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  • CoN - III Unforgettable Fear [vs TheOnlyDoylie] Wicked's Child of Nephilem Contest Round III - Beta Round Against: TheOnlyDoylie Story -- Chris never can tell where he is anymore, and never knows when he'll be on solid ground, and when he'll be stuck in the hell behind his eyelids. They diagnosed him with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but he just calls it justice. Because after all, what right does he have to normalcy when he couldn't save any of the lives in Kijuju? Terasave activists like his sister were busy looking for a cure, and what was he doing? --blowing off their heads, inching closer to his goal, to his lost partner, and to the man responsible-- Men trapped in their own meat suits. Except him, Wesker. His once-upon-a-time Captain. The man he couldnt convince to come back to reason. The man he lost that day in the Arklay mountains. The Captain he left behind in his bitterness, and lost to a monster that he killed in Kijuju. He finds himself face first in the bath tub, bubbles tickling the nostrils of his nose as they flutter to the surface. He hears something--footsteps--and wonder if its Sheva with another assignment. If she finds him like this, she might think things have gotten worse. Might ask him to stay behindbut he can't muster the strength to lift his head. So someone else does it for him. Fingers around the back of his neck tug harshly, pull him gasping to the surface. Water flings in a clear arc, and his blue eyes snap wide. Wesker. And then he is sentenced back to the hell behind his eyelids ...
  • Pedro Mendes crazy goal- crazy football commentator
  • BFBC2: K/D vs. Objective, weapon choosing and random blattering Hello people, I'm Capo and I'd like you to find a sentence I could use to introduce my videos. Please leave it in the comments, and don't forget to rate and subscribe!
  • Weekly Overseas UTAU Forum News 5 Enjoy my blattering! And contact me through the forums if you feel like helping me out. Links: New technology for UTAU: New voicebanks: New .USTs: Better videos than this one: UTAU-spotlight:
  • Haunted Shootery - Glitched the blatering bleech is glitched
  • Filling holes in the ceiling Plastering some holes in the ceiling. (Halfway through my mom comes in blattering about something utterly unimportant.)
  • Back to blattering Well back to going on about nothing at the moment but figured like exercising you have to start somewhere even if you aren't running a glitzy marathon first thing out.