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  • COMMENTS ABOUT THE QUR'AN FROM VARIOUS SCHOLARS Some Comments on the Literary Excellence and Inimitability of the Qur'an *... the Meccans still demanded of him a miracle, and with remarkable boldness and self confidence Mohammad appealed as a supreme confirmation of his mission to the Koran itself. Like all Arabs they were the connoisseurs of language and rhetoric. Well, then if the Koran were his own composition other men could rival it. Let them produce ten verses like it. If they could not (and it is obvious that they could not), them let them accept the Koran as an outstanding evident miracle.247 (The well-known Arabist Hamilton Gibb of the University of Oxford) *As a literary monument the Koran thus stands by itself, a production unique to the Arabic literature, having neither forerunners nor successors in its own idiom. Muslims of all ages are united in proclaiming the inimitability not only of its contents but also of its style.248 (Well-known Arabist Hamilton Gibb) *The influence of the Koran on the development of Arabic Literature has been incalculable, and exerted in many directions. Its ideas, its language, its rhymes pervade all subsequent literary works in greater or less measure. Its specific linguistic features were not emulated, either in the chancery prose of the next century or in the later prose writings, but it was at least partly due to the flexibility imparted by the Koran to the High Arabic idiom that the former could be so rapidly developed and adjusted to the new needs of the imperial ...
  • Kym Whitley Kym Whitley's Ample-ness Is On Full Display At the John Witherspoon BET Roast.
  • Seguir (To keep on going) - Multiple subtitles Primer sencillo del album "Seguir", del dueto mexicano INDIVISA. (Francisco Lecona y Angela Maní). Grabado en FAME Producciones en el Otoño/Invierno de 2010 Producido por Fabrizzio Mejìa e Indivisa. Grabaciòn, Mezcla y Masterizaciòn por Fabrizzio "Brizzio" Mejìa. First single taken from the album "Seguir (To keep on going)" by mexican duet INDIVISA. (Francisco Lecona and Angela Mani). Contact: [email protected] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English, Greek and Catalan subtitles by Damaris Garzón Spanish subtitles by David Lecona Lithuanian subtitles by Ieva Avei Portuguese subtitles by Laura Barragán Italian subtitles by Nick O'Lean and Massimo Lencioni Korean subtitles by Sang-Hyun Tark French subtitles by Valentine Tasse Estonian subtitles by Karin Helstein
  • Blower Door Pressure Test (Draught & Heat Loss Detection) Martin Cooney from IEA (Irish Energy Assessors) show us how the Blower Door Pressure Test works, and how it is one of the best ways to detect draught & heat loss detection in a home.
  • Как пойду я на быструю речку.Don Kossacks Chorus The Don Kossacks Chorus Presents the beautiful Russian song "Как пойду я на быструю речку" (When I go to the beloved fast flowing river). Most pictures are by Russian painters: Isaac Levitan, Ivan Shiskin, Alexey Savrasov, Nikolai P. Bagdanov-Belsky, Borisov N. Andreevich, Michael Matinovich, Valentin Serov, Afanasy I. Scheloumoff, Alexander Butusov, Mikhail Utkin and Viktor Skubak. как пойду я на быструю речку Как пойду я на быструю речку, Сяду я да на крут бережок, Посмотрю на родную сторонку, На зеленый приветный лужок. Ты сторонка, сторонка родная, Нет на свете привольней тебя. Уж ты, нива моя золотая, Да высокие наши хлеба. Эх ты, русское наше приволье, Краю нет на луга и поля. Ты широкое наше раздолье, Ты родимая матерь-земля. When I go to the beloved fast flowing river When I go to the beloved fast flowing river I will sit on its slopped bank, And will gaze at my native land, At the green and welcoming fields. You, my dear native bank, There is no other place more free in the world. You, my golden wheat field, Our abundant bread. Oh, you, our Russian ampleness There is no end for our meadows and fields. You- our huge vastness. You- native home land.