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  • was renamed on June 1 1959 as Central Michigan University This move reflected the complexity of the school s academic offerings as well as its physical growth in the post war period Today CMU boasts over 20 000 undergraduates out of 28 000 students enrolled making it the fourth largest university in Michigan The school certainly has a proud past many of its alumni


  • 8 Minutes Of Anti-Obama Humor Slide show of a collection of anti-Obama humor from around the 'net. You will watch it over and over and laugh out loud. Leave your comments and if you like anti-democrat items be sure to visit for the latest and funniest tshirts.
  • Gr8est N0BAMA Vid. Montage of anti-liberal,democratic,obama pictures! Enjoy!!! =+=Conservative FTW!!!=+=
  • AntiLiberal Comercial BETTER.m4v dajklfkdsjfldskfs
  • Anti Liberal video Some video I made for class...
  • The Anti-Liberal Lexicon Conservative smear-words and ideas, an ***ysis thereof. If a certain conservative apologist is still up to his old tricks, then this video is long overdue.
  • another funny anti-liberal posters/pics The second installment. (if I have to tell you what the music is that would be really sad)... the song in "batman" preformed by neil hefti for the batman show I DONT OWN ANY OF THIS
  • "Mad World" Iraq War Video first time at making a montage type film, so bear with me on this one, just decided to make one on something im passionate about using random clips off the internet, enjoy.
  • Papantonio: Tea Party Terrorists Given Free Pass by Mainstream Media Leadership for the Tea Party movement has shown zero remorse for the lunatic hate movement they have helped create alongside Fox News, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh. Their first press release says the obvious. It says that the Tea Party crazies will be blamed for creating the atmosphere in America that resulted in the death and crippling of 20 innocent people, including a nine-year-old child. The Tea Party has gotten a free pass from a media far too long. It's as if traditional media has enhanced the Tea Crazy movement so new political stories could be created. Reported by shallow, uninformed, TV producers who rarely take the time to do much research ***ysis in the 15 minute pieces they throw together for hopelessly uninformed Americans. So we didn't hear much about the Right Wing fringe activity that was being fed with anti-liberal, anti-government hate talk by the Tea Party and its oddball leaders like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.
  • Policically Incorrect Anti Obama, Anti liberal, Anti Democrat, Anti Government
  • Grandma Got Run Over By The Health Care Funny tune about the health care controversy and how grandma make take the fall.
  • Pansies, Fatties and Planet Fitness Steven rants about modern day "self esteem" activists and institutions plaguing the nation. Be sure to subscribe for your weekly dose of anti-liberalism!
  • ObamaCare protest in San Francisco If you can get a few 300-500 anti-liberal protesters onto the streets of San Francisco, well, it can only mean there must be a disturbance in the Force. Only one dissenting sign, and she was a faux bible-thumper.
  • Vexillum Fascism Vexillum Fascism is a form of political thought said to be more radical and extreme than National Socialism and Italian Fascism its followers form a fraternal brotherhood and the use of the Labarum banner instead of the Swastika or Italian Fasces symbol. They advocate the creation of a totalitarian single-party state that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation and the creation of an ideal "new man" to form a governing elite through indoctrination, physical education, and family policy including eugenics. Vexillum Fascists believe that a nation requires strong leadership, singular collective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong.Vexillum Fascist governments forbid and suppress opposition to the state. Vexillum Fascism rejects the concepts of egalitarianism, materialism, and rationalism in favour of action, discipline, hierarchy, spirit, and will. Vexillum Fascists oppose liberalism (as a bourgeois movement) and Marxism (as a proletarian movement) for being exclusive economic class-based movements.Vexillum Fascists present their ideology as that of an economically multi-class movement that promotes resolving economic class conflict to secure national solidarity. They support a regulated, multi-class, integrated national economic system. For Griffin, Vexillum fascism is "a genuinely revolutionary, trans-class form of anti-liberal, and in the last ***ysis, anti-conservative nationalism" built on a complex range ...
  • Raul Prada Interview part1 Raul Prada on the Bolivian Revolution, its background and events that caused it.
  • O'Reilly versus Moyers - The O'Fear Factor! Bill O'Reilly continues unraveling into bald-faced desperation. Too afraid of the "Loony" Liberals at the National Conference for Media Reform, he sends out his reporter/producer/lackey to pepper "crazy guy" Bill Moyers with inane questions. Unfortunately for the O'Reilly Army of Bitter Paranoia, Moyers has access to his own camera to tape the weenie ambush. While the exchange was extremely tame, O'Reilly is all aflutter, hands slicing the air and fingers a-pointin' trying to spin the event, and Moyers in particular, as insane, America hating, commies. So sad for Grandpa Bill-O, it backfires. O'Reilly is faced with trying to save face, so rather than address Bill Moyers' questions to the O'Reilly proxy and sycophant, he assembles his little Fox indentured servant crew to cheer him on as he tries to fit as many anti-Liberal epithets in to every other line of script as possible. Yeah, that Bill Moyers is a "crazy guy" Bill-O. RELATED LINKS: FreePress Bill Moyers address the National Conference for Media Reform in Minneapolis, June 7, 2008
  • Stephen Holmes - 04-21-03 Stephen Holmes Walter E. Meyer Professor of Law Web Profile New York University School of Law 40 Washington Square South, 506 New York, NY 10012 Telephone: (212) 998-6357 Facsimile: (212) 995-3662 E-mail: [email protected] After receiving his Ph.D. from Yale in 1976, Holmes taught briefly at Yale and Wesleyan Universities before becoming a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton in 1978. From Princeton, he moved to Harvard University's Department of Government, where he stayed until 1985, the year he joined the faculty at the University of Chicago. At the University of Chicago, Professor Stephen Holmes served as Director of the Center for the Study of Constitutionalism in Eastern Europe and as editor-in-chief of the East European Constitutional Review. He has also been the Director of the Soros Foundation program for promoting legal reform in Russia and Eastern Europe. Holmes' research centers on the history of European liberalism and the disappointments of democracy and economic liberalization after communism. In 1984, he published Benjamin Constant and the Making of Modern Liberalism. Since then, he has published a number of articles on democratic and constitutional theory as well as on the theoretical origins of the welfare state. In 1988, he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to complete a study of the theoretical foundations of liberal democracy. He was a member of the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin during the 1991 academic year. His Anatomy of ...
  • antiliberal a collection of bumper stickers and t-shirts
  • 4/15/10 John Rich TEA PARTY singing original song Hendersonville, TN. Please subscribe to my youtube channel and check back frequently for interesting Conservative or Anti Liberal videos. Also if you are a Conservative and are on myspace please friend request me at /exposetheliberalstshirts where I design t-shirts for Thumbs Up Conservatives and Anti Liberal t-shirts. If you would like to be an active Conservative on my other myspace site (an Action Patriot that responds to Conservative based action alerts that I send out) please friend request me at /exposetheliberals. I am also on Facebook at Beverly Loverin and twitter at exposethelibs. Thanks, Bev.
  • Beck Proves Union - Communist Affiliations are Rife Unions being hijacked by radical socialists and communists
  • Anti-Liberal Billboard in Tuscaloosa, AL Billboard attacking liberals (Pelosi, Reid, Obama specifically).
  • Cap and Trade Explained (in plain old English) Cap and Trade is a tax, but it's not any ordinary tax. It's a tax on energy which means it's a tax on every level of production. Don't let Congress pass this crazy and destructive tax without understanding what it's going to do to your bottom line. Make no mistake. Your standard of living is going down while your taxes are going up!
  • Wild Dream Book page 13, newkyoolerREACTOR newkyoolerREACTOR was my 2005 attempt to actually brand anti-liberalism. Well before its time, nR would fare much better today, as the identity for the wave of Tea Party anti-liberalism sweeping our country, Fueling liberal meltdown as it goes.
  • Cold War Liberalism and Anti Liberalism Cold War
  • Anti-Liberal AD. Hey, I don't endorse any party, but I had nothing to do, and I decided to create an anti-liberal ad using the Alfonso video from . I also use a quote from John Gomery report to top it off... I am not usually partisan, but I wanted to try my hand at creating an attack ad, and I think this turned out pretty nice. Check it out.
  • "The Tea Party Song" by John Foster (Take Back The USA) To Download song: 20% Donation to the Tea Party Patriots.
  • Raul Raul Prada on how to create a post-liberal state. The Ayllu as the possible matrix for a new concept of governance of the multi-cultural society.
  • Nathan Deal for Governor TV Commercial Nathan Deal proposes strong immigration enforcement in his first campaign commercial
  • anti liberal humor - Statements of Wisdom this is a video uploaded on George Washingtons birthday February 22, 2009. this is a patriotic video with some music such as God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood and the Star spangled banner with the electric guitar. This is a Concervative Independent video. because i am an American - God Bless
  • Not Just Anti-Incumbency, Jonathan Anti-Liberalism Not Just Anti-Incumbency, Jonathan Anti-Liberalism Visit
  • War If you are anti-Liberal, you will love this.
  • Shedyard Fight 1 This is fake do not attempt to fight like this we are not at any fault if you attempt these moves
  • Silly Liberals Hillary Clinton sucks...a lot. Not flashy, but silly liberals make you laugh anyway...
  • UT Austin - Horrendous Experiences View my powerful lecture on my ghastly experiences with The University of Texas at Austin where targeted students and minorities are subjugated by various employed oppressors (staff, faculty, and administration). UT Austin is the most pathetic, philistine, pedantic, anti-liberal, and horrendous university that I have attended. They utilize a death by a thousand cuts system (ie, workplace mobbing, invasion of privacy, blacklisting, indoctrination, scapegoating, fascism, browbeating, manufacturing consent, undue influence, suppression of information, etc.) to destroy, force out, or indoctrinate select individuals or minorities. This is possibly instigated for scapegoating purposes to avoid institutional responsibility and guilt, as a diversion, or for some other purpose related to generating and obtaining money. I was intermittently bullied by various deranged employees at UT Austin. They seemed to have bipolar or personality disorders. My professors were chauvinistic, pitiful, rude, snide, hypocritical, and pedantic. Their trivial lectures stunk to hell. The customer service was terrible. The resources were of very poor quality. The culture was unsophisticated, communistic, homogeneous, anti-liberal, and strange. Katherine Antwi Green conducted an unhelpful investigation when I filed discrimination complaints to her office against Martha Compton. As a unified team UT Austin propagate hypocrisy, conformity, groupthink, obscurantism, classism, and institutional ...
  • ANTM - White Girl Dani is Racist/Ignorant against Black People! + She's anti-Liberal!! Well this is old but i thought this would bring up memories of how she portrayed herself on the show...and i'm sure you remember who this girl was if you've seen it already. She has an argument against Danielle later especially when she says Affirmative Action is there's a lot of racial remarks she makes even though she doesn't know it She's a girl from Texas, a cheerleader, she's anti-Liberal and a so called "uber-conservative" and Republican, she hates gays, she hates muslims, she hates anything liberal...She's basically a Sarah Palin wannabe
  • Anti-Liberalism Commercial A comical but serious depiction of the republican view of liberalism.
  • Republican Bumper Stickers 4 Purchase at:
  • imran khan Anti Secularist Anti Liberal support Shariah support to Taliban on Meray Mutabiq PTI founder Imran khan on Jawab deh
  • The Fascocommunism the system of the future born by revolution
  • Anti Barack Obama Bumper Stickers Buy them here:
  • 58 the Great The Richard Greggs Report Episode 1 Richard Greggs with the Richard Greggs Report, a new show about politics and anti-liberalism. Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! -Arizona: Is it worth it? -BP: WTF!? :C -Obama: Where's my money!? -Are your parents commies?: The truth! Also, we here at 58 the Great are not responsible for what anyone says on our show.
  • Hayes Caught Lying About Anti-Liberal Remarks Rep. Robin Hayes, RN.C., accused Barack Obama of inciting class warfare and also said 'liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God before a rally on Saturday and later tried to deny it. Countdowns Keith Olbermann explains how Lisa Miller of WFAE Radio in Charlotte proved Hayes was lying in McCain in the Membrane.
  • Politics, Anti Liberal I am anti liberal and there are many reasons for that. Politics of 2008 is downright rediculous. These are some of the reasons I am antiliberal.