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  • Doom's Day by TheNekrokingProject and Brainwashedsickness SORRY BRAINWASHEDSICKNESS!!!! Took me forever to get around to this lol but finally I have uploaded this epic death/grind song! All instruments all played, performed, and programmed by me, while the lyrical content was done by Brainwashedsickness. ENJOY! Lyrics below! despair immense and erosive blights of biblical proportions eldritch ***ing balefulness those are nonplussed times of carnage the sky is burning blood pelter outburst clays spiral, turning nettling discord enforced god's wrath ***s you bloody lifeless live your incarnated nightmares through mangling cicatrization through fanged, peaked mortification assailed in the dark, knifed, clawed brutaldelic iniquity your insides adorn the hole-taken victory ground yawing wide pain mirrors thine eyes hear the drab slain cry planetary demise autonomous machines uproot fiendish birds dive on your wounds objects ghoulishly enlivened are you but a good riddance? flames engulf the world in death and rue enshrouds whatever's left whereby judgment is well-sanctioned circumvent extermination preachers say it's not too late they must be ***ing kidding you old nick's here to commence doomsday soon you'll let death in as your sooth bio(bio)degraded(degraded) effaced(defaced)retentions(retentions) malign eschaton unmourned tragedy atomization cataclysmic death zombified canid seed ruinous self-burking abscessed pockmark mordant doom's pest flesh marred *4 cacodemons hunt you down this forlorn you can't disallow numbed as your ...
  • LI YI JUN LI YIJUN attend herself and made MV of "thankfulness heart" of relieve the people in disaster Wen Chuan, Si Chuan, CHINA hit over by a powerful earthquake, The quake struck at 14:28 pm in may.12,2008. whole province 11 cities and state all be hit in disaster. The earthquake skilling most of Si Chuan people. Tai Wan famous love singer Li Yi Jun is pretty concerned about them who were hit in earthquake, she espress, we could fell the true love in balefulness, we will be certain get toghter pull out the bale.
  • DON CHISCIOTTE | DON QUIXOTE | DON QUIJOTE DON QUIXOTE I've red too many tales about knights-errant of heroic deeds, about the good triumphing over the high and mighties to keep staying here in this room with my books like a lazy coward, deaf to any sufference like a lazy coward, deaf to any sufference in the world of today, more that yesterday, iniquity dominates but we no longer have news about heroic knights and because of that, Sancho, what we need the most is a generous impetus, even if it's a crazy dream fetch my saddle, because I've promised my bold commitment to my beloved, Dulcinea del Toboso and to you, Sancho, I promise you will earn a castle but I won't accept a refusal, come one, saddle my horse you will be my squire, my comforting shadow and with this pure heart, with my shield and Roncinante I will strike injustice day and night with my spear as sure as my name is Don Chisciotte here in la Mancha Sancho Panza this madman is not fine, he needs a doctor to contradict him is not a good idea, he's never in a good mood he's the saddest figure ever appeared on this earth valiant knight of a lonesome war started for the love of a woman met in a hourly inn where she works as prostitute but thinking to have seen a real princess he wanted to make her that promise at any cost and so since days we receive only kicks we don't know where we are, with no food nor water and this madman who is like the most naive child yesterday crashed into the windmill vanes He is a stubborn, a stargazer, he has too many dreams in ...