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  • A Valiant Hue Of Gray- Beta-Ray Bill Ft. Micha Lang For years the soul has scarred itself raw For internal wisdom and the war inside is a prism with no shades it's a valiant hue of gray depicting Personal triumph to personal loss The selling of morals for the price of their cost a lackluster holocaust trapped inside a snow globe's frost/ so i make home rainy days, sit by the fire sip some coffee light up a smoke and yearn for loves embrace but i ignore the social race cuz i move at my own pace. These words of mine salvaged from extinguished flames and years lost, living in picture frames, i realized too late time is can never be tamed now There's nothing left for me to lose, and nothing left for me to gain, so I'll treat life like a wild horse with no reigns For these stories of mine fall on deaf ears all the trauma, hopes and the fears but *** it I'll just crack open a bottle of mikes hard and say cheers A baring of soul is not needed these days For there's more to this world than beta ray's pain So i'll burn it away until it fades to gray i wont give another second to the tear-stains for all our lives are to short to live them in strain Cleanse yourself clean before you catch apathies disease and the weight of your baggage makes you crawl on your knees So leave this behind for it burdens the soul Nothing is necessary, that's all one need know Feel the removal of desire and shame It's the key to rebirth in a world slightly sane We are what we are and our being must breathe So i leave this behind and start something clean
  • Candiria-Year One (2002) From their 5th album The COMA Imprint
  • State of Mind - Sun King Great track from "State of Mind".
  • [NEW SONG] Covalence(Single) - Pursuance Facebook: Free Download: Bandcamp: Lyrics: Who knows how long I've been, Dead to the world, Day after day, Time has elapsed, Grinding its teeth, Eating at me, Drifting further into the void, Tranquility, One more hole dug, Bury one more piece of myself, Count the measures, Follow the steps, All I have are the choices I've made, Rest, Sleep, Dream, Of what could be, How will I know I'm home? When will I know I'm home? Your eyes are weary, Closed eyes see what can't be, Real, What is reality, Stare into the stars, Familiar auras, Strangled by apathies, A truly romantic termination, Feeling every second tear away, Traveling the same course, As all existence, Oblivion. You will not be conquered, You have seen too much for it to end like this, You will not be broken, Your will can't be so fickly bent, Don't let yourself drift away, From who you are, You can't let regret define you, Don't let yourself drift away, From who you are.
  • Enemies and Apathies | Five Minute Theatre - Protest Part of the National Theatre of Scotland's Five Minute Theatre - 1 May 2012 When lulled into the glow of internet-informed passivity, what would it take to get you out of your chair? By Emily Reutlinger. Performed by Amiera Darwish, Lucy Hollis, Ross Mann, Natalie Songer and Saria Steyl.
  • Dianetics, Mountain View, CA Depression, Self-Doubt.wmv Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard Man's mind is the command post of operation and is constructed to resolve problems and pose problems related to survival and only to survival... If there ever was a devil, he designed the reactive mind. ...The reactive mind is possessed by everyone. No human being examined anywhere was discovered to be without one or without aberrative content in his engram bank, the reservoir of data which serves the reactive mind. What does this mind do? It shuts off hearing recall. It places vocal circuits in the mind. It makes people tone-deaf. It makes people stutter. It does anything and everything that can be found in any list of mental ills: psychoses, neuroses, compulsions, repressions... What can it do? It can give a man arthritis, bursitis, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, coronary trouble, high blood pressure, and so on down the whole catalog of psychosomatic ills, adding a few more which were never specifically classified as psychosomatic, such as the common cold. And it is the only thing in the human being which can produce these effects. It is the thing which uniformly brings them about... This is the mind which keeps war a thing of alarm, which makes politics irrational, which makes superior officers snarl, which ExcErpt from thE chaptEr the Reactive Mind makes children cry in fear of the dark. This is the mind which makes a man suppress his hopes, which holds his apathies, which gives him irresolution when he ...
  • The Apathies - Malang feels Good
  • The Friend To all my best friends. There are just a few that share all of my love. Download: Lyrics "The Friend": When you say that you lack of wine I say it's fine I give you mine And we sit in the park and talk and talk and go in circles till the dark Cause in the dark we don't see shadows on the cold and lonely meadow You raise my hopes and I raise yours we tell each other *** 'bout love And as we lie we lie to each other because we have to tell the truth and the stars smile at us and shine and tell us 'girls, you had too much wine' Ref: This spring will make it all okay all the apathies and disarrays of our little lifetimes and the hurt we shared This spring, oh we will sort it out we will teach ourselves that this life is about the friends and moments that we have, have, have While we stared holes into the sky you said this one thing that I can't deny that I will always remember because you were right my friend, you said I wanna spend all my life feeling the love because it's the only thing that makes sense above. And if I'll ever know that this love has gone it's all said and done My body's gonna be only flesh and bones an empty shell without a home for a heart and for existence. That I've come to an end
  • CANDIRIA - Year One (live, 9.12.99) Live at Pop's Saloon, Sauget, Illinois.
  • The Apathies - The Apathies
  • Enemies and apathies (HD version) Cast Amiera Darwish Lucy Hollis Ross Mann Natalie Songer Saria Steyl Directed by Emily Reutlinger Devised by the group Director of Photography Bernd Porr Camera by Andrew Greer Edited by David Hunter Special Thanks The Flying Duck Sarah Wilson Andrew McGregor Our lovely audience The internet
  • Candiria - Constant Velocity Is as Natural as Being at Rest ***, Metal, Jazz and Hip Hop rolled into one, and it works. ©2001 Century Media Records
  • December 1st, 2011:The Epitome of Eloquence So like, um, like, you know, uh, like... Thanks for letting me be a fill-in today, sorry for doing a mediocre job! My channel: (even though there's nothing on it lol...) Tumblr: