain, Alte Schule Stuttgart Feb. 2007
  • Becky gets a love song from Fuster Fuster Buskins sings a love song to Becky and Grandma and Norman is non to happy with him. Song written and sung by Fuster Buskins. I have permission to use this in my video.
  • Kin Folks
  • Fuster Buskins and DearestBecky Fuster sings love songs to Becky. Words and music by Fuster Buskins.
  • Buskers Many of today's entertainers began their careers busking on streets corners. The word "busk" comes from the Spanish root word "buscar", meaning "to seek" -- buskers are literally seeking fame and fortune. The Spanish word "buscar" in turn evolved from the Latin "buskin". Buskins were ornamental sandals which were worn by Roman performers on celebration days.
  • Thracians - One Beautiful Mystery My nickname is a thracian name,the song inte clip are national bulgarian rhodope snong.Thracian tombs can be found dating back to 3000 BC.By the 5th century BC, the Thracian presence was pervasive enough to have made Herodotus call them the second-most numerous people in the part of the world known by him (after the Indians),and potentially the most powerful.The Thracians in classical times were broken up into a large number of groups and tribes, though a number of powerful Thracian states were organized, such as the Odrysian kingdom of Thrace and the Dacian kingdom of Burebista. A type of soldier of this period called the Peltast probably originated in Thrace.The archaeological research of the Thracian culture started in the 20th century and especially after World War II, mainly on the territory of Southern Bulgaria.As a result of intensive excavation works in the 1960s and 1970s a number of Thracian tombs and sanctuaries were discovered. More significant among them are: the Tomb of Sveshtari, the Tomb of Kazanlak, Tatul, Seuthopolis, Perperikon, the Tomb of Aleksandrovo, Sarmizegetusa.On August 19, 2005, some Bulgarian archaeologists announced they had found the first Thracian capital, which was situated near Karlovo in Bulgaria.In November 2008, Archaeologists unearthed a well-preserved 1800-year-old lavishly ornamented four-wheel bronze chariot at an ancient Thracian tomb near the south-eastern village of Karanovo in Bulgaria.In Dabene, Bulgaria, a cache of more than ...
  • Winners! NJA Vlado Video (Newport,Kentucky) The Real Metro Kidz
  • Back to Norman's roots Cousin Fuster wants Norman to go back to his roots.
  • Fuster Buskins Show Fuster Buskins hillbilly comedy and music show
  • Nao tragais borzeguis pretos Do not wear what is forbidden, For he who brings what is prohibited Always runs the risk Of being ridiculed and imprisoned. Because they will see you now running after secret cares. Do not wear black buskins For they are forbidden at court, Now you are wearing black buskins. And if you want to know the reason I wear This color on my feet, It comes from my heart, because my cares, most alive and most secret Were. bad luck, black. Ensemble: Continens Paradisi
  • When Daphne from Fair Phoebus Did Fly Words and music from traditional 1500's ballad Notes: I play this at a lot of Renaissance Fairs. Buskins are basically old-style leather/fur boots. The Bay is also known as a Laurel tree, the official tree of Apollo.