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  • (Story) Turn The Right Way (Part 67) I see you guys comment and thanks alot! and thanks for the increasing subs too! Here ya go Part 67 of Turn The Right Way. ----------------------------------------- Rhyll's POV: I was staring at her on top of me with disgust. Lindsey sat on top of me in her bra, playing with my hair. I tried to move but I just couldn't. I closed my eyes as she leaned in to me. She breathed on my neck then bit my ear hard. "AH!!!" I screamed my eyes flying open. Wait that was a dream!? I sat up looking around to see no one in the room. Gosh I am actually having nightmares about my step-slut sister. I rolled my eyes and got up. Looking at the clock I realized I was late for breakfast. I brushed my teeth and went downstairs to eat something. There was no one at the dining table but Anya eating her breakfast after everyone had left. She got up at once when she saw me approach. "Sit down and eat," I told her. "I'll get breakfast for myself." Since the "command" came from me she sat down and kept eating her toast. I entered the kitchen and looked around. Where was my toast? Nothing was in sight. Then Anya came into the kitchen behind me. "Everyone ate everything and I just ate the only toast left," she told me. "Am I that late?" I asked hungrily. She nodded. "Go sit down, I'll make something for you." "Thanks," I smiled at her and went to sit down. 15 minutes later, Anya came to the table with a tray of food. Juice and pieces of apples! Healthy breakfast...I like it! I attacked my breakfast as ...
  • Rosario + Vampire-Mood Rings Hahaha, I just thought the song fit. Sorry about how short this is. Lately I've kind of decided my vids will be either short with effects or long without effects. *pouts babyishly* I want sony vegas. Anyway... Song: Mood Rings by Relient K Anime: Rosario to Vampire Characters: Moka, Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore (Sorry. No Kokoa or Ruby)