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  • Truck at the URE 4x Cross Event Ack s FAQ and Zuwharrie com sponsored Mike Whitfield s Suzuki Sidekick at the URE 4X Cross event held at the Uwharrie National Forest may 9 11 2008 Whitfield finished 6 and 7 in his class The operative word is finished There were a lot of other trucks who for various reasons including boneheadedness didn t make it very far
  • and juggy with bowling balls and potatoes everywhere Sadly it did not turn out that way Seems Sooze somehow knew I would hate the place and kept it a secret she was right Having equal parts of technique flaws tunnel vision and boneheadedness my time there was not that enjoyable Day one started with a 42 hang ascent of a random 10d warmup UNHOLY
  • After fixing some boneheadedness in the ASIC event code and a whole passel of translator caching and other bugs I ve finally gotten to the login prompt to clarify this is the dreamcast linux 010605 ISO that Takeshi Yaegashi put together several years ago running a modified 2 4 5 kernel Unfortunately after the happy dance it was at
  • 58 mins ago A little USSR nostalgia Hotel Buryatia