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  • Whats Eating Scientific Data? 21st Century Approaches to Google Tech Talk June 17, 2009 ABSTRACT Whats eating Scientific Data? 21st Century Approaches to Discovering (Chemical) Data Presented by Jim Downing and Nico Adams. The web of documents and unstructured information is slowly but inexorably evolving towards a web of data. The increasing data-centricity of the web is driven by the next generation of web-applications and the future evolution of search - the searching of structured data is the value proposition behind a recent spate of start-ups in the search space. Furthermore, the internet in general and the semantic web in particular are revolutionising the way in which science communicates, manages and exchanges data, impacting all areas of scientific endeavour from scholarly communication through to laboratory management and data ***ysis and mining. Chemistry is the central physical science and at the heart of modern research into new drugs, new materials and new personal care products. All of these products require the confluence of structured data from a number of different domains and often advances in science can be viewed as a data integration problem and therefore the availability as well as the discoverability of high-quality scientific/chemical data on the internet is of the utmost importance. In this talk we will discuss recent developments in the semantic toolstack for chemistry, starting with markup languages for chemical data, RDF vocabularies as well as ontologies (ChemAxiom) for chemicals and materials ...