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  • Short article about the origins of making rugs from strips of worn out clothes and textiles by using a hand held hook. Author: Joan Moshimer. He learned that hooked rugs and the closely related "brodded" rugs were common in some parts of Britain. — “Origins of Traditional Rug Hooking”,
  • Press page for Dave Cherry online, singer of Stairfoot Rarndabart and fundraiser for Barnsley Hospice All brodded rugs included?" I heard that the Feast Week was cancelled in the war. I came from Worsborough Bridge and my dad told me an amusing story. — “Dave Cherry Online - Barnsley's finest press page!”, dave-
  • 1st person AM, 2d ARE or ART or BIST, 3d IS, past sing. 1st and 3d persons WAS, 2d WERE or WAST or WERT, past participle BEEN, present participle BEING] BI a {bi***ual=n} [n -S] BO a pal [n -S] BY a pass in certain card games [n -S] CH dialect. — “AA a rough cindery lava [n -S] - Zyzzyva: The Last Word in”,
  • The following list is based on TWL2006 and CSW2007. abactor abanded abature abidden broches brochos brocked brockit brodded broddle brodkin brogged brokery brolgas bromise. — “SOWPODS-Only Seven-Letter Words”,
  • 35 steamie# 35 azurine# 35 araised# 34 toeiest# 34 soilier# 34 sodaine# 34 lentors# 34 1 bulkers# 1 buglets# 1 bucksom# 1 bruchid# 1 browsts# 1 brouzes# 1 brodded# 1 brocked# 1 broched# 1 briller# 1 brewpub# 1 branked# 1 braccio# 1. — “o7.txt”,
  • [T02] {bradded} [T03] {brad} [T04] {brads} {bradded} [T05] @brod {brod} [T01] {brodding} [T02] {brodded} [T03] {brod} [T04] {brods} {brodded} [T05] @bud {bud} [T01] {budding} [T02] {budded} [T03] {bud} [T04] {buds} {budded} [T05] @cabod {cabod}. — “double-d-output.txt”,
  • h2g2 is the unconventional guide to life, the universe and everything, a guide that's written by visitors to the website, creating an organic and evolving encyclopedia of life I'm not sure if 'brodded' is a misprint or some arcane process with which I am not familiar. — “BBC - h2g2 - A Conversation Forum”,
  • Yorkshire Dialect Verse from Fred Hirst T'way If Mam an' Dad brodded tha'd think the' wor on tack. Inside o' t'booarder wo grey, centre piece wo red. — “Fred Hirst b to c”, yorkshire-
  • He was asking leading questions (the way he did in that session with Dorothy Brodded - remember?) and evaluating too. Several other students on the Briefing Course remarked to one another now and again on LRH's poor auditing technique but kinda brushed it off - after all this was RON. — “Re: RE: The Big Story”,
  • abarticulation abasedness abashedness abashedness's abashlessly abasic abasio abassi a*** a***ize abastral abatage abbest abbevillian abbeystead abbeystead's abbeystede abboccato abbogada abbotnullius abbotric abbott abbozzo abbreviatable. — “”,
  • A story of working class life in Batley, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike, Gomersal, Birkenshaw and Leeds by Peter Hall. as if time had stood still, nothing had changed, there was a live-in kitchen with lino on the floor and a brodded rug before the. — “Back to Batley”,
  • The street is not a first class street, it is practically a dirt road, but it is very quiet. Her father stood beneath the shawl that brodded like a wing over him, still and tense and waiting, but the screams didn't come. — “The Yellow Shawl”,
  • Chapter 1 of a One Piece - Drama/Romance fanfiction. Finially an update. I don't own One Piece. While watching it bubble I thought about how cliche' this was, and brodded whether or not too do something. — “The Epic of Jen Chapter 1, an One Piece fanfic - ”,
  • If the word is capitalized, then it is in both the SOWPODS and TWL98 If the word is not capitalized, then it is only in the SOWPODS dictionary. — “The following is a list of all the - MIT”,
  • 7(seven) letter words and containing d: abidden,abiders,abiding,aboding,academe,academy,acedias,acidest,acidify,acidity,airdate,airdrop,akedahs,alidade,alidads,alodial,alodium,aludels,amadous,amidase,amidine,amidins,amidols,amidone,anadems, brodded. — “7(seven) letter words and containing d”,
  • from many times i have not written any thing when i remember when i was returning from canada i was thinking to become a writer.. but what Iam delhi working in L&T Ramboll.. now a days I dont have any desire to write any thing. — “Nismar”,
  • Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored He was asking leading questions (the way he did in that session with Dorothy Brodded - remember?. — “The Skeptic Tank: Alt.Religion.Scientology Archive Message - 1995”,
  • Words that contain DD : Words containing DD brodded. brodding. budded. budder. budders. buddha. buddhas. buddied. buddier. buddies. buddiest. budding. buddings. buddle. buddled. buddleia. buddleias. buddles. buddling. buddy. buddying. caddice. caddices. caddie. caddied. caddies. — “Word dd meaning. Word dd definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • Definition of Brod with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. to prod [v BRODDED, BRODDING, BRODS] - See also: prod. Brod Pictures. Click any thumbnail below to go to the full-sized version of that picture or photo: Loading. — “Brod: Definition with Brod Pictures and Photos”,


  • A Memoria Brooded- John Madden I LOVE THESE DUDES!!!! Website: http:///gooutwithabang#!/AMemoriaBrooded?sk=app_178091127385.