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  • The Covino & Rich Show "Bushwhacks" the Derby Covino, Rich, and Spot do the Bushwhacker dance!
  • Josh Bushwhacks.MTS Josh decides that the trail is through the brush.
  • Saltpeter cave Hank and I tried (unsuccessfully) to find the cave back in March 2010. I hiked past the entrance a few times, and after several bushwhacks I finally found it. Wanna know where it is? I bet you do. So get out there and look for it like I did!
  • Oh, Susanna! Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter Plot: Fleeing the law, Wolf Benson hops on a train, throws Autry off, and assumes Autry's identity. Still posing as Autry he robs and kills Autry's friend Lee. When Autry is jailed, his friends Frog and the Professor break him out and the three head out to clear him of the murder charge.
  • Video from Bushwhacks 2nd Annual Halloween Party! Dorothy & the Tinman were the hit of the party! Where is Toto?
  • DMOutdoors: Black Pond Bushwhack My brother's navigation of the Black Pond Bushwhack came out better than mine when I did it in July. Nailing the bushwhacks exactly how we wanted resulted in a great Owl's Head experience.
  • 1Run Day 2 - Fire Trail / Grizzly Peak Berkeley Doug attacks fire trail and bushwhacks.
  • Fools Gold Route - Mamquam Pass (Kindle eBook Link) Fools Gold Route - The Fool's Gold Route. Few attempt it, and even fewer successfully complete it. It is not an adventure game but can be considered an adventure quest. A series of logging roads, trails, flagged routes and long bushwhacks with no trails or markers at all, join together to form the adventure race seventy-five kilometre long Fools Gold Route. Take an adventure guide on this adventure trip. The Fool's Gold Route wilderness adventure begins in the mountains behind Squamish near the upper Mamquam River and terminates in the hills near Port Coquitlam and is not recommended for a family adventure sport or adventure tourism. However it is not mountain climbing, scrambling or western mountaineering. It is bushwhacking, at its most challenging level. Travelling from West to East, the route begins on an old deactivated logging road on the side hill above the Mamquam River that runs out of the Mamquam Lake. This is all that remains of the collapsed logging bridge that marks the western end of the Fools Gold Route. Starting in the autumn offers relief from the dense underbrush leading up to Mamquam Pass as the thick vegetation is completely covered by snow. As the snow pack melts away in the warm Fall weather, a crust forms, allowing us to walk on the surface of the snow, rather than having to slowly trudge through it. The fool's gold route movie is adventure travel at its best, but it is not an adventure game in the Rocky Mountains ...
  • Bushwhack Up Stewart Oncoman and I attempted Stewart last Friday. This peak is part of the Sentinel Range Wilderness, and is on the ADK 100 Highest list. The snow was over 2 1/2 feet deep, super heavy, and had no base. This was one of my most challenging winter bushwhacks to date!
  • Patrick Bushwhacks! Venedo Canyon First Descent Having fun?
  • Fly Fishing Colorado Trout Creek June 2009 Part 2 Steve Henderson of Henderson Fly Fishing and guest guide Rob Burden dry fly fishing on trout creek in Colorado, near Steamboat Springs. Steve bushwhacks to get in position for this nice little brown trout.
  • Owl's Head NH Virtual Hike Lot to summit, no audio. Shot July 19th, 2012. From Lincoln Woods. Franconia Brook Trailhead: 12:00 Lincoln Brook Trail: 18:30 Owl's Head Path: 43:30 Other information courtesy of David Lynch: "Some way points for your virtual hike: 27:20 is where my Black Pond bushwhacks come out onto Lincoln Brook Trail, by the cut log on the left, 31:30 rock has a swimming hole just upstream, 38:20 is where an old RR spur went up the south side...of Liberty Brook, 39:12 is the old John Henry logging Camp 12 site, 39:50 is where my bushwhack from Liberty came out on Valentine's Day 2010 (skips all but one crossing),40:50 is about where the Brutus Bushwhack is up on your right named for the most famous Newfoundland that ever hiked the Whites! Cool video, thanks for sharing!"
  • Covino & Rich Dudebro Convention Bushwhacks Citi Field C&R and the Dudebros getting on the Jumbotron during the 7th inning stretch at the Mets game on June 10, 2010...doing the Bushwhackers dance, of course!
  • Bear Cave Bushwhack An Unexpected Clown Car bushwhacks some unsuspecting freeps in the moors. Filmed by Ectoplasm aka Collier of Eleventh Hour Heroes Clowns involved: Pankake, Healacreep, Cripples, Raylengivens, Awq, Grishul and Ectoplasm!
  • ~1550ELO Ranked [AP Nidalee] (Commentated) Hi, I'm Teleiaskentix; and I'm top rated at 1607ELO. This makes me a mid-ranged ranked player, so keep in mind that I definitely don't think that I'm a hotshot (pun intended) or anything of that sort. You'll find my enemies this game are semi-intelligent though, unlike a lot of noob-stomping compilation videos you'll see on Youtube. Here are some clips from 3 or 4 of my Ranked AP Nidalee games. While this video isn't directly informative, there are many things you can learn from watching my Nidalee play. 0:09 Javelin Toss at enemy through about-to-die creep (unexpected). 0:34 Javelin Toss while enemy is lasthitting creep (makes them predictable). 0:40 Bushwhack enemy jungle, this cripples their jungler. 0:55 Flash Pounce is a great way to put distance between you and enemy 1:00 Javelin Toss can sometimes not be seen by enemy when thrown from fog. 1:16 Throw Bushwhacks to get temporary vision. 1:18 Approximate enemy positions based off prior movements. 2:59 Always keep in mind jumps (Lee Sin, Jax, etc) when approximating enemy movements! When being chased, they will almost always jump to closest minions when they can. 3:20 Don't lose focus in teamfights. Always go for enemy squishies. Nidalee's Javelin will do virtually nothing to a Tank, but they can devastate the enemy AD Carry. 3:58 Even when you're about to get hit by enemy bruiser (in this case, Jax)—make sure to focus enemy AD Carry if possible. 4:37 Anticipate enemy dashes. I know Graves is trying to ...
  • Hiking Halcott High Peak | Catskills, NY | 11/3/2012 Hiking Halcott. It is one of 35 high peaks in the Catskills. To join the Catskill 3500 Club you must hike all 35 high peaks and hike 4 of them again in the Winter. This is 35 out of 39 for me.
  • Duck Soup Gaming Seattle Meet Up - July 2012 The Duck Soup Gaming Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 players from the Seattle area meet up for burgers and bushwhacks of fun!