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  • freedom for the political prisoners in eritrea awna2007
  • [SM]Missing Evanescence[SM] Hola x] This Is A Sailor Moon Trailer I Will Finsh It When I Have More Clips Stroy: Someone Really Doesn't Like Sailor Moon So There Was A Plot To Kill Her They Succeed But Some Strange Force Brought Her Back But She Notices Some Changes In Her Home Town It Seems All Her Friends Have Changed There Relationship With Serena Or Feelings Toward Her Even Seiya He No Longer Likes Serena Nor Care About Her Anymore So She Feels Unwanted And Lonley She Remebers Darien His Away In America Though. She Feels Like She Isn't Even Sailor Moon Or Serena Some How She Was Wishing She Could Only Be With Darien She Closes Her Eyes..And Apperes In His Room She Rushes Over To Hug Him He Pushes Her Away Like He Doesn't Even Know Her...She Turns Around And Sees A Girl In His Bed He Laughs And Gets Ready To Kiss Her Like He Just Remebered Who She Was Serena Pushes Him Away And Askes Him Whos More Important If You Really Do Remeber Me..He Doesn't Awner And She Breaks Out Of The World She Feels Trapped In Like It Was A Dream She Goes Up On A Cliff She Doesn't Even Know Where But She Doesn't Care AnyWhere But Home Is Good She Says To Herself She Looks To The Sky And Knows Something Is Really Wrong She Thinks About All She Has Lost But She Is DetirmenedTo Gain It All Back... ~Lyrics~ Can you stop the fire? Can you stand to fight her? You cant stop the fire, you wont say the words. Please, please forgive me, But I won't be home again. Maybe someday you'll look up, And, barely conscious, you'll say to ...
  • A star like you- season 2 ep 4 please comment!!!!! whichis your fave sereis- a star like you or years back???? PLEASE AWNER DAT QUESTION
  • awna100 awna-eritrea
  • Really cool optical illusion!! #1 type the awner as a comment or just leave a nice comment!
  • Pieced Together - Control Machete - Esperanza .Local and traveling graffiti artists from Texas decorate the silos in downtown, El Paso. .if you want to be tagged/credited here, feel free to comment. .Some of the featured artists were: gibes, gems, cyde, grave, myk, brave, deviks, domes, strike, proe/awner, cyk, shewp, supher, news, seyoe, cens, farm, sloke, token, saint, celoe, hedr, option, oger, spik, amuse, unek, and french .The interview is with film director Orson Wells, best known for "Citizen Kane". .Support art. -k
  • freedom for the political prisoners in eritrea=awna1 eritrea=awna2007
  • Dark + Cherry - Could This Be Love? Darkstar and Cherrytail tribute. Darkstar and Coldheart are brothers but Darkstar faught for his awner infront of his parents, Marble and Coldclaw.
  • freedom for the political prisoners in eritrea=awna2 freedom for =awna1
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  • A Vampires Story(SasuSaku) Chapter 1:Prologue hi and I hope you'll like my new story"A Vampire Story"....if you like it pls comment and tell me...this is chapter 1 the prologue and the first 6-7 chapters will be about Sakura and Ino and the gand(withaout Sasuke) but she will have strenge dreams about him and it will get better and better by the chapters go on.... the next chapter will be "the Profetsy" hope you'll like...bye DISCLAIMER 1 : I do NOT own Naruto, the fanfiction is 100% fanmade ,The Fanfiction Charecters Belong to Masashi Kishimoto(c); DISCLAIMER 2 :The Music Is related In No Way To The Seres And They Belong To Their Rightfull Awner
  • Halo 3 Killionaire This was a capture card test, not a display of skill.
  • Question me to you - Favourite game ? TODAYS QUESTION : What is your favourite game ? Leave awner below YESTETODAYS QUESTION : When did you join cp ? No awners MY AWNSER : Mid december 2009 i did have another account when i was little but i lost the password ------------ Websites------------- Scoz291's twitter : Odynsfee2 : Nigelcp55 : Season two coming tonight : Link avabile when ready
  • Ram1001 Reviews: Push Noobs Into A Blender The Link to the Place is If you wanted to have a place review please message me or Rams1001 for a awner.
  • Me and Emma having a screaming contest. Who won?? Tell us by emailing or cometing your awner.
  • Its A Gosselin Contest! (No Deadline) Well... GL! feel free to comment questions. i would be happy to awner all of them