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  • Brachydactyly, type C (BDC) is characterized by disproportionate shortening of the second and third fingers with short second and third middle phalanges, ulnar deviation, and hypersegmentation. The first, fourth, and fifth metacarpals are short, with fifth finger clinodactyly. — “Brachydactyly, Type C (20q11.2)”,
  • Brachydactyly (BD) refers to shortening of the fingers or toes due to underdevelopment of the bones in the hands or feet. — “Brachydactyly Information on Healthline”,
  • The word brachydactyly (pronounced brack-ee-dack-til-ee) is derived from an ancient Greek term for short digits. — “Brachydactyly - Family and Child Health - Body & Health”,
  • Brachydactyly is a medical term which literally means "shortness of the fingers and toes". — “Brachydactyly - OrganizedWisdom Health”,
  • THE CONTENTS OF RADSWIKI WILL BE AVAILABLE ON . Brachydactyly. From RadsWiki. Jump to: navigation, search. This article is a stub. You can be a HUGE HELP to by expanding it. If you do not feel comfortable editing. — “Brachydactyly - RadsWiki”,
  • Brachydactyly. Definition. Brachydactyly (BD) refers to shortening of the fingers or toes due to underdevelopment of the bones in the hands or feet. The word brachydactyly comes from the Greek terms brachy, meaning ". — “Brachydactyly”,
  • I suffer from a condition called Type D BrachyDactyly (pronounced brake-ee dact-a-lee) Alas, I found it when news of Megan Fox having brachydactyly. — “Joe Vitale confesses he suffers from Type D Brachydactyly”,
  • Brachydactyly is a genetic trait which causes people to have unusually short fingers and toes. As a general rule, people with brachydactyly can live normal, productive lives, although. — “What is Brachydactyly?”,
  • brachydactyly.List of 63 disease causes of Brachydactyly patient stories diagnostic guides medical books excerpts online about Brachydactyly. Diagnostic checklist medical. — “brachydactyly”,
  • List of 68 disease causes of Brachydactyly, patient stories, diagnostic guides, medical books excerpts online about Brachydactyly. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Brachydactyly. — “Brachydactyly - ”,
  • brachydactylic also brachydactylous adj. Having abnormally short fingers or toes. brachydactylia brach ' ydactyl ' ia or brach ' ydac ' tyly Brachydactyly (Greek βραχύς = "short" plus δάκτυλος = "finger"), is a medical term which literally means "shortness of the fingers and toes". — “brachydactylic: Definition from ”,
  • Brachydactyly (Greek βραχύς = "short" plus δάκτυλος = "finger"), is a medical term which literally means "shortness of the fingers and toes" (digits). The shortness is relative to the length of other long bones and other parts of the body. Brachydactyly is an inherited, usually dominant trait. — “Brachydactyly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A US Department of Health and Human Service project providing information on genetic and rare diseases. A comprehensive body of resources on Brachydactyly type A1. — “Brachydactyly type A1”,
  • Brachydactyly, or abnormally short digits, may result from underdevelopment or absence of some of the Repetition or deficiency of single parts, such as fingers or toes (polydactyly, hypodactyly [ectrodactyly], brachydactyly), is a frequent anomaly in man and other mammals. — “brachydactyly (congenital disorder) -- Britannica Online”,
  • Definition of brachydactylia in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of brachydactylia. Pronunciation of brachydactylia. Translations of brachydactylia. brachydactylia synonyms, brachydactylia antonyms. Information about brachydactylia in the free. — “brachydactylia - definition of brachydactylia by the Free”,
  • List of 418 causes for Brachydactyly and Clubfoot, alternative diagnoses, rare causes, misdiagnoses, patient stories, and much more. — “Brachydactyly and Clubfoot - Symptom Checker - check medical”,
  • The various types of isolated brachydactyly are rare, except for types A3 and D. Brachydactyly can occur either as an isolated malformation or as a part of a complex malformation syndrome. Brachydactyly may also be accompanied by other hand malformations, such as syndactyly,. — “Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases | Full text | Brachydactyly”,
  • Online Medical Dictionary and glossary with medical definitions Brachydactyly is a frequent feature of syndromes of congenital malformation (constellations of birth defects) including Down syndrome (trisomy 21). — “Brachydactyly definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of”,
  • Definition of brachydactyly in the Medical Dictionary. brachydactyly explanation. Information about brachydactyly in Free online English dictionary. What is brachydactyly? Meaning of brachydactyly medical term. What does brachydactyly mean?. — “brachydactyly - definition of brachydactyly in the Medical”, medical-
  • a CHORUS notecard document about brachydactyly brachydactyly. excessively shortened tubular bones in hands and feet. During the period of bone growth, the hallmark is "cone epiphysis," the apex of which protrudes into the adjacent metaphysis. Epiphyses close prematurely leading to short, broad. — “brachydactyly”,


  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Defect - Short toes The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Short toe defect is called Brachydactylia and occurs relatively frequently. It is genetic - however not all offspring are always affected. It is more likely if both parents have the defective gene - but even then is a bit like a lottery in that the number of affected pups is unpredictable.