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  • Cute shrimps ride plants in fast water Our Amano (Caridina multidentata) Shrimp in our soon to be Dwarf Puffer tank... I thought they didn't like fast moving water, but it isn't going to stop these eating off the tips of the plants.... weeeeeeeeee
  • 10 gallon soon to be dwarf puffer tank Tank is still cycling but wanted to get peoples opinions. I plan on moving the 2 danios to my 29 gallon when it's done cycling. Im going to put 1 male and one maybe 2 female dwarf puffers
  • Long Island Piney Power show: Summer Begins at Rocky Point Preserve (Part 2 of 2) Heading through alot of pines as well as some post and blackjack oaks to Whiskey Rd. Then I check out the heart of the burn area where there appears to be dwarf pines, as they seem to be growing horizontally than vertical.
  • Flopz Speedpaint Remember that rabbit I made at random on my "MOAR SAND" animation? Well now he's an offical character! I think he's an american flop....or whatever those bunnies with the ears flopped down at their heads are... He's quite calm, and nothing really stresses him out, or angers him, much to the annoyance of Tina, who constantly tries to get him to snap at her. I might make a dwarf bunny character next, Flops was originally gonna be the anxious one, but that might work for the dwarf one..seeing that Tina usually drags the poor thing into situations that she needs his tiny stature..XD Flopz is (c) me Time took for the drawing: About 24 minutes...minus the sketch maybe? Program: GIMP Song used in the speedpaint: Skizm-Melt
  • Cheapest 99 Smithing Guide! Make 145mil! Commentary! Holy Myles X Knights Sword Quest Skill requirements: 10 mining or level 9 with a Dwarven Stout Items: 2 iron bars, pickaxe, and a redberry pie Reward: 12725 smithing xp Xp Left to 30: 638 xp --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steel Bar to level 35: Total of 9043 xp 517 Steel bars and per steel bar you need 2 coal and 1 iron ore 17.5 xp You make 120 per steel bar and total of 62k ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 35 to 40 or 99 Cannonballs: Total of 14818 xp to 40 To make you must be Dwarf Cannon Quest no requirements 1 steel bar makes 4 cannonballs For level 40 you will need to make 582 sets of cannonballs or 582 steel bars You make 71 gp per cannonball or 284 per steel bar You will make 165k to level 40 For level 99 you will need to make 510276 sets You will make 145mil to level 99 Xp per hour varies - 15-25k per hour ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 40 to 99 Gold Bars: You must do Family Crest Quest Skill/Other Requirements: 40 Crafting 40 Mining 40 Smithing 59 Magic Be able to defeat a level 170 demon You will get family gauntlets completeting the quest Take the gloves to the Well-Dressed man at the Scorpion Pit mine in Al Kharid The gloves give you an extra 33.2 xp per gold bar smelt The amount of xp per gold bar 56.2 xp and to level 99 you will need to smelt 231268 gold ore into gold bars Cost 25.6m Varies 55k ...
  • WoW Unholy Dk vs blood DK and Disc priest 2v1 PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH DEF - it is hard to see what is going on otherwise. And sorry its pretty much unedited. My Death Knight's name is Krethinth from Stormscale (US) Cyclone Battle group. This is a 2v1 skirmish clip of me vs a very geared Blood DK (He has Betrayer of Humanity) and a geared disc priest. They are from different servers, but I'm out numbered! The Blood Death Knight was on a 1900 team and the priest was on a 1650 team when this movie was taken. Priest's (Glowy - Uldum) armory: Dk's (Froststeel - Boulderfist) armory: My (Krethinth - Stormscale) armory:
  • FortressCraft's inspiration I'm quite tired of being told that 'I'm ripping off Minecraft', so I thought I'd show this, which was written a long time before Minecraft was even thought of. I abandoned this project as I couldn't get it to run fast enough; Minecraft's (well, technically, Infiniminer's) optimal rendering technique gave me the idea and inspiration to resurrect the project, and call it FortressCraft. Hopefully you are able to see the similarities between this and Minecraft, even tho I was first, and you can see how, one day, the game will be 'Dwarf Fortress in 3d' - and how I hope I've proven, once and for all, that I am not ripping off Minecraft. (although the video only shows 2d, the game was fully 3d... I can't remember how to properly move around any more in it though!) Feel free to tell that I'm ripping off Dwarf Fortress tho. Include screenshots if you like ;-) All graphics are ofc placeholder! FortressCraft Chapter 1 will be released on the 8th of April 2011.
  • Exploring Cataclysm: Old Ironforge I am exploring the amazing Old Ironforge (Cataclysm Version). To get there you must: -be a mage {You can be dwarf too and any hero class if you are in patch 3.3.x -be a gnome and you are able to use Stuck; that means you don't -have Blink need anymore to use Blink.} To see how to get there, not just the requirements or exploring, watch the fellow videos on the right
  • Kingdom Life Classes in ROBLOX Part 4 Search on ROBLOX Kingdom Life. Error on number 3. It was suppose to be Dwarf Miner Female. I will put the female dwarf miner on the next video. Classes: Necro:(9-5) Zombie: (9) Ghost: (8) Lich: (7) Skeleton: (6) Skeletal Warrior: (5) Dwarves:(4-1) Dwarf Miner (Male): (4) Error on Number 3 Dwarf Warrior: (2) Dwarf King: (1)
  • Let's play Dwarf Fortress ep 12 Description in ep.09
  • Be-Slade (re-mix) (Noddy Holder & Jimmy Lea) Be helpful to the shy-man, But be wary of the slyman oh baby, Be guidance to the blindman, And be thankful to the kind man oh baby, Be scintillating, aggravating, penetrating, over rating, Baby don't you know, Be hostess with the mostest to Whoever comes the closest, Oh baby don't you know. Be faithful to the true man, Sympathetic to the blue man oh baby, Be dwarf against the small man oh baby, Be scrutinizing, tantalizing, appertizing, full moon-rising, Baby don't you know, Be mistress with a history of mystery and twistery, Oh baby don't you know. CHORUS: Stand up, stand up, stand up and be yourself, Stand up, stand up, don't be nobody else, Cos me well you see, I don't need nobody else. Be beauty for the plain man, But be sane for the insane man, Oh baby don't you know, Be dirty for the clean man, But be shirty for the obscene man Oh baby don't you know Be understanding, undemanding, hand in hand happy landing, Baby don't you know, Be harem, scarem, grin and bare em, Wash and wear em, do or dare em, Oh baby don't you know. CHORUS. Be beauty for the plain man, And be sane for the insane man, And be faithful to the true man, Sympathetic to the blue man, Oh baby don't you know, Be helpful to the shyman, and be wary of the slyman Be guidance to the blindman, and be thankful to the kindman, Oh baby don't you know, Be mistress with a history of mystery and twistery, Oh baby don't you know, Be hostess with the mostess to whoever Comes the closest ...
  • Stonekeep - Fairy song - I'd rather be a dwarf [HQ] Way to go, Murph! Lyrics: Chuckle: If you could be the king, Wouldn't that be a dandy thing? Murph: I'd rather be a dwarf. Giggle: A hero great and tall, Vanquish foes - one and all? Murph: I'd rather be a dwarf. Snort: The wisest man in all the land, Who holds all knowledge in his hand? Murph: I'd rather be a dwarf. Binkle: A poet, artist, or a sage, A singer or a might mage? Murph: I'd rather be a dwarf. Winkle: A tinker, tailor, soldier, thief, A slug, a worm, and ugly leech? Murph: I'd rather be a dwarf. All (except Murph): A pile of rocks, a lock of hair, The lint beneath a rocking chair, A broken twig, a hairy gnat, The guano of a worm-sick bat!? Murph: D'oh... I'd rather be a dwarf. But I am pretty stupid... I guess I am a dwarf!
  • born to be alive (dwarf version) this is a dwarf version of born to be alive from patrick hernandez pls comment
  • Stonekeep - I'd Rather be a Dwarf A song from the faerie troupe in the game, Stonekeep. The subtitles are off, but that's how it is in the game, not a lot I can do about that.
  • Ninja Rogue Wanna be dwarf ninja takes on the horde in an epic fight!!