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  • Official forum for the massively multiplayer space strategy online game, Astro Empires. Discuss politics and wars or just have a quiet conversation with other players. terrible portents appeared over Northumbria and sadly affrightened the inhabitants: there were exceptional flashes of lightning,. — “Astro Empires - Community Forum - View topic - Battle of”,
  • Felt by almost everyone who was awake; a clock stopped; one family "in a three-story building was thoroughly affrightened" Some people were very positive that they felt an earthquake. — “MARYSVIL”,
  • Words that contain TEN : Words containing TEN affrightened. affrightening. affrightens. aggregateness. aggregatenesses. alternateness. alternatenesses. aminobutene. aminobutenes. angiotensin. angiotensins. angulateness. angulatenesses. animateness. animatenesses. annectent. antenatal. antenatally. antenati. — “Word ten meaning. Word ten definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • All movement ceases, the sky clears, the heavens are as brass; the slightest whisper seems sacrilege, and man becomes timid, affrightened at the sound of his own voice." Jack London, The White Silence, 1899. Jack London, like all good authors, wrote of what he knew, the North. — “ Customer Reviews: Racing the White Silence: On the”,
  • Distinguished Audience Finds New Production One of Ziegfeld's Best. And in a moment during the "Show Boat's" performance when through the defection of an affrightened villain he is compelled to seize the stage and act out the remainder of the play himself, he is extraordinarily persuasive and. — “Show Boat (1929/1936/1951) at Reel Classics: Article: "Show”,
  • The Kentucky Horse Park is an equine themed park and competition facility dedicated to man's relationship with the horse. and gives it a noose around the under jaw, by which he gets greater power over the affrightened animal, which is rearing and plunging when it gets. — “Welcome to the Kentucky Horse Park | Lexington, KY”,
  • The Bahai Faith and what they dont tell you about it. The Bahai Truth. Was Bahaullah a Prophet or God? Islam versus the Bahai Faith. The Bahai Faith misguides and deceives Muslims. seated herself on the right hand of the affrightened and infuriated Quddus, and tearing through her fiery. — “The Bahai Awareness Homepage, Bahaullah, Bab, Shoghi, Effendi”,
  • While I beheld all these, there was made a most horrible thunder with a great noise and fiery flash, which much affrightened me. A great cloud came also, which going away a start was seen above the Sun, Moon and firmament, whose shining was. — “The Globe allegory”,
  • Cale Young Rice's Poem: Jael. Read online His spirit--by night and by day come voices that wait. Athirst and affrightened he fled from the star-wrought waters of Kishon. — “Cale Young Rice's Poem: Jael”,
  • While in this timorous, jealous disposition, the cry of a plot all on a sudden struck their ears: They were wakened from their slumber; and like men affrightened and in the dark, took every figure for a spectre. The terror of each man became the source of terror to another. — “Online Library of Liberty - LXVII - The History of England”,
  • "The snorting of the affrightened animal, at being thus disturbed, and his fiery appearance, as in his huge plungings he alternately pillowed and scattered the phosphorescent spray before him, so completely tinged off their ideas of the devil,. — “Writer says pony terrorized visitors to Last Island 162 years”,
  • First imprisoned, then shorn and shut up in a monastery, afterwards a fugitive and secretly urged on to attempt a rising against his father, he was so affrightened at his perils, that he got a faithful servant to strike him dead, that he might not fall into the hands of his hostile step-mother. — “affrightened - Wiktionary”,
  • Kris Kenndy, Historical Romance Novelist, Author of the award-winning The Conqueror Why­fore be affrightened? Her mind cat­alouged the var­i­ous and per­sua­sive rea­sons: per­haps because he was such an impos­ing fig­ure, all hard slabs of mus­cle and pierc­ing eyes?. — “Kris Kennedy | The Conqueror Excerpt”,
  • In terms that conjured images of the apocalypse, panicked travelers described a landscape torn asunder and a Mississippi River convulsed with waterfalls and roaring, backward-flowing currents during the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-12. of the (island), we were affrightened with the appearance of a. — “New Madrid horrors mesh with science " The Commercial Appeal”,
  • Book chapter describing God's provision for a believer, and how idolatry and lack of faith can disrupt God's plan. Bible verses and a video are included at the end of the chapter. Beloved, I know you are affrightened and you despair about many things, for this world is full of darkness. — “Christian Daily Devotions: Armor of Light - Tears from a”,
  • The Viking Answer Lady Webpage - Origin of the phrase, 'A furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine' "In this year terrible portents appeared over Northumbria and sadly affrightened the inhabitants: there were exceptional flashes of lightning, and firey dragons were seen flying in the air. — “Viking Answer Lady Webpage - Origin of the phrase, 'A furore”,
  • Brattleboro Vermont's citizen journalism site, providing news and information by and for the citizens of Brattleboro and surrounding towns. seen hastening to their hives; the birds appeared to be perplexed and affrightened; and at the first breaking out of the light, the ***s were. — “ - Eclipse of the Sun”,
  • Disclaimer: Please steel yourself for Joel's awesomeness before clicking the link, or you may become affrightened. If you have stumbled onto this blog please do take a few moments to read the following piece:- Echoes of God. Tags: Christian Life, Internet & Technology. — “Internet & Technology | eChurch Christian Blog”,
  • Alchemy has always had many facets. It has never been exclusively about the practical working with substances, but always had a spiritual and soul aspect, and some writers and m***cripts even address important religious ideas. with a great noise and fiery flash, which much affrightened me. — “Alchemy history and pictures”,
  • Definition of grasping in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of grasping. Pronunciation of grasping. Translations of grasping. grasping synonyms, De Vac dropped the key and, still grasping the now thoroughly affrightened Prince with his left hand, drew his sword and confronted the officer. — “grasping - definition of grasping by the Free Online”,
  • This web site was created by David Donahue and Brenda Fiddler as a public repository for genealogical and historical research of Henderson, Decatur and adjacent counties. cage and with a bloodcurdling scream alighted upon the affrightened British tyrants,' was duly celebrated in many localities--of. — “The Fourth Celebrated - 1916”,
  • Genealogy and History Library, nonprofit public benefit corporation. A free resource covering the United States and some Internatinal playing upon the affrightened enemy that the undaunted Hindman, ever in in the front, and whose escape thus far had been one of the marvels of the. — “WebRoots Library U.S. Military”,
  • Home > Research > Search the collection database. Affrightened Travellers; or, the Illuminated Turnip! AN179642001 © The Trustees Affrightened Travellers; or, the Illuminated Turnip! Materials. paper (all objects). — “British Museum - Search object details”,


  • Hamlet: Act 2, Scene 1: Ophelia in a fright Act 2, Scene 1 of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Ophelia (Anna Bullard) tells her father, Polonius (Howard Swain), about an alarming visit that Hamlet made to her roo...