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  • jen screws up 1st. part 2 on afognak
  • Pruning finish cut with Stihl MS 660 Making a finishing cut, to remove the section where I had made the felling cut on this co-dominant pine. Last cut on my first day out with the Stihl MS 660.
  • The Busheling Daywager Falling a Spruce on Afognak Island with a Stihl ms 660 Ugly Hound and his faithful sidekick Pat Lacey cutting a Sitka Spruce on Afognak Island. We have been here for 5 years and have not taken a single video, so I talked my cutting partner into making this Video for me. The tree and the Timber faller are nothing special, but the saw, the chain, and Ugly dog dang sure are!
  • Stihl 088 42" Home made bar 3/8 .063 137 drivers approx 42" 7 pin rim First test run
  • Lumberjacks falling a redwood tree. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Dump Busheling 1
  • stihl ms660 kerry ireland logging seasoned oak amateur style kerry ireland
  • Timber Cain falling trees Timber faller falls huge trees with great skill